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Location: Silver
First Seen: August 23, 2006

First Appearance: August 23, 2006

Silver is a mutant-friendly nightclub formerly located near SoHo in Manhattan (around West Houston and Lafayette Streets), but moved to East Houston in District X in 2009. On the outside it's just another generic red brick building, but on the inside resembles Queer as Folk’s Babylon or Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s The Bronze. There's a big dancefloor that takes up most of the club, a well-stocked bar to the side and small tables and stools set up around the dancefloor. There's also a metal rail-platform that goes around the perimeter which provides some more dance and schmoozing space.

There are two bouncers at the door. One is a psychometrist, who reads the psychic imprints on ID cards to determine if they're legitimate. The other is your generic super-strong musclehead. Cover is usually $8-12. There are bouncers inside the club, too, most of whom are muscleheads.

Silver is seen by many as New York City's only haven for young mutants. Many a runaway has stopped at Silver as a way station on their journeys, establishing a small and unofficial underground railroad of sorts. In August of 2006, a few of these runaways were kidnapped to be sold to organ harvesters, but were rescued by X-Force.

Over the years Silver has become a regular venue for the Xavier graduate crowd. Occasionally there has been trouble - the club is sometimes seen as a recruiting option for anti-human sympathizers such as the Preservers - but between the club's staff and its regulars, peace is generally maintained.

In 2008, Silver became a haven of a different sort when Apocalypse attacked New York. Sheltering humans and mutants alike, the club came under attack from David Angar, a disgruntled former patron who had been evicted by Mark for his anti-human attitudes. Joined by a gang of like-minded mutants, he forced entrance into Silver and the ensuing battle resulted in casualties on both sides.


  • Mark Sheppard - Mark has been the DJ at Silver for over three years now, and likes to think of himself as responsible for the club's popularity and notoriety.
  • Larry - a bartender and close friend of Mark's. Enhanced reflexes and senses help him pour and mix drinks at record speed.
  • Jay Guthrie - Jay was hired in April 2008 and continues to work there nights, with Mondays and Tuesdays off.
  • Jen - a waitress/acting bartender who mentored Jay in the beginning.
  • Tom - bouncer and low-level psychometrist.


Jay, Larry and Jen perform Friday and Saturday nights at Silver, using bartending flare. Working with Mark, their shows have become rumored to be excellent.

On Tuesdays, local bands play in house.


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