David Angar

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David Angar
Portrayed by Adam Busch
Known Aliases: Angar the Screamer
Affiliations: Independent, Apocalypse
Socked By: Jen
Introduction: Day Zero

"First no monkey with a beanie and now this. This, boys and girls, is what you get for fucking humans in your spare time. Gross."

A disenfranchised believer in mutant superiority, Angar took advantage of the chaos caused by Apocalypse during Day Zero to try and settle an old grudge.


Name: David Angar

Aliases: Angar the Screamer

Affiliation: Independent

First appearance: October 28, 2008

Family: Unknown


David Angar was born in San Francisco and from a young age has considered himself a revolutionary and radical social activist. He worked for a number of activist causes in college and high school, and moved to New York City after graduating to follow up. He'd grown enamored with The Lehnsherr Manifesto over the years and soon found the his primary interest was mutant rights (i.e., superiority), to be obtained by any means necessary. Silver became a target of his ire when he learned of it because of its integrative goal, and was once kicked out for being too rowdy. When Apocalypse conquered New York for the mutants, Angar's decision to stay was the easiest he'd ever made.

Revisting old grudges during the chaos, Angar returned to Silver with a gang of like-minded mutants. They met heavy resistance, and while there were casualties on both sides, Angar was overcome. His current status is unknown.


Angar absorbs sonic vibrations and redirects them. He can scream at a superhuman level, deafening and even causing permanent hearing damage to those around him. He can also induce hallucinations in humans with his voice. These hallucinations usually are disturbing and violent in nature. Angar is immune to his own powers.


Day Zero


Socked by: Jen

PB: Adam Busch