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As the fallout from Zemo settled, new rumbles began, this time in the form of a series of ritual murders in which the victims matched in some way those Xavier's alumni who had been kidnapped to Asgard several years previously. Fearing another incursion by the Enchantress, Doug, Marie-Ange and a still-shaky Amanda went to investigate, but were captured by a group of neo-Lokian cultists attempting to bring about Ragnorak and the return of Loki. The rescue was short and bloody, but not without casualties; soon after Amanda left for Beaumont-les-Bains, the French town that had proven to be a place of peace of Remy, in hopes she would be able to decide if she was fit for X-Force. Angelo had his own brush with doubt as an Elpis trip to Kyrgyzstan resulted he and Nathan's brush with dreams come true when they discovered a mutant whose powers allowed him to trap individuals in a version of their perfect life. He joined Amanda in France and the pair decided to return to their existing lives, dreams notwithstanding.

Pete was unhappy to discover Morgan's presence at the mansion, in light of her mimicking of Domino in a past mission. Kevin's medication worked, to his amazement, allowing him to touch for the first time since his manifestation, and he and Jay recommenced their relationship, albeit with less ties than last time. Morgan and Callisto continued to not make friends and influence people at the mansion. Jono moved back into the mansion, Sam returned from Kentucky, rejoining the staff and the team and a former vigilante, Suzanne 'Zanne' Chan was recruited to join the team. New student Callie Betto also arrived at the school, her powers temporarily 'off' and the class of 2008 graduated. Mark and Jean-Phillip's flirtation ended when it became clear Mark wanted more than the French playboy was willing to give and Kurt and Wanda's relationship ended on a similar note.

The X-Men faced the harsh realities of their calling when an ambush by the Brotherhood of Mutants brought down the Blackbird and the team of trainees and younger X-Men who had been answering a standard new student pick-up call. Tortured for information on Cerebro that did not exist, the group managed to escape, but Forge was severely injured whilst trying to distract Nimrod from Wildchld, Siryn and Jan. They were picked up in the nick of time, but the Brotherhood escaped and all four spent time recovering from the ordeal, some more successfully than others, while Kurt left in order to seek out answers from his mother, Mystique. However, despite this, two new trainees joined the team, Alex and Monet.

At the end of the month, things got surreal when Ororo, Nathan and Jean made a trip to Wakanda and found themselves in an ancestral mindscape instead, forced to intervene in a battle of the ancient gods the Lion and the Panther in order to return the land to a normal states of affairs once more. Any questions about how this had happened were overshadowed only a few days later when firstly Colin MacInnis died suddenly, and then a nuclear explosion in India killed 500,000 people and left political turmoil in its wake.


Jun 1 - Kevin and Nathan talk again about Kevin leaving, and he agrees to stay another week to see if the medication works. Zemo: Scott lets everyone know everything is back to normal and thanks the school for its cooperation.

Jun 2 - Zemo: Jubilee is in pain; Forge gives out further details of the kidnapping to try and address security concerns; Angelo visits John in medlab; Adrienne talks to Scott about things and asks for self-defence instruction from one of the female team members; Jan emails John about being kidnapped; Angel is having trouble with her powers in the aftermath. Morgan comes across Nate beating up the punching bag and they manage quite the friendly conversation. Amanda asks Ororo about why Remy left. Morgan comes across Garrison chopping wood and lets him see more of her personality than perhaps intended. Kurt and Wanda end their relationship quietly. Morgan announces her new job as self-defence teacher to the students and in the process Jennie and Garrison have it out about the team. Garrison announces the wood bins have been refilled for summer cookouts, etc. Crystal announces her imminent departure from the school. Emma mourns the death of Yves St Laurent and Adrienne asks for time off to attend his funeral. Jay pounces on John and they chat about Kevin and Jay's future.

Jun 3 - Jennie has a cracked tooth repaired. Amanda emails Garrison about the thread with Jennie; Jennie emails Garrison about her issues with him. Terry returns, with plants for Adrienne. Inez has a painful training session with Cain. Fenrisulfr: Forge drops by to visit Doug and is treated to the latest in Doug's 'weird shit' findings - a series of gruesome murders in Europe. Jono talks with Nathan about moving back into the mansion. John, Angelo and Amanda have a late lunch in New York and discuss being a hero.

Jun 4 - Fenrisulfr: Muir Island is attacked by unknown assailants, incurring Nate's wrath. Amanda thanks Adrienne for her help during Bedlam. Yvette comes across Kevin, whose medication is working. Deciding to stay, Kevin relocates to a new room with Jennie's help. Adrienne has a self defence lesson with Ororo.

Jun 5 - Jono announces his return to the mansion and Kevin helps him move back in. Clarice's 20th birthday and Kevin leaves her a drawing as a gift. Ororo meets with Callisto and gives her an update on how the Morlocks are doing. Jay and Terry hang out and he gets help with a new song. Amanda meets Morgan at Silver and they get on far too well. Laurie asks about graduation and Parents' Day. Fenrisulfr: Shiro is almost kidnapped by men speaking Asgardian, but fights them off; Shiro lets the team comm know what happened. Morgan meets Adrienne and after some initial bitchiness, they bond over history; Manuel asks Morgan if she will use her powers to help him learn to control his.

Jun 6 - Pete is unamused to discover Copycat is in the mansion and emails Nate about it; Pete lets the Snow Valley team know Morgan is not to be trusted. Tabitha closes the library for inventory. Nathan meets Jay in the kitchen and tries to get through to him what he's doing to Kevin. Fenrisulfr: Pete enlists the Snow Valley team to discover the identity of the attackers on Muir Island and against Shiro; Doug finds a pattern in the murders and double checks with Wanda; all of those who were kidnapped to Asgard are warned against further attacks from the cult. Various residents receive letters from Red X about a field leader training program; Kyle posts a "Dear John" letter to Red X in his journal, as he is too busy. Yvette runs into Jono in the music room and agrees to help with a summer project. Marius and Jennie discuss past events and decide on vacations, each in their own way. Tatiana is upset about a mysterious trust that's been set up for her. Manuel emails Remy about keeping his identity safe if Morgan imitates him.

Jun 7 - Fenrisulfr: Doug warns Manuel about the cult in an awkward conversation as the Spaniard wants in; Doug, Marie-Ange and Amanda go to Norway to investigate the cult. Parents' Day Part 1: Julio is shocked to find his father has managed to attend for Parents' Day. Crystal and Cain Marko| Cain play golf.

Jun 8 - Tabitha and Morgan meet during Tabitha's morning swim and again, Morgan is less than impressed; Morgan posts her doubts about Tabitha in her journal. Laurie fails to get into NYU and wonders if it was her interview. Nathan drafts help when Rachel sneaks into the office and 'reorganises'. Parents' Day Part 2: Kyle's grandparents arrive and he flails about getting a car to pick them up. Fenrisulfr: Doug, Amanda and Marie-Ange realise the cult is after Loki, and are then captured; Illyana raises the alarm in true Illyana style; Doug tries to bluff the cult, but fails; returned to his cell, he manages to cobble together their broken cell phones and call for help. Alex asks Scott for permission to become a trainee; Scott announces Alex's new status on the team journal. Tabitha asks for someone to teach her to swim properly. Illyana is bemused by a barista giving her his phone number. Kevin and Leo discuss alternative therapies.

Jun 9 - Fenrisulfr: Wanda calls in Cain as reinforcements; Jubilee 'recruits' Shiro and Angelo; borrowing Emma's jet, the rescue team departs for Norway and arrive just as the cult releases Fenris, the Chaos Wolf; chaos and violence ensue, with the three kidnappees being rescued and Cain using Jubilee's bucket of chicken to lure Fenris back into the portal while Wanda makes it go boom. Haller announces he is going to Muir for time to help out there. Adrienne announces the opening of her retail outlet and offers work to the students; Garrison and Morgan take up her offer of drinks and the three get squiffy. Scott celebrates the last day of being headmaster with Jean.

Jun 10 - Jay emails Scott to tell him he'll be doing the Red X leadership course instead of being a trainee. Fenrisulfr: Marie-Ange makes her report on Norway. Sooraya announces she is returning home for the summer. Jubilee asks for a codename. Creations Beautiful and Wondrous: Nathan invites Yvette on an Elpis trip to Kyrgyzstan for extra credit. Marius announces his departure to the West Coast Annex for some extra training. Crystal announces her departure for Attilan, to Morgan and Adrienne's glee. Kurt meets with Emma and a plan is laid to discredit Baron Eric Wagner.

Jun 11 - Nathan and Manuel try unsuccessfully to mediate and discuss the problem of Laurie. X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith: Scott announces a simple student pickup and selects a team of the younger X-Men to go, led by Terry; the jet goes down and Cyclops, Phoenix and Blink go to assess the wreckage; as they awake, the missing X-Men recall what happened - the 'student' was Abyss, who teleported them to a Brotherhood base and caused the plane to crash; the four X-Men are tortured for Cerebro remote access codes, which don't actually exist; during a lull, the captured X-Men manage to communicate and make an escape plan. Laurie confronts Jay about his actions towards Kevin and reveals his addiction; Jay goes to apologise and it's revealed Kevin can touch now; Kevin runs into Laurie and yells at her for being interfering and revealing his secrets.

Jun 12 - Callisto meets Farouk and is unimpressed at the Morlocks being considered a sociology experiment. X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith: The torture continues; the X-Men escape and call in, but are pursued and barely survive the encounter before the X-Men arrive; Forge is taken to hospital; Terry blames herself and won't listen to Scott; Scott lets the school know what happened; Adrienne tries to comfort her roommate with mixed success. Kevin emails Nathan to make sure he hasn't told Kevin's secrets and curtails meditation sessions with Laurie. Sarah and Callisto finally meet again after Gene Nation (plot) and Sarah is less than happy about the situation.

Jun 13 - Sam returns from Kentucky and talks to Scott about regaining his place on the X-Men. X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith: Forge wakes up and insists Clarice takes him back to the mansion to keep civilians safe; Angel delivers food to Kyle; Terry asks Pete for security advice on the Keep; Nathan goes into Kyle's head and speaks to the Mistra construct there. Third Strike: Kurt announces he is going to have to take some time off after Mystique's part in the torture; before he leaves, Kurt speaks to Terry about what happened; Kurt stops by to let Amanda know he's going and she guesses why. Pete is bored and offers advice to anyone who comments. Adrienne announces she has a Wii.

Jun 14 - Jennie announces she's going on vacation to the Caribbean for a month. Kevin and Jay talk about the state of things. Adrienne visits Nathan and gets zapped by Nathan's memory crystal and winds up in medlab. X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith: Crystal visits Forge in medlab; Jan apologises to Kyle for zapping him. Jay and Yvette have a tense discussion about love and belief and Kevin.

Jun 15: Creations Beautiful and Wondrous: Monet announces their departure for Kyrgyzstan. Jay wishes his father happy Father's Day. Julio goes to stay with his father for a month.

Jun 16: Ororo seeks out Callisto for help with establishing official identities for the Morlocks. Crystal emails Charles and Cain to let them know Forge will be recovering in her suite and that she will be staying with him for the duration. Tatiana reveals the source of her grant is an 'anonymous benefactor'.

Jun 17 - Amanda isn't coping and decides to take off for a break. Creations Beautiful and Wondrous: Nathan and Angelo fall afoul of a local group that they're investigating; both Nathan and Angelo have visions of a perfect life. Angel shows Sam how much her flying's improved.

Jun 18 - Creations Beautiful and Wondrous: When Angelo and Nathan fail to return or call in, the remaining group of Rahne, Jane, Monet, Yvette and Domino debate what to do; back up is unavailable, so they have to search for the missing pair themselves; Nathan and Angelo are located, and a plan made; the girls go in and disrupt things, and make their departure before disgruntled dreamers blame them for awakening. Scott checks up on Forge and they discuss the Blackbird. Amanda finds herself in Beaumont-les-Bains, the French village that is Remy's personal haven.

Jun 19 - Inez Temple - Phase 1| Inez goes for an interview for the position of Adrienne's assistant. Jay goes to visit Terry and finds out what happened to Forge; later, returning after trying to find Forge, Jay gets more details and tries to comfort Terry. Later, Jay finds Forge working and gets pushy insisting he take time to recover. Creations Beautiful and Wondrous: Nathan reports on what happened and Jubilee upsets Angelo before taking him out drinking. Jubilee offers to buy Forge dinner and texts Amanda wishing her well.

Jun 20 - Jay emails Forge asking when he joined the team, making it obvious he doesn't read the journals. The Elpis group return home and talk about what happened on their journals. Nathan receives news Colin MacInnis has died of a stroke and returns to Tel Aviv; Jane remarks on Nathan's sudden departure. Amanda has dinner with Baron d'Rochefort.

Jun 21 - Callisto and Morgan meet and trade lines. Jane buys Yvette origami paper and is thanked profusely. Morgan meets Sam and it's unclear if she likes him or not. Garrison ends Laurie's hand to hand training when she uses her powers on him.

Jun 22 - A random/sleepwalking Jubilee breaks into Doug's apartment and eats his pie in the early hours. Yvette meets Callisto and helps her with chores. Nathan and John attend the visitation and lets slip about his own father's death. Peter Lakatos comes to the mansion to discuss Nimrod and talks to Forge. Jan complains about summer school. Jubilee is amused at Forge's inability to eat spicy food. After the funeral, Kyle talks to Anika about Mistra and moving on.

Jun 23 - Crystal asks Forge to come back to Attilan with her for the anniversary of her family's death and the island's disappearance. Scott interviews a new X-Man recruit - Zanne Chan. Nathan discovers MacInnis was murdered by a telekinetic and reacts badly; John calms him down. Forge announces the plan to rebuild the Blackbird and asks the entire mansion for assistance. Amanda emails Angelo, asking him to come to France. Angelo picks up a new student, Callie Betto, from the airport; Callie introduces herself on the journals.

Jun 24 - Callisto meets Wanda and they bond at Harry's. Angelo arrives in Beaumont-les-Bains and Amanda makes a decision; Amanda posts to let people know she's much better. Nathan returns from Tel Aviv and Ororo collects him from Harry's. Zanne introduces herself on the journals.

Jun 25 - Emma meets Yvette and offers to teach her in controlling her powers. Ororo returns Callisto's leather jacket, left at Harry's. Laurie complains of being bruised from training.

Jun 26 - While talking to Jane, Nathan sees MacInnis' 'ghost'. Adrienne seeks Charles' help with her powers.

Jun 27 - Red God: Jean, Ororo and Nathan go to Wakanda and find things very changed; navigating the altered landscape, they realise it's a collective mindscape and that they must stop the vibranium meteor before it falls and destroys the land; after encountering Achebe, disciple of Sekhmet the Lion God, the group splits up, Jean confronting Achebe and defeating in astral combat and Ororo and Nathan finding T'Challa trapped in the form of the Panther God; Ororo transforms into the Lion Goddess and Nathan has to overcome his fear of astral plane combat to separate them; Achebe defeated, things go back to normal. Jay asks if anyone is going to the Pride March on Sunday.

Jun 28 - Red God: Nathan and Jean are rather punchy and disoriented after their astral adventures; Jean uses the link to Scott to get some stability; T'Challa and Ororo are a little awkward with each other following the battle, but resolve things. Jubilee wakes up disoriented after a night out. Yvette meets Callie.

Jun 29 - Amanda and Angelo return to New York. Nathan declares he is never going anywhere but Muir again. Jay muses on his sexuality and his mutation on the way to Pride. Amanda emails Manuel, letting him know she'll talk about London. Forge returns to the mansion to find Inez has done the heavy lifting part of the Blackbird project; Forge announces his return. At Pride, Jean-Phillipe makes it clear he and Mark want different things from a relationship and they go their separate ways.

Jun 30 - Jay posts his Pride parade photos. Mark emails the Snow Valley girls, needing a comfort night. Yvette runs into Scott whilst looking for Kevin and they discuss ways of helping. Amanda talks to Manuel, and leaves concerned about his state of mind. Callisto confronts Ororo about being named the contact point for the mutant shelter. Laurie helps Forge with the Blackbird and discovers his emotional state is rather unnerving. Jubilee meets Yvette. Bhagavad Gita: A nuclear explosion occurs in India, killing 300,000 people and creating tensions as Pakistan prepares to defend itself; Amanda posts to x_snowvalley about the incident; Farouk emails Charles, suggesting the students be confined to grounds and Charles responds that caution will be taken, but no grounding. Manuel reflects on Spain winning the World Cup and the bombing in India. Laurie 'fails' a training session due to a lack of ability to do anything other than use her powers and gets some advice. Monet talks to both Nathan and Angelo about events in Kyrgyzstan.




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Creations Beautiful and Wondrous

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