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Portrayed by Peter Stormare
Known Aliases: The Destroyer
Affiliations: Elder Gods
Socked By: N/A
Introduction: November 27, 2003

One of the self-styled "Elder Gods", Cyttorak was imprisoned in a gem for millennia before becoming bonded to Cain Marko, giving him the power of the Juggernaut.


Name: Cyttorak

Aliases: The Destroyer

Affiliation: none

First appearance: November 27, 2003 (First appearance in-game of Cain Marko and the Gem of Cyttorak)

Family: Chthon ('brother'), other "Elder Gods"


Existing beyond our known universe, the beings calling themselves "Elder Gods" are entities of immense power that surpasses human comprehension. Over ten thousand years ago, two of them - Chthon and Cyttorak, representing the concepts of Corruption and Destruction - fought, and in defiance of the Elder Gods' laws, Cyttorak slew Chthon.

In punishment for this act, Cyttorak was imprisoned inside a ruby gem, and cast down to Earth to be forever imprisoned. Although contained, Cyttorak was able to influence anyone who possessed the gem, driving them to acts of incredible anger and violence. At some point in history, the gem fell into the hands of a group of monks in what would become the Republic of Vietnam, who guarded the gem from the outside world, even creating an arcane shield for it that would mask it from those seeking its power.

During the Vietnam War, Cain Marko's unit came under heavy fire during an ambush. With all his comrades killed, Cain took shelter in the ruins of the monastery, discovering the ruby gem. Believing he could sell the gem on the Hanoi black market and buy his way out of the war, Cain pried it loose from its housing.

In an instant, his mind was flooded with the presence of Cyttorak, and the gem bonded with his body, turning him into the massive Juggernaut and throwing him into a coma that would last nearly twenty years.

Once Cain awoke from his coma, Cyttorak was always a constant presence in his mind, encouraging his penchant for rage and violence. When the gem was broken, Cyttorak was released from his prison, but his power remained with Cain. Intending to regain his power, Cyttorak tempted Cameron Hodge to embezzle Cain's fortune, using it to fund Third-World conflicts and various acts of war and violence around the globe.

When Cain and Scott confronted Cameron, the former financial genius had been driven utterly insane by his contact with Cyttorak, claiming he had seen the devil and that he "could not be stopped". As time went on, Cyttorak attempted to regain his power, causing Cain to suffer momentary attacks of weakness. This culminated when Cyttorak physically confronted Cain, the resultant backlash of mystic energy nearly destroying a small convenience store.

Coming directly to the mansion afterwards, Cyttorak explained to Cain that unless the power was returned to the Elder God, Cain would eventually become corrupted by it and destroy everything he held dear. He made a deal with his former avatar to take back the power, in exchange for leaving Earth.

Returning to the monastery in Vietnam to complete the process, Cain was prepared for Cyttorak's inevitable betrayal as the Elder God seized his power and declared that he would reduce the planet to a cinder as vengeance for his imprisonment. However, Cain had expected this double-cross, and had kept Illyana Rasputin in reserve to send both he and Cyttorak to Limbo, where the Elder God would not be able to hurt anyone.

While in Limbo, Cain and Cyttorak fought, and to the Elder God's surprise, the human's willpower was strong enough to seize back the power of the Juggernaut and emerge victorious. Returning from Limbo, Cain found himself now sporting the archetypical black armor of the Juggernaut, while Cyttorak was taken by the other Elder Gods, who left Earth's dimension for their own.

Cyttorak's current fate is unknown.


As an Elder God, Cyttorak's capabilities in his portfolio of Destruction are theoretically unlimited. He has claimed to be able to cause a supernova by force of will, and intended to destroy the entire Earth in a fit of pique.

When imprisoned in the gem, Cyttorak could not act directly, but could influence anyone holding the gem. When the gem became bonded to Cain, Cyttorak's power endowed his avatar with massive strength and invulnerability.



The Enemy Within


Cyttorak's power is often invoked by magicians for spells of containment or destruction, such as the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak.

While imprisoned within Cain's body, Cyttorak absorbed some of his host's knowledge as well as mortal frailty, namely "Liver spots, an aching back, and a horribly encyclopedic memory for Jim Morrison songs."


Socked by:

Formerly socked by Nute

PB: Peter Stormare

Peter Stormare was chosen as the face for Cyttorak due to his role as Lucifer in Constantine. Cyttorak is intended to look like what Cain Marko would be had he never taken the gem.