Terrance Ward

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Terrance Ward - Deceased
Portrayed by Stock image
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Muir Island Research Facility
Socked By: Jen
Introduction: House of Wolves

Unstable and dangerous, Ward was a long-term patient of Muir Island, escaping in August 2009 and used to commit a theft before being returned for his treatment. He was killed during the destruction of Muir Island in January 2015.


Name: Terrance Ward

Aliases: None

Occupation: Patient at Muir Island Research Facility

First appearance: August 17, 2009

Family: Unknown


Twenty two years old, Ward has been a long time occupant of Muir Island Research Facility. He is one of Moira's more difficult cases - unable to control his powers, Ward has been on a series of medicines and deep therapy since he arrived in Scotland at the age of fifteen. Clinically, the young man is incredibly unbalanced, even without the struggle to control his powers - he suffers from delusions and paranoia and no one really knows if this is due to his powers influence or if he would have been like this anyway.

Most of his family has written him off but he keeps in contact with his mother and has controlled visits from her every few months. Recently, his therapist has approved of short day trips every few months to see his mother.

Despite years of medication and therapy, Ward is not as well as he's been acting - he's started to hear voices trying to convince him to use his powers and flee. And one day, he listens and kills his therapist on the drive to his mother's place, using his powers actively for the first time in years.

Days after his escape, Ian McNee found him - frightened and lost - and after he watched Ward use his powers, used a little bit of magical persuasion to bind Ward to him for a short time. Just enough time to take him to Cambridge and to make a break in on the museum. He was killed in the Muir invasion in January 2015.


Ward has the ability to shape shift into his opponent's fears by using low level telepathy that can only be used to seek out someone's fears - again, no one is quite certain if this was shaped by his mental problems or if his mental problems came because of his powers. Normally, he is unable to hold any form for long, especially with more people around (he is unable to imprint on anyone for very long) and the main reason he has issues, mental and powers, is because he is unable to unthink the fears he imprints on. This is where the paranoia and delusions come into play - they always take on the form of the fears he's played off of in the past. The medication and therapy has helped him, for a time, to ignore the fear he was reading.


House of Wolves


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Socked by: Jen