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Logan returned from Canada, his relationship with Marie D'Ancato over and his grip on his control slipping. Marius Laverne had an unfortunate powers interaction with one of Nathan Dayspring's visions, leaving both of them and Haroun al-Rashid incapacitated. Haroun and Alison Blaire tried to make wedding plans, with little success. Theresa Cassidy auditioned with the New York Youth Conservatory, Forge was accepted into a business program at ESU and Clarice Ferguson was rejected by FIT. Amanda Sefton and Remy LeBeau went to Muir Island, Remy for his leg and Amanda for unexplained migraines that later turned out to be her mutant powers re-manifesting, much to her initial displeasure. She remained at Muir in order to learn how to use her powers properly and without the magic. Terry and Bobby Drake continued to try and make up, but at cross-purposes and usually making things worse. Tommy Jones spent most of his time isolated from the other students, with occasional incidents which usually ended badly, with the exception of Terry which ended in chocolate. Marius, Jay Guthrie, Kyle Gibney and Forge staged a panty raid on the female students which resulted in revenge being had in the form of them being stuck to the wall dressed in lingerie. Jennie's mother passed away suddenly and Jennie Stavros went to Greece with Marius and Nathan for the funeral.

Jean Grey's alter ego, Jane continued to wreck havoc with the denizens of the school, in particular those with a connection to Jean, the low point being when Jean seduced Bobby and sent a tape of them having sex to Scott Summers. Scott was unable to cope, alternating between depression and trying to get Jean to forgive him. A disastrous meeting with her at a nightclub led to him having his memory of the night before altered and he took himself off the team as a security risk. In the wake of finding out about the Bobby incident, Terry asked Sean Cassidy to take her back home to Cassidy Keep.

Wanda Maximoff had an encounter with Chthon, an Elder God along the lines of Cyttorak, requiring the intervention of the team to bring her back. Afterwards she took a sabbatical in Europe, visiting her mother Magda's grave and encountering her father. A means to make life difficult for Gideon Faraday arose with news of his mutant smuggling operation in Russia. Saul tried to warn Nathan off interfering for his own sake and was punched in the face by one of Haller's alters, Jack. The team (and Pete Wisdom) rescued Gideon's cargo, a pre-warned camera crew catching Gideon and his team in the act and ruining his reputation. A clairvoyant working for the NYPD (and an old friend of Ororo Munroe's) disappeared and was rescued from possession by a gaseous mutant. Shiro Yoshida and Clarice went to Japan for the cherry blossom festival, only to have it end in ninjas as The Hand attacked.

Nathan's visions increased, and he became convinced the only way to finish things with his family was to go and meet Gideon. This he did, although not without warning Moira MacTaggart. Gideon abducted Nathan and took him to Rio in order to use his precognition for his own ends. Angelo Espinosa, interpreting Nathan's visions, raised the alarm and a team was sent to look for him.


Mar. 1 - Shiro makes Clarice take him to Hawaii to get answers out of Alex, without actual violence and some happiness. Scott can't face the day, and Alison doesn't make him. Haroun and Alison try to make wedding plans, with little agreement. Forge gets his third letter of recommendation, from his uncle Naze, and goes to Dani for advice. Nathan takes over Jean's debate and government classes. Forge is pained by what Scott did to his car. Sam asks Alison and Ororo to keep an eye on Scott.

Mar. 2 - Scott is beating up a punching bag when Kurt comes in; Kurt is worried about him but also unwilling to push, yet. Later, still in the gym, Lorna and Scott have a conversation they probably shouldn't yet, and Scott kills the punching bag. Lorna runs into Forge in the kitchen, explains to him exactly why Alex was so upset, then makes him help her cook. Marius stops by Nathan's office just in time to get caught in a power feedback loop, ending with Marius and Nathan unconscious, Haroun incapacitated, and Angelo the last man standing. Ororo tells the staff about the incident. Afterwards, Marius wakes up with bruises he can explain for once, and Angelo asks the important questions. Lorna follows up on her threat to feed Haller and they have a rambling conversation about nothing important while still communicating a lot. Later, Angelo stops in to check on Nathan and is told a little about today's precognitive vision, unreassuringly. Clarice complains about her lack of a college acceptance letter. Marius asks for a donation off schedule and Terry volunteers. Forge is accepted to the business program at ESU. Terry is invited to audition for the New York Youth Conservatory.

Mar. 3 - Not So Plain Jane: Jane is waiting for Scott and instead runs into Haller, who tries to counsel her and fails miserably; Jubilee finds Scott assessing the damage to his car, then finds out about the damage to his marriage. Haller stops by Nathan's office to see how he's holding up, the answer being that he's been better. Nathan goes to check on Marius after the incident in his office the day before; he learns quite a bit about how Marius feels about his mutation and related issues, and demonstrates that he has actually learned when to back off, while Marius gets a chance to vent a little, and to be snide at his teacher. Angelo and Lorna meet while out walking the dogs, and have a nice talk about everything except Lorna and Alex. Paige manages to set off the fire alarm while trying to cook. Jubilee comes back for a weekend and tries to catch up on what she's missed. Marius asks Terry out for dinner to repay her for the bone marrow donation.

Mar. 4 - Kyle tells Terry to tell Bobby to stop hitting on his boyfriend. Head Like A Hole: Wanda relaxes a little, not far from home, but is worried about her recent mental and physical health; she decides to go and see Charles Xavier, but someone takes exception and takes control; when she wakes up, it's not Wanda but Chthon, who proceeds to try and seduce Kurt in an attempt to create a new host, then knocks him out with Wanda's powers when he gets spooked and tries to raise the alarm; Marie-Ange gets a precog flash, allowing her to get help for Kurt, while Chthon proceeds to seduce Cain Marko|Cain instead - until Nathan intervenes; Scott calls a lockdown and sends the team out, and Ororo, Sam, Haroun and Alison face Chthon in turn before Haller finally defeats him; after the chaos, Cain finds a semi-conscious Haller in the woods and takes him to the medlab.

Mar. 5 - Ororo nurses a lingering headache and inflicts an equally wicked one on poor Scott. Nathan stops by to check on a mostly recovered Haller, they talk a little bit about their cooperative effort against Chthon, and Nathan finds out Haller is possibly just a little bit gleeful about what he managed to do. Marius takes Terry out for dinner, they manage to upset each other, then a walk in the moonlight also proves problematic; all in all, they decide they're better off as friends. Scott checks up on Kurt. Nathan posts asking if everyone's all right after the previous night.

Mar. 6 - Nathan introduces Jamie to the simulation table and the concept of the tactical review. After months of not talking, Forge and Jay start to make steps toward mending their friendship. Angelo attends a conference that Gideon is also at, and they have a surprisingly pleasant conversation. Following the meeting, he returns to the mansion and reports to Nathan, with confusion from them both and alarm from Nathan.

Mar. 7 - Not So Plain Jane: Jane meets Terry as the girl finishes up her audition in the city: when they idolize you, it's so easy to hurt them. Jay, Forge, Marius and Kyle decide to blow off some steam with the time-honoured tradition of co-ed schools - a panty raid. Right up until Wanda catches them. Lorna catches a bug from swimming in the lake. Wanda thanks everyone for the help in bringing her back. Tommy declares the mansion too quiet. Wanda sleeps in the greenhouse, feeling too claustrophobic for her room. Kyle tries to claim asylum in the boathouse from the girls and their angry boyfriends.

Mar. 8 - Forge comes to Tommy's room to exchange books, finds Tommy practising his powers on soda cans and pizza boxes, and proceeds to question him about his antisocial tendencies. The boys who participated in the panty raid are tied up and left in the hallway wearing only lingerie; most of them escape, but abandon Marius until Angelo rescues him. Not So Plain Jane: Jane is in a bad mood and hunts down Scott to torment him, in a possibly unwise move; after this encounter, Scott goes and gets drunk before calling Ororo to drive him home. Ororo guarantees a warm weekend. Scott worries about the example the staff are setting in terms of sanity.

Mar. 9 - Not So Plain Jane: Jane runs into Haroun and lets loose, before wiping his memory of the whole encounter. Clarice is sad and angry about her rejection from FIT, and Shiro does the good boyfriend thing and cheers her up. Scott misses all his appointments and apologises to everyone.

Mar. 10 - Not So Plain Jane: Bobby gets to meet Jane, and Jane gets an Idea. Marius asks for Angelo's help with the Askani glyph Nathan gave him for meditation purposes.

Mar. 11 - Nathan and Haller are in the city taking in some culture when Saul shows up unexpectedly with the best of intentions; Nate and Haller both get a little frayed around the edges in their own unique ways, and Haller gets to punch Saul. Nathan gloats about this on his journal. Clarice asks Haller to smack her parents over the head for her.

Mar. 12 - Haroun marks the passing of the F14. After weeks of avoiding him, Terry finally gets in touch with Bobby to apologise. Bobby, however, isn't feeling forgiving and Terry's not doing a very good job of making him want to. X-Men Mission: Without A Trace: Ororo, Nathan, Kurt and Paige go on a mission to rescue an old acquaintance of Ororo's; Paige gets a vicious headache.

Mar. 13 - Scott considers just calling in the wrecker for his car. Forge is sent some packages for scholarships... including one sponsored by the Friends of Humanity. Doug wants to know what happened to the money from Vegas, because he has an idea. Terry and Tommy somehow end up covering each other in chocolate. Scott emails Jean asking for another chance, but she doesn't reply. Jennie gossips about Terry and Bobby and encourages Marius to ask Bobby out.

Mar. 14 - Lorna is finally cleared to rejoin the team and feeds Haller in celebration; the conversation, however, takes a disastrous turn. Jane follows through on her idea - seducing Bobby, taping it, and sending the video to Scott. Marius has his seventeenth birthday and invites everybody out to celebrate. He ends up going out to dinner covered in sparkly blue glitter, courtesy of Jennie. Domino emails Pete to ask him to look after Doug and Nathan.

Mar. 15 - Unsettled after the encounter with Saul and his discussion with Lorna, Haller confides his reservations about the team in Ororo; while not entirely setting his concerns to rest, she does manage to calm him down. X-Men Mission: Trans-Siberian Hustle: Scott is sitting his coms shift, brooding, when a call comes in from MacInnis; Scott then calls Alison and Ororo to the situation room to discuss options; after the COs finish their conference, Nathan stops in the Situation Room to give Alison some of the information she wanted; he looks over the careful plan for a straight-out rescue mission and muses about how nice it would be if they could screw Gideon a little more completely than simply blowing this deal for him; Alison starts to see the possibilities. Moira's schedule changes to keep her at Muir for much more of her time.

Mar. 16 - X-Men Mission: Trans-Siberian Hustle: On the ground in Vladivostok, Scott makes a voice-scrambled call to set up the critical part of the All-New and Expanded Grand Plan. Scott and Piotr take a train ride. Piotr brings vodka. Yes, the vodka is part of the plan. It's helpful having a local expert along when you want to put one over on the criminal underworld. Scott gets into the freight car and finds the crate containing Gideon's cargo. The girl in the box is a little disoriented, not unexpectedly. Sam plays catch the train. Then he gets to play ‛knight in shining armor'. As he gets the girl out of there, someone else gets put in the box. Meanwhile, back in Vladivostok, Alison and Nathan arrange to have one more angle covered. Nathan stands on a rooftop in the snow and keeps an eye on things. He is possibly pouting just a little at the role he finds himself in, but doesn't let that stop him from doing his part of the job. As the meeting starts, Gideon's security detail, delayed by the snow and rushing to meet their boss, runs into a spot of trouble. Cain doesn't precisely meet his match, but he does meet someone who can hold their own. Haroun tackles the flyer in the group, focusing on keeping her from getting to her boss. Kurt finds someone who likes to play with knives. Alison takes on an energy-projector who is somewhat lacking in her follow-through - surprising, given her employer, but Alison takes full advantage of it. The X-Men's diversionary tactic works exceptionally well, leaving Gideon with precisely one mutant to synch to at the meeting site. He opens the box and gets a nasty surprise. Pete enjoys himself just a little, but sadly, doesn't get to have quite as much fun as he'd hoped. The two teams regroup at the Blackbird, and Scott and Alison take stock. Nathan and Pete hook back up and stop for a bit of a breather before heading back to the plane. Pete laments how minimal the violence was. Nathan gets a precognitive flicker and a nasty little idea as to how to rub Gideon's nose in things. It doesn't take much to talk Pete into it.

Mar. 17 - Clean Slate: Amanda and Remy go to Muir for treatment - Amanda for her migraines, Remy for his leg. Nathan sneaks down to the office for coffee, Angelo catches him, then another precognitive fit ensues. Scott reminds the team to file their personal mission reports.

Mar. 18 - Nathan invites Lorna to go to Youra. Karolina is confused by witnessing the team leave for a mission. Scott issues a general invitation to the team to go back to Youra with him.

Mar. 19 - Full Metal Mutants: Shiro and Clarice are spending the weekend at a ryokan inn in Hakone, and are enjoying themselves very much... until they encounter scouts from the Hand, upon which their vacation is ruined. Lorna and Piers and Nathan and Anika mark the anniversary of Youra. Terry runs into Bobby in the kitchen and they manage to sort some things out (mostly by leaving some other things unsaid). Shiro reports his ninja encounter to the team.

Mar. 20 - Not So Plain Jane: Ororo and Jane meet in the city, almost by coincidence, and Jane manages to encourage the seeds of unease growing in Ororo's mind about Jean's actions and her own abilities as a friend and confidante; Scott gets the videotape of Jane and Bobby and proceeds to trash his suite; Haller investigates the noise, finds out what happened, and manages to get him into a guest suite, before posting a highly edited version of events to the staff community; Cain checks out the wreckage of the room then goes to give Scott a lecture on discipline, leading Scott to let slip what caused it; Cain then finds Bobby and tortures him until he breaks, while gutting Scott's suite. Haller attempts to comfort Bobby but reveals exactly the wrong thing. Clean Slate: The search for what's causing Amanda's symptoms continues, leaving both Moira and Curt stumped. Karolina and Clarice meet and have a heart to heart on appearances and the weather. Bobby's not feeling well, for obvious reasons, and goes to bed early. Terry comes to check up on him and they snuggle. Things that should be said are not. Clarice bitches about ninjas in her journal.

Mar. 21 - Lorna discovers that Scott isn't eating, so she dissolves the hinges of his door. Clean Slate: Moira has a hunch about Amanda's migraines and brings in some specialist equipment - on loan from Romany Wisdom - to test it; the test confirms her suspicions, and Amanda doesn't take the news well at all; while Curt and Moira discuss the implications of her denial, Amanda herself has a lot to think about, and finally accepts that her powers are coming back. Scott gets a visit from Ororo, who isn't forcing food into him but is there to listen, and they both find that it's hard to deal with feelings of betrayal and guilt. House of Wind: Nathan starts sleepwalking.

Mar. 22 - Bobby stops by to see Lorna and get some advice and comfort; Lorna is deeply unimpressed but not unsympathetic. Nathan comes across Ororo taking out her frustrations on the punching bag. Turns out that she could use someone to talk to, rather badly. There's a price to be paid when you're working so hard to hold it together for the sake of your friends who can't. Forge considers the idea of being sponsored by engineering companies to do a business degree. Lorna does not get into Berkeley. Kyle turns sixteen and gleefully lists his presents. Not So Plain Jane: Out and about in the city, Jane decides to have a little fun and Jamie is the closest target; how well this one goes for either of them would be hard to judge; Jamie worries about his and Kitty's future after running into Jane; he also tells Alison and Ororo about the encounter; later, Jane runs into Betsy at her lawyer's office and they bitch at each other.

Mar. 23 - Scott and Bobby run into each other in the library - it's all very calm, but that may not be a good thing. Not So Plain Jane: Lorna goes into the city, runs into Jane and takes advantage of the coincidence; She ends up not punching her in the face, and Jane, in turn, twists Lorna's words to play with her mind. Bobby asks Terry to come to his suite and tells her about Jane; understandably, she doesn't take it well. Jennie and her mother have their weekly chat, and her mother drops some Very Important News. Scott returns to teaching classes. Jennie declares New York too cold. Lorna asks about resuming her place on the team. Clarice worries about Terry.

Mar. 24 - After talking to Bobby, Terry hides herself away. Scott comes across her and is put in the incredibly awkward position of comforting her about the situation. Haller has to break the news to Jennie that her mother has died. Haller asks Nathan and Marius to go to Jennie's mother's funeral with her. Ororo announces Jennie's loss to the school. Clarice is accepted to college. Forge is a little confused about some of the things that have been going on around the mansion lately, so he comes to Scott for advice. Scott endeavors to be objective and headmaster-ly and is at the very least honest. Lorna goes to train in the Danger Room and runs into Bobby, then she bullies him into nutrition and a nap. After getting Bobby to sleep and her DR run, Lorna resumes her care and feeding activities. Davey is resentful of the intrusion but it works out in the end. Not So Plain Jane: Angelo spots Jane in DC but it turns out she's just not in the mood and he just doesn't care enough; Scott, out for a head-clearing drive, winds up in a club; he's not sure why, even when Jane appears; she takes exception to the female interest he's attracting, and Scott takes that inexplicable jealousy and rubs her nose in it, then tears out his own heart (along with his self-respect) and makes a confession; Jane proceeds to have a shocking realization... and that's when things start to get really bad.

Mar. 25 - Not So Plain Jane: Scott comes to hours later in the alley outside the club, alone; his memories don't match his circumstances, and he knows immediately that something is very wrong; he gets himself into a cab and back to the mansion, where Dani sees him staggering in and thinks he's been out drowning his sorrows; she's discreet, however, and just helps him down to the infirmary, if with a few choice words of lecturing thrown in for good measure; Scott finally makes it back up to his new suite, and runs into Jim along the way; he lets him know what happened, and Jim adds his good advice to what Scott's already received from Charles; in the course of the conversation it becomes evident that while Scott might not remember his evening, he's retained a little more than he realized; Scott informs the team that his memories have been tampered with and he may be compromised. A very ticked off Paige storms in on Scott and beats him up a bit. Then she tucks him in for a nap and threatens to give him a concussion. But she gave him Tylenol and a hug at some point, so it's okay.

Mar. 26 - The first of Jennie's relatives come to take her to her grandparents. He's not a nice man, and Marius and Nathan overcome their differences and get all fluffy and protective.

Mar. 27 - Logan, freshly-returned from Canada, goes up to see Scott. Scott's really not in the mood to deal with Logan. So much so that Logan gets slugged in the jaw. After Scott takes a small nap, he's far more friendly and amenable. Logan then borrows Scott's bike to follow up on something Scott told him. Angelo makes Bobby come out of his room, finds out what's led to the current bout of moping, and decides what Bobby needs is to get drunk... it doesn't end well. Kurt and Ororo meet to finalize a few details for the mission write-up. If 'Ro knows anything about a sparkly new chess-playing lava lamp in Charles's office, she doesn't say anything. Jennie says goodbye in Greece, and it's Nathan's turn to be there. Doug tries out for Jeopardy and is turned down - he believes because he's a mutant. Terry asks Sean to take her home for a while. Scott goes to Alaska for a week. Ties That Break, Ties That Bind: Wanda nears the end of her trip in Europe and stops to visit her mother. While she's there, Magda gets another, more unexpected visitor, and for the first time the daughter meets the father face to face. She sets off her emergency beacon to call the team, as a result.

Mar. 28 - Jamie has his first Danger Room session, and Alison is sneaky and evil and fills the Danger Room with slime, but he passes it anyway... and then decides to share the slime with everyone he sees. Logan finds Jane in Central Park and almost kills her before choosing to ignore his instincts. Jennie comes back from Greece in time to be slimed.

Mar. 29 - Deborah, like most grandmothers, is shamelessly manipulative, and Scott finds himself calling his brother whether he thinks it's a good idea or not. Alex is shocked to hear about everything that's been happening. The two manage to mend fences in the process. Deborah is pleased. Logan meets Rachel, and he and Nathan arrange a night at Harry's. Ororo and Logan run into each other in the kitchen for a reunion of sorts. They're both glad he's back, and there is talk of... grading papers. Haroun and Alison get tired of hashing out wedding plans and decide to just elope. Lorna does not take being jilted as a bridesmaid very well. Kitty and Lorna take revenge on Alison for the sliming. House of Wind: Saul invites Nathan to meet with him and Gideon, under truce as it were.

Mar. 30 - Logan introduces himself to Kyle, offers to teach him, and makes steak. Logan then runs into Forge - almost literally - and agrees to humor his innate curiosity. Doug has his first meeting with Logan since his return and manages not to punch him, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want to. Jay declares his intention to marry James Blunt. House of Wind: Nathan slips out at three in the morning to go meet his father for Saul's suggested family 'summit'; not having a deathwish, he wakes Moira up to tell her what he's doing before he leaves; she's not happy, but Nathan insists that he has a plan. She agrees to give him 24 hours' grace before telling anyone, but a very unhappy Rachel blows his cover within a few hours; Nathan picks up his father, and drives to the brownstone from his vision, where Gideon is waiting; the two of them try the father/son talk again in the car; it doesn't go very well. When they get to the brownstone, the 'summit' is short, unpleasant, and comes to a violent end - just like Nathan knew it would; to Saul, however, it comes as an unpleasant surprise; on failing to find Nathan, Angelo goes looking for Alison to tell her his worries in the light of what he knows, bringing his notes on Nathan's visions with him; Saul shows up at the mansion and tells Alison what happened, who relays it to the team.

Mar. 31 - House of Wind: Angelo goes to talk to Saul in hopes of clarifying some of his notes on Nathan's visions. It's... not as productive as he might have hoped. Nathan wakes up in Rio de Janeiro. Gideon greets him. The two of them have something that almost passes for a civilized conversation. Gideon makes it very clear where he stands, and how far he's willing to go. Nathan, on the other hand, does not. Upon arriving in Brazil, Lorna and Cain go undercover (well, as undercover as a woman with green hair and a seven-foot tall man can) and start looking for Nathan. Lorna gets a headache and they get a lead. Haller insists on going with the team to find Nathan, and Alison agrees. Sitting on the Blackbird in Rio, Angelo and Haller have a quiet moment before setting out. Nathan, having a very bad day in Rio, finds a surprising lack of ambiguity in his uncle on a very unexpected subject. He also starts to think about time, and how much he may or may not have to see this through. Pete is not impressed by Nathan's stupidity, especially when various time-delayed emails arrive at their destination from him. Ororo tells the school an edited version of what's going on with Nathan.

Ororo re-creates Logan's logins and access rights, plus they schedule an exploratory Danger Room run. Ororo puts Logan through said Danger Room run to see if he's let his skills accumulate any rust. Finally, the two of them go out to Harry's to celebrate Logan's triumphant return.


Head Like A Hole

Not So Plain Jane

Full Metal Mutants

X-Men Mission: Trans-Siberian Hustle

Ties That Break, Ties That Bind

Clean Slate

House of Wind

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