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Joseph MacTaggart
Portrayed by Peter Riegert
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Jen
Introduction: Proteus (plot)

Former husband to Moira MacTaggart, Joe was a prominent politician until his desire for revenge led him to use the DNA of his dead son in a gruesome experiment. He is currently serving jail time, however his business affairs appear to continue.


Name: Joseph MacTaggart

Aliases: None

Affiliation: None

First appearance: December 31, 2004

Family: Moira MacTaggart: former wife; Kevin MacTaggart: son, deceased.


An unremarkable man with political ambitions, Joe MacTaggart's fortunes rose when he met, got pregnant and then married the Lady Kinross and brilliant scientist, Moira. Using her fortune and her name, he gained political office and some noterity of his own. He was, however, an abusive, bigoted man who would take out his frustrations on his wife. It was the birth of their son, Kevin, and his manifestation as a mutant from an early age that finally tipped the balance - unwilling to have a mutant child associated with his political career, Joe abandoned his wife and child in favour of pursuing politics.

Moira's success in her own right rankled with Joe, and in 2004 he developed a scheme to get back at her, commissioning an unknown scientist to use his deceased son's DNA to create a reality-shaping mutant, which he called Proteus. Following the defeat of his 'weapon', Joe was arrested and imprisoned, disgraced. He was later implicated in the sale, from prison, of Kevin's DNA to unscrupulous agencies such as Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker.

In 2012, it was discovered that the genetic splicing technique used to create Proteus had been bought by Genosha in order to make "useless" mutations industrially viable. Under the direction of the Genengineer, they created the mutate process, which would allow them to amplify mutant powers - or decrease them if the mutant was too strong - as well as combine two powers, which would allow them to use the mutants in their industry.


Joe MacTaggart is a baseline human, with no powers. Prior to his disgrace, he had some political clout in British Parliament.


Proteus (plot)

Operation: Don't Leave Me With The Germans (referenced)

Genosha Arc (referenced)


Socked by: Jen

PB: Peter Riegert