X-Men Mission: Haunted House

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X-Men: Haunted House
Dates run: May 3, 2006
Run By: Alicia
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I'm not satisfied with just having blueprints. But we can't count on cooperation on-site from anyone who's actually escaped the building, can we?

When the New York headquarters of the Friends of Humanity is attacked by perhaps one of the most unusual mutants on record, the X-Men are called in to evacuate the building.


Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, Cannonball, Polaris, Cable, Wolverine, Sunfire, Juggernaut, David Haller, Jamie Madrox, Tommy Jones



May 3, 2006

Plot Summary

When a mysterious mutant attacked the New York headquarters of the FoH, trapping an unknown number of people inside, the X-Men received a request for assistance through the governor's office. Cyclops and Storm faced a difficult tactical situation; unaware of the number of people in the building and its exact layout, as well as the nature of the mutant attacker's powers, they were forced to call on all available team members as well as some of the trainees. Storm approached Tommy, asking him to give them his insider's take on the building. He was somewhat hesitant at first but did agreed, and also agreed to sit on coms with Juggernaut during the mission in case his input was needed.

Once they arrived on-site, the X-Men discovered that the mutant in question was not immediately obvious. Inside the building, they found organic-looking coils of an unknown material everywhere. The coils were hostile, attacking the team and the civilians inside the building. As well, the mutant generated some sort of psionic distortion that even the X-Men, trained to shield their minds, found difficult to endure. Nevertheless, they did, beginning the evacuation.

The mission took a startling turn when one of Jamie's dupes disappeared into a void that appeared to be moving within the building. When Wolverine disappeared as well, Haller tried to locate his vanished teammates, but suceeded only in knocking himself out when he made psychic contact with the void. X-Men continued to disappear into the void. Only Sunfire's intervention prevented Cyclops from being one of the missing, although he himself was swallowed up in the process.

While the remaining X-Men tried to regroup, the X-Men inside the void tried to do the same thing. Wolverine, his senses distorted by the psychic atmosphere and sensory deprivation, attacked Cable when his teammate tried to approach him, injuring him and forcing Cable to knock him out. Storm located Sunfire, who wasn't entirely sure that she was real at first, but the two of them went about continuing their rescue efforts.

Outside the void, Cyclops came up with an idea to help his trapped teammates. Commandeering a fire hose, he pointed it at the void to allow them to hopefully backtrack the water to its source and find the way out. It worked, allowing the trapped X-Men to escape, along with the remaining FoH members who had also been swallowed by the void. The introduction of water to the void was clearly causing the mutant extreme discomfort and worsening the psionic tremors.

Once emergency services had the correct count of evacuees, Cyclops ordered the X-Men to leave the building as well, as the mutant's coils were wound through the ventilation system, destabilizing the structure. Polaris, who had been supporting the building, hesitated, pointing out that they couldn't evacuate the mutant. Cyclops ordered her to evacuate despite that, and the building collapsed, presumably killing the mutant.

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Plotrunner: Alicia

Although unnamed in this mission, Abyss would later return in X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith.