Dr. Henry Pym

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Henry Pym
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Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: None
Socked By: Jen
Introduction: Metastasis

A one-time noted biochemist, Dr. Pym is now in disgrace, and facing a variety of legal issues.


Name: Henry Pym

Aliases: none

Occupation: Biochemist

First appearance: March 12, 2004

Family: unknown


Dr. Henry Pym is a noted biochemist and member of the Tesla Club, a fraternal organization of scientists. Currently, his reputation in the academic community is on shaky ground, after his controversial "discovery" of "Pym Particles", which he claimed were subatomic particles which could alter the size of atoms. In reality, his samples were forms of an aerosolized corticosteroid, which induced short-lived cellular growth in organic subjects. While his research was valid, it was his misrepresentation of that research which cost him his standing in the community.

In March 2004, Dr. Pym attempted to woo Moira MacTaggart, almost refusing to take no for an answer until a well-timed intervention by Nathan Dayspring convinced the would-be suitor to direct his attentions elsewhere. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Pym's legal troubles took hold and was not seen until September 2009.

In September of 2009, Pym contacted Charles Xavier to say he was in New York and that he was being followed, asking for an escort to the mansion, which led Scott Summers, Jean-Paul Beaubier, and Suzanne Chan to visit his hotel only to find a SHIELD presence but no Pym.

While investigating, the X-Men learn that Pym was part of a team involved in the containment of a mysterious killer metal blob but Pym vanished before he could be questioned.


None - Pym is a baseline human. He is a noted biochemist and well known in various medical and scientific circles, although not always for his abilities as a scientist.




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Socked by: Jen