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March was a tumultuous month, even with half the school away on holiday for most of the month. From the beginning, Amanda and Manuel were both having problems. Amanda was being incredibly self destructive, while Manny became convinced that Nathan wanted to kill him and was used by Kwannon to free herself. After the two of them hooked up, Lorna confronted Amanda and this was the figurative last straw as Amanda attempted to kill herself by jumping off the roof. Instead, she was stopped by Angelo and lined up for witch detox, to coincide with the spring break trip to Europe. As for Manuel, near the end of the month, he was placed in the Box for his actions in co-operating with Kwannon and then given an inhibitor collar in hopes of teaching him how to deal with his own emotions. The link with Amanda was blocked by her cleansing ritual. Then he and Angelo started an epic feud that ended in requests that the other boy be killed, and Manuel’s suggestion that he was going to off himself.

Everything went to hell when Kwannon got loose. She was not free more than a few weeks, but she managed to leave much destruction in her wake before being captured and locked away.

Lorna didn’t have a great beginning of the month, as Hank asked about her eating disorder and, realizing Alison put him up to it, she threw her friend out of their room. She did face up to her problem eventually, asked for help, and was doing okay by the time they and several of the kids took a road trip for their spring break. Jubilee's plans for her spring break were briefly derailed when she lost control over her powers, but a solution was found with an inhibitor collar that would stop her from doing any damage and she was allowed to go on the Europe trip with the others.

Spring, being the season for love, also saw the beginning of four new relationships – Manuel and Amanda formed (and then lose) a psychic link, Marie-Ange asked Doug out on their first date, Moira and Nate also formed a link and started their relationship, and Amanda and Bethany Moore talked for the first time. Bobby also confessed his love for Alison, but it didn’t go so well. Scott and Betsy also made inroads into restarting their relationship in the aftermath of the Kwannon incident.

In the powers field, precognition seemed to be the name of the game, as Marie-Ange’s was shown to have great accuracy and she began working more in depth on it, and Nate’s went somewhat haywire as he began seeing visions almost daily and Askani manifested for the first time. He also managed to turn the grass to glass during one of his fits.

Finally, Jane 'Cloud' Doe joined the school, and Jake Gavin came back.


Mar 1 - Pete Wisdom announces the inaugural bus run. Jono and Sarah move out of the basement. Nate has a breakdown about empaths and Manuel. Alex wakes up. Manuel and Bobby have an incident and Bobby ices the kitchen. X-Men Mission: Lost Child: Cyclops, Wolverine and Nightcrawler go on a mission to rescue a missing child. Something Wicked: Kwannon uses Manuel to lock Betsy away. Pete aquires a mini-bus for the school to use on trips.

Mar 2 - Emma tells Angie that it was her dream that lead the them to find Alex and Angie starts pursuing her precog more. On Alison's suggestion, Hank talks to Lorna. Lorna takes offense, and throws Alison out of their suite. Alison stays with Marie.

Mar 3 - Marie-Ange mails a couple people about her powers, asking for help. Charles hires Lee Kuk as the new head of security for the school. Nate makes a recording of himself speaking Askani.

Mar 4 – Jubilee has a flashback, loses control of her powers and is placed in isolation. Remy disappears from the medlab.

Mar 5 – Amanda goes into town and a bar called Willy's and sells some of her blood to magic dealer Patches in exchange for a magic buzz, then gets jumped by a pair of townies. Nate and Moira end up in bed together - just resting! Emma announces the Europe trip. Alex gets out of the medlab.

Mar 6 – Amanda and Manuel sleep together. Lorna finally accepts that she has a problem and goes to Alison for help with dealing with her anorexia.

Mar 7 - Manuel comes to see Nathan and it does NOT go well - he triggers a telekinetic fit and Nathan ends up collapsing. Nate and Moira form a psychic link. Moira, Charles and Hank are invited to the Friends of Tesla dinner.

Mar 8 - Something Wicked: Kwannon attempts to attack Miles, but his power interferes. Pete warns the staff off of messing with the blacklist Marie's name is on, for fear of drawing attention to the school.

Mar 9 - Amanda tries to kill herself by jumping off the roof. An emergency fire drill is held. Something Wicked: Kwannon is briefly a prisoner in the medlab, but escapes and goes on the run.

Mar 10 – Marie-Ange has a precognitive fit which results in a brief link with Manuel. Something Wicked: Scott asks Hank and Kitty to try and track Betsy through the computer system; Scott warns the school to not approach Betsy if they see her.

Mar 11Red-X: Plattsburgh: Red X help with an apartment fire in Plattsburgh, NY. Something Wicked: Kwannon is caught, and Charles frees Betsy; Scott tells the school about Kwannon.

Mar 12Dr. Henry Pym begins to pursue Moira romantically at the Friends of Tesla dinner. Something Wicked: Charles breaks through the block Kwannon put in Manuel's mind; Kitty tells Scott, Hank and Charles what she knows about Betsy's surgery; the staff discuss getting Manuel an inhibitor collar.

Mar 13 – Askani manifests for the first time. Emma begins work on Alex's suit. The Europe trip leaves. Piotr goes on sabbatical to study body guarding. Cain asks for people to help test the new security system. Jono's visit home inspires a lot of screaming.

Mar 14 - Bobby goes to stay with his parents for the holiday. Alison announces her record label project and moves back in with Lorna. Amanda's clensing ritual is successful.

Mar 15 - Jono invites all of the England trip to go drinking on his father's stolen credit card. Manuel begins his therapy log of analyzing his feelings without his power.

Mar 16 - M-A asks Doug out. Manuel is offered the chance to be able to go about with a collar, and tells Alison what he did to Lorna.

Mar 17 - Cain suggests Manuel deserves to get out of the Box. Pete lets people know that he's off on a job. Bobby comes back to the school.

Mar 18 - Dr. Henry Pym sends Moira a cologne scented letter and Nate asks if he's allowed to kill him.

Mar 19 - Sarah and Shinobi reach England. Marie-Ange makes it back to London. Amanda joins the others in Brighton.

Mar 20 - Marie and Logan head out to visit her family.

Mar 21 – Jono takes the whole trip out clubbing on his father’s stolen credit card. Scott tells Betsy he still wants her. Nate and Moira get together.

Mar 22 - Moira and Nate fall into bed and don't just rest. Marie-Ange and Doug are terribly cute at the airport when she returns.

Mar 23 - The road trip to MN heads out. Manuel gets an inhibitor collar.

Mar 24 – Marie and Logan return to the school. Alison offers Jamie's friend Guido a contract with her record label. Angelo and Manuel meet and fight about Bobby. Angelo asks someone to kill Manuel, then deletes the post. Manuel asks for Angelo's head on a platter and decides to stay in his room until he dies; Marie and Shinobi watch over him.

Mar 25 - Nate has a fit and turns the grass to glass. Marie-Ange and Doug go on their first date.

Mar 26 - Shinobi confronts Angelo about his self-injury. Nate and Moira go on a sanity vacation. Amanda finds out she's going back to the school the next day.

Mar 27 - Betsy reintroduces herself to the school. Shinobi takes Sarah and Marie to the amusement park.

Mar 28 - Jake and Amanda get drunk, flirt, and end up in bed. Manuel tries to get Kitty to break the collar off of him.

Mar 29 – Nate discusses links with Amanda and Manuel. Dr. Stephen Strange becomes Amanda’s magic tutor. Amanda mails Bethany and the two of them get on like a house on fire. Jake comes back to the States (DC). Ororo welcomes the kids back to class.

Mar 30 - Jane Doe comes to the mansion, where she rooms with Amanda and Paige. Lorna tells Alison why she has a problem with Manuel. Logan becomes the new art teacher.

Mar 31 - Betsy moves from the medlab back to her room. Jake comes to the school briefly, but leaves within the week for Passover. Pete comes back.


Red X Mission: Plattsburgh

X-Men Mission: Lost Child

Something Wicked

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