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updated October 31, 2022

Hi! Welcome to the X-Project player app. Before you begin, it's strongly recommended that you read the FAQ paying particular attention to the sections on the Relaunch, Applications and Powers. For a current list of our unplayed characters, go here. If you would like to see a sample application, go here. The parts in (brackets and italics) are notes from the mods to help kickstart the thinking process, not actual questions that must be answered specifically.

Please fill out the application completely and email it to the moderators at If you have any questions about the process, you can always email the mod team, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Please do not send us attached documents or links to google-docs. Also, in order to reduce delays in a response to your app, please only include links to videos, graphics and other media as a supplement to a completed application. They should not be included as an alternative to filling out a descriptive section. For example, please do not use a photo of your intended PB as an alternate to the physical description section.

Please submit only one app at a time. If your application is not selected for this particular character, please feel free to submit a second app for a different character. Players are restricted to three characters only, and may only apply for a second after playing regularly for three months and a third after being part of the game for a year. Check the Rules regarding 2nd and 3rd characters for more details.

X-Project does not accept Original Characters under any circumstances.

X-Project does not have a ‘reserve’ policy for characters, and in the case of multiple applications for the same character before one enters the test log phase, the preference will be given to the best application, as opposed to the first submitted.

Before sending in your application, go to the Application Checklist to make sure you have everything covered. Then please email this application to with the subject line "Character name | your name | application".

Basic Information

Player Information

  • Player Name: (this is the name you'd use on our wiki and that you prefer to be called. It does not have to be your legal name.)

  • Player Journal: (you are not required to have your own journal to participate in X-Project. However, we do have an out-of-character player community that we encourage our players to join with their personal journal if possible.)

  • Player email address: (one that you are comfortable using for the game's mailing list. This will be visible to other players and the Wiki. We do recommend a Gmail addy, since that threads emails and makes things much easier for shared documents.)

  • Player's social media: (this is also not mandatory, but is often useful to contact the mods or other players. Please provide your SN(s) and the type of service(s))

  • Player age: (players under 18 are accepted, but they may not participate in X-rated scenes, for the legal protection of the other players)

  • Preferred pronouns: (since we'd rather not be jerks)

Character Details


  • Proposed Character Journal Name:

(For new characters only – pre-existing characters already have a journal. The name must start with "xp_", as in "xp_bling", "xp_storm", or "xp_blackcat". We prefer journal names that can easily identify the character, usually the common name most readers of comic or fans of the movies would know them by. This is not a hard and fast rule, for example, Quentin Quire's journal is "xp_erverse" and sometimes popular character names are already taken. In case of picking up a P1 version of an existing character, we will give you the password to the existing journal. Rename tokens can be purchased should you want to change the name of an existing journal).

(Do not create the journal ahead of time - the mods will create the journal once your application is approved, and include the password and journal name with your approval email. Journals are game property and are to be returned in the event of retirement or resignation from the game).

  • Character's Real Name:

  • Codename: (if applicable)

  • Aliases: (if applicable)

  • Date of Birth:

  • Place of Birth:

  • Citizenship:

  • Relatives: (note: this is not asking for a family tree, just any relatives pertinent to the character's history, or who may show up in-game)

  • Education:

  • Relationship Status: (note: do not assume that your character will start off with a pre-existing relationship with an existing PC or NPC in X-Project without first discussing it with that PC's player or the mods. Even if it's comics or movie canon.)

  • Occupation:


(How did your character grow up? What are their influences? Do they have any particular events in their life that shaped who they are today? What particular experiences have formed them into the person they are? How did M-Day influence them? And, most importantly, how do they arrive at the mansion?)

The events of X1 and X2 did take place in Phase 1 X-Project, however the events of none of the other Marvel properties did and different characters may have taken the roles from the movie versions. Do not rely on details from the third X-Men movie, the Wolverine movies, X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past, the MCU, the Spider-verse or the comics, as these details may not be compatible with established game history. We strongly advise reviewing the basic world history of the game, as many events unique to the game could impact on your character’s history depending on your intended origins.)

(If you are applying for an existing character, please provide a brief summary of their history under prior players, and focus on events that have taken place since they were last on-screen and what they've been doing since M-Day in particular. Do not just repost the Wiki – we want to see how you understand and interpret the character's history.)

Character Description:

  • Physical Description:

(What does your character look like overall? Are they ordinary looking, athletic, abnormally skinny? How does their mutant power reflect in how they look? Don't just give us their basic statistics or only fill in the criteria below. In short, give us a brief description of what they look like. Do not only use a photo or video of a PB.)

  • Height:
  • General Build:
  • Eye/Hair/Skin Color:
  • Distinguishing Features:

(piercings, tattoos, scars, tails, horns, wings, etc. If your character possesses abnormal physical proportions – exceptionally tall/thin/heavy/short – please provide a brief explanation especially if it relates to their powers or background in some manner.)

Personality Description:

(The description should highlight both positive and negative character traits to give a fully realized sense of who they are, both within themselves and the face they present to the world. The questions are to provide inspiration only - you do not need to answer them specifically)

(How does your character think? How do they deal with others? Do they handle stress well? What is their base emotional state? Are they usually sad, happy, sullen, depressed, angry...? Are they very clever, or a little slow? What are they particularly good at? How about what they are bad at? How well adjusted is your character? Do they handle one-on-one situations well? How about small crowds? Large crowds? Formal affairs? Authority figures? What does your character fear?)


(Describe your character's mutant abilities. How does the character think of these abilities? What are the drawbacks and/or limitations to their powers? What are their notable strengths or weaknesses? If they have particularly quantifiable expressions of their power, please note those - Examples: "Rogue can fly at up to 200mph and lift 2 tons."

Younger or untrained characters will be expected to have only limited (or no) control over their abilities to reflect their lack of training and experience.

Powers must always have a rough estimate of limitations at the time of application – range, duration, scope, power level, side effects, consequences of overuse, etc – and a rough idea of their eventual development.)

(X-Project has a rough guideline that mutant powers should be roughly no greater than any two random X-Men combined, or should be balanced by equally powerful limitations in order to be improved. Powers that are the same or similar to an existing character's are allowed, but we encourage players to find different ways of using them and/or different roles for the character to avoid making anyone feel superfluous.)

Character Aims:

(What do you plan to do with this character in X-Project? What are your long-term and short-term ideas? Which team will they join? Who do you envision them interacting with the most? Which characters in X-Project do you think would stand out as notable to your character, and why? Again, please familiarize yourself with XP's canon via the Wiki - many movie or comic canon relationships are not the same in the game, or a character might not be in the game at the time you apply.)

Sample Entry:

(Please take a look via the game reading community and write a currently relevant sample journal entry for your character. The entry could be a response or observation on a current game event, a reaction to a current discussion, a response to another post or plot, or about another character in the game. This is our chance to evaluate your character’s in-game ‘voice’ and your understanding of our system. The post should be long enough to provide a feel for the character. We are not interested in general topic posts that could have been from any character (for example: short posts saying hello, talking about the weather, discussing trips out for coffee, announcing fresh baked cookies in the kitchen – these are fine posts in the game, but are of limited use when evaluating an potential player.)

(If you are not familiar with the format that journal entries take, please take some time to read the game. An explanation of the journal system can be found in the FAQ, the Comms page, or DW Support, here).

Do not give us a third person prose scene, or a potential xp_logs post involving your character interacting with other characters. X-Project is a cooperative writing RPG and the pieces appearing in xp_logs are written by multiple players. Writing other characters without permission is considered god-modding and is against the rules. If you are a new applicant, we will be asking for a test log to gauge your logging abilities that will be considered a prose/writing sample.

Information for the Mods only

Player Aims:

(What do you want out of your game experience? What aims do you have for your character and how do you plan to achieve them? What sort of plots do you like? Are you into action? Suspense/horror? Political thrillers? Romance? Slice of life type scenarios? What specifically drew you to X-Project?)

Plot ideas:

(Please briefly describe at least one possible plot idea. It can be directly for your character, or something for the game as a whole - possible team missions, character interaction opportunities like a charity event or a field trip (with or without the field trip curse!), an event that leads to powers or other development for your character or just a little two-character adventure. Don't worry about it necessarily fitting into our universe -- it's just to give us an idea of your independent plot-writing abilities.)

Miscellaneous Information

  • If you're a first-time applicant, how did you find us? Are you a reader, did a friend recommend the game to you, etc?

  • If you're already a player, this is where you tell us how awesome you are, or a random trivia fact to amuse the mods.

Player Experience:

(Please list your previous experience with RPGs, fics, writing, etc. If any part of this experience is anonymous, and you'd like to include it, feel free to do so and we'll keep it in the strictest confidence. Just drop us a note. If you're a returning player or have applied with us before, just remind us when you were around or when you last applied - the mod team does rotate!)

Test log:

(New players will be contacted once their application has passed the initial evaluation stage in order to do a sample log between their applied for character and one of the mods’ characters. This log is a way for the mods to see the ‘voice’ of the character, see your comfort level with our logging style of RP, and evaluate your abilities as a writer. Second character applications and returning character applications may have this condition waived, depending on the situation. The mods maintain the right to test log in situations where they feel it is needed to make a final decision regarding the app.)


Please email this application to with the subject line "Character name | your name | application".

We will get back to you with a confirmation of arrival generally within 24 hours and a full review within two weeks. We do reserve the right to send back the application without review in case of missing sections.