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Dates run: July 17- August 15, 2008
Run By: Andrea and Dex
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"The doctor at the clinic that treated you. While you were unconscious, he implanted a cluster of his own genetic material into your torso, where it began to grow, attaching itself to the spinal cord. The drugs you were taking were designed to impair your healing factor long enough for the growth to alter its genetic composition enough that your body would accept it as part of itself." He smiled thinly. "Something akin to a fetus. As it grew, it began to replicate your DNA and some how transmit it to Doctor Skrul. His power allows him to rewrite his own genetic code to include the x-factors of a number of different mutants; a sort of celluer telepathy, so to speak. Really quite intriguing. As part of the process, the transmission appeared to block your body's own access to the energy needed to sustain your mutation, and would have eventually killed you through any number of secondary infections on your compromised system."

A drug trial goes wrong when Jay volunteers to be a test subject.


Jay Guthrie, Paige Guthrie, Sam Guthrie, Amanda Sefton, Garrison Kane, Kyle Gibney, Monet St. Croix, Amelia Voght, Yvette Petrovic, Mark Sheppard, Ororo Munroe

Dr. Joseph Skrul, Nathaniel Essex


July 17- August 15, 2008

Plot Summary

Rumors filtered around Silver that there was a sexually transmitted disease that the Mutant community was not immune to. It was said that The Kaufman Clinic (a research facility) was taking in volunteers to test out their drugs against the conditions of this disease. After a bad weekend with a Red X mission, Jay had the need to help out the community in a less active manner.

He went to the clinic and passed out for a time, after being given a needle that the nurses 'claimed' was only for blood. After a little while, he was roused and given a set of pills to take to make him feel better, ones that were apart of the drug trial.

Over the course of two weeks, Jay's health declined and he refused to think it was the pills he was taking, refusing to believe that he was that naive. In truth, when Jay finally collapsed, Sam and Amelia pulled the truth from Jay that he was a part of a drug trial. Appalled, Sam went to Paige and told her the details.

Paige investigated the Clinic that Jay had went to, discovering that most of the patients were either very sick or dead. Alarmed by this, she contacted Garrison and Amanda to find out more about the clinic. Amanda gave more details about where the funds were coming from and this prompted a team to go over and find out what was really going on. What they found out was not what they expected, Dr. Joseph Skrul as a super-mutant with powers leeched from the patients that volunteered to the clinic. He was defeated by the team and returned to Muir for examination.

Doctor Nathaniel Essex was called in, as Jay's health continued to decline, nearing death. It was discovered that Jay had a growth inside his chest, infused into his body in such a complicated manner that it took sometime for Dr. Essex to remove it. Slowly, Jay recovered but it had instilled some respect for his healing factor that he had not had before.

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Sulaco is the name of the drug that was given to suppress Jay's healing factor.

The idea came originally from Cozza and Shai, discussing Mpreg about Jay and the idea was turned over to Dex, who formulated a plot into it based off of the movie, Alien 3. The name Sulaco is from the ship of Alien 3.

Doqz socked Dr. Skrul and Dex socked Essex.


Plotrunner: Andrea and Dex