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Indiana J or "Jen"
Indiana j.jpeg
Character(s): Wanda "Scarlet Witch" Maximoff
Email: IndyJEmail.jpg
Date joined: September 2003


Former player of Dr. Moira MacTaggart and Angel "Firestar" Jones and Jennifer "She-Hulk" Walters. She also played the first version of Wanda, before killing her off during the Dark Phoenix Saga. She also apped the P2 version of Rahne Sinclair in 2015 and player her until 2020.

Wiki timeline compiler.

Former mod

Jen is one of the long-term players, having joined X-Project in September 2003 with Moira. Since then, she has been a mod and has played several other characters (curse you real life!). The one she keeps close, however, is Wanda. She tends to be busy during business hours, but she does love to play and likes people to email her.

AIM: KatzMT, x_mactaggart

Preferred means of contact: Primarily email, then AIM.

Phase 2


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Moira MacTaggart Agatha Harkness

Stefan Szardos

Lilandra Neramani

Rev. Craig

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Moira MacTaggart

Sebastian Shaw

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Agatha Harkness

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Lilandra Neramani

Dr. Christopher Lee

Terrance Ward

Dr. Henry Pym

Joe MacTaggart

Rory Campbell

Gregory Wilson


David Angar

Sebastian Shaw

Avalanche - Phase 1

Andrea Strucker

Straw Man

Post (deceased)

Proteus (deceased)


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