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Tommy Jones
Portrayed by Steve Sandvoss
Codename: None
Affiliations: Xavier Institute - graduate student, Red X
Birthdate: July 18, 1988
Journal: x_alchemy
Player: Available for application

This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Previously an FOH member before he manifested, Tommy tends to keep largely to himself at the mansion. The incident in which he nearly beat Jay Guthrie to death is largely unknown to others, but still haunts him, driving him to try and find positive outlets for his powers.


Character Journal: x_alchemy

Real Name: Thomas Martin Jones



First Appearance: January 22, 2005

Date of Birth: July 18, 1988

Place of Birth: Salem Center, New York

Citizenship: US

Relatives: unnamed parents

Education: student at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

Relationship Status: single

Occupation: student

Team Affiliation: former member of the Friends of Humanity



Born and raised in Salem Center, New York, Tommy's father had been very active in the local Friends of Humanity chapter, and encouraged his son to follow in his footsteps. When the existence of a "mutant school" outside of the town became known, the local F.O.H. worked to organize those with anti-mutant views, including a youth division that Tommy found himself as the de facto leader of. Along with his friends Josh and Duncan, their activities were largely passive (apart from an incident in the mall in November 2003 during which Doug Ramsey and Angelo Espinosa were assaulted) until January 2005, when the young F.O.H. members started a fire at CoffeeQuake, a coffee house where HeliX would hold their meetings. After taunting the students from Xavier's that were present, the F.O.H. group left the scene. The arson would go unpunished thanks to Duncan's father's connections in the local police. A few days later, Tommy would be involved in an argument with Amanda Sefton during her speech at the memorial for the Columbia massacre, and again managed to leave without any serious incident. Tommy and his cronies would next have a run in with a pregnant Danielle Moonstar, with some of the F.O.H. kids feeling Dani's power firsthand and fleeing.

In late March 2005, however, Tommy would run into Theresa Cassidy at a local video arcade, and not knowing that she was a mutant, a flirtation started. The flirtation would eventually develop into a brief relationship, which would come to a screeching halt barely a month later.

Accompanying Terry to one of Jay Guthrie's performances, Tommy's bigotry reared its head when he lured Jay out behind the venue, and severely beat him and left him for dead. Returning to the club proud of what he'd done, Tommy broke things off with Terry and left before his actions were discovered. The next time Terry and Tommy ran into each other, his lack of remorse for his actions drove a further wedge between the two. A meeting later in August at the county fair would result in further violence when Tommy's friend Josh would attack Terry, causing a standoff between the junior F.O.H. members and the Xavier's students once more.


A week later, however, karma would catch up to Tommy. During a weekend with high tensions, with the F.O.H. and HeliX holding rallies at the same park, Tommy's mutant power manifested in a highly visible manner, turning an entire tree to lead in full view of his friends and fellow Friends of Humanity. Swarmed by anti-mutant bigots who turned on him as a "race traitor", Tommy was brutally beaten and dumped at the front gates of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters by the teens who only weeks before had been his friends.

The medical staff at the mansion did their best to provide treatment for Tommy, despite the tension that his presence in the infirmary caused for many of the students, especially Jay, Terry, and Bobby Drake. He would awaken in October after nearly a month-long coma, and despite his acknowledgement of his mutant status, he insisted that his beliefs would not change.

Living At The X-Mansion

In spite of his hatred of his situation, Tommy chose to stay at the school, knowing that by leaving he would risk worse beatings, likely ones he would not survive. After being released from medical care, Tommy ventured to the park where he manifested, accompanied by Jean Grey. When his old friends encountered him and threatened him again, Tommy came to realize that the school was the only safe haven he had left. Despite this assurance, Tommy attempted suicide in December, but was stopped by Jean.

Over the ensuing months, Tommy's attitude would change, albeit slowly, as the students and staff at the school continued to try and accept him despite his past. In the summer of 2006, Tommy would get the chance to actually assist the X-Men, using his knowledge of the Friends of Humanity's local meeting house to assist in saving civilians from an angry mutant. Over the year, Tommy managed to mend his friendship with Terry, and while remaining one of the mansion's more antisocial inhabitants, came to accept his new life, if not enjoy it.

The largest sign of the change in Tommy's outlook would come with the arrival of Yvette Petrovic, with whom he found someone he could talk to who had no preconceived ideas of him. Through his friendship with Yvette, Tommy has slowly begun to become more social among the school's population. Tommy also developed a friendship with Sooraya Qadir.

In 2007, Tommy encountered an alternate reality in which he was a popular high school student without powers, as well as dinosaurs. In september, he came to realize that his powers had far more potential for good than he'd ever expected, using them to create needed medicines while infiltrating a refugee camp in Afghanistan in order to watch for mutant slavers and discover the circumstances behind the deaths of two Canadian citizens working at a relief hospital. He also dealt with issues with Jay Guthrie, which had Yvette running interference.

2008 saw Tommy opening himself up to helping others quite a lot, especially with the Red X team in places like Whistler, San Diego, and Iowa. He also entered into a truce with Jay Guthrie early in the year, (Jay even asked him out to prom, though his motives were a touch skewed) and while helping out in Iowa during major flooding, Tommy even saved Jay's life, resuscitating him after he was struck by lightning. Another large contribution Tommy made to humanitarian efforts was in India, aiding Garrison Kane's team investigating the reports of a weaponized mutant causing the detonation of a nuclear bomb leading to the deaths of a half million people. Tommy's powers were instrumental in providing information about the weaponization of the mutant in a facility run by government colonels outside official notice.

In July of 2009, Tommy decided to relocate to the West Coast Annex for additional training.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 200 lbs

Eyes: blue

Hair: blond

Other Features:


Tommy can convert one substance into another via touch. He is most comfortable with metals such as lead, iron, and copper but has branched out to more complex substances, even creating otherwise impossible alloys. A theory has been suggested that his powers work by physically rearranging the protons and neutrons in atoms, which has led Tommy to study chemistry with a passion in order to gain further control over his power.



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Tommy has shown some degree of skill at jewelry-making, using his power to convert items such as string and beads into metal jewelry.




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Player Icon Base: Steve Sandvoss

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Played by Amy from January 2005 to July 2009.