Third Strike

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Third Strike
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Dates run: July 10-16, 2008
Run By: Kate
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"Your team put them on that plane," Mystique replied logically, though there was a tone of regret to her voice. "Your team made the decision to send children into danger. They accepted the risks."

Torn between loyalty to his team and the actions of his birth mother during X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith, Kurt seeks out Mystique one more time, only to wind up at the mercy of the Master of Magnetism himself.


Kurt Sefton, Amanda Sefton, Scott Summers

Magneto, Mystique


July 10-16, 2008

Plot Summary

His belief of the good in Mystique tested by her actions in torturing Terry during the capture of the trainees earlier, Kurt left the school to once again seek out his mother. He found her in Mexico City, and following a conversation in which she was unrepentant, he prepared to capture her and return her to the mansion. His plans were interrupted by the sudden appearance of a car, driver unknown, which attempted to mow the pair down. In pushing Mystique clear, Kurt was hit.

Kurt regained consciousness in an unknown hospital, to find Magneto standing above him. However, the mutant terrorist did not attempt to harm him - instead, he spent time talking reasonably to Kurt, trying to convince him of the virtue of his particular path. The injured Kurt was confused and doubtful, but managed to gain access to a computer and email his sister and Wanda Maximoff, who raised the alarm. Kurt was tracked down and a team sent to retrieve him - strangely, Magneto offered no resistance and let them go without a fight.

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Trivia and Meta


Kurt promised both Scott and Amanda on his return that he would not seek out Mystique again. He received a permanent reminder of the incident in the form of a limp from his broken leg.

It has been surmised that Magneto may be aware of Mystique's relationship to Kurt as a result of the incident.


Plotrunner: Kate