X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain depictions of torture.


X-Men: Keep The Faith
Dates run: June 11-12, 2008
Run By: Nute
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'I'm not going to be a hero,' Forge remembered saying those words to Crystal the day that Scott had invited him to be an X-Man. For a brief moment, he closed his eyes and whispered to himself, asking forgiveness for breaking that promise.

When a student pickup goes wrong and four young X-Men find themselves in the Brotherhood's clutches, what will they do to survive?


Forge, Siryn, Wildchild, Gidget

Dominion, Cyclops, Blink, Roulette, Phoenix

Brotherhood of Mutants


June 11-12, 2008

Plot Summary

In June 2008, the Xavier Institute was contacted by a single mother whose child had manifested as a mutant. Predicting an easy pickup, Cyclops put Terry in charge of the mission, sending Forge, Janet, and Kyle with her.

However, on the way back, the young boy - who called himself Nils Styger - exhibited his mutant ability to transform into a living shadow, destroying the Blackbird and teleporting the four mutants away.

While a team of X-Men investigated the crash and tried to ascertain the status of their comrades, the kidnapped mutants awoke as prisoners of the Brotherhood, although without Magneto present. The Brotherhood took their time interrogating their prisoners for the remote access codes to Cerebro. The unfortunate catch was that no such codes exist, even if the X-Men could have given the Brotherhood the information they demanded, there were no such codes to give.

This denial did not sit well with the Brotherhood, as they put their captives through various grueling stresses ranging from Mystique masquerading as Bobby Drake to play headgames with Terry, to Kamal locking Janet in an ever-shrinking metal box, to Nimrod making Forge question his beliefs and his loyalty, and concluding with Senyaka resorting to outright torture to try and wrest the information from Kyle.

Managing to communicate through Terry's powers, the four kidnappees effected an escape, getting one lone radio message to the X-Men and holing up in a convenience store to await a rescue. Before the X-Men were able to arrive (with the help of Christopher Summers' helicopter), the Brotherhood and their newest member, Nils (now calling himself Abyss) besieged their former captives and were actually rebuffed, although Kyle found himself unconscious and electrocuted as a result.

To stop Nimrod and buy Terry and Jan time to get Kyle to safety, Forge sacrificed himself to slow the behemoth down, resulting in massive injuries before his teammates were able to defend themselves. Thankfully, the helicopter carrying the rescue team arrived, and the former hostages were evacuated.

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Trivia and Meta


This was the reappearance and first naming of Abyss since his debut in X-Men Mission: Haunted House.


This plot was thought up as part of a "song titles" meme.

A movie-style poster for this plot was designed by the plotrunner.

Plotrunner: Nute