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'This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the page. For other uses, see Comms (disambiguation).


All comms should be subscribed to by every character journal, to ensure access to all aspects of the game. Membership of comms will only be granted to relevant characters (see comm descriptions for further information).

IC Comms

Comms that are used by the characters within the game, for communication with each other on varying levels.

  • xp_journal - the open community for Xavier Institute. Accessible by all characters for the purposes of communication with the entire gamebase. Membership: All Characters.

  • xp_staff - the closed community for Xavier's Institute and medical staff. For confidential posts to medical personnel only, include "MEDICAL" in the subject header. Only those characters in an active medical, research, teaching or school support staff role may have access. Combines the Phase 1 comms of x_staff and x_medical. Membership: Xavier's Staff Only

Please note, not all X-Men are teaching staff and any team-related matters posted to xp_staff will not be accessible by them IC.

  • xp_teams - the closed community for the various X-teams: X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor Investigations and X-Corps. For the posting of team-related matters: calls to missions, mission reports, training evaluations, security issues, etc. For posts only to the members of a particular team, include the name of the team in all caps in the subject header. Combines the Phase 1 comms of x_team, x_snowvalley, x_factoragency and x_corps. Membership: X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor and X-Corps only.

Please note, not all teachers are on a team, and any teaching-related matters posted to xp_teams will not be accessible by them IC.

Logs and IC Correspondence

Comms that contain IC information.

  • xp_logs - used for the posting of logs. Membership: All Characters.

  • xp_communication - used for the posting of IC emails, letters, parcel deliveries, SMS messages, etc. and viewable only to those to whom the communication is addressed. Membership: All Characters.

  • xp-newscast - while not a community, this NPC journal can be used by either the mods or individual players to post news items, such as magazine covers, breaking news, speeches, etc. to the x_communication journal. Journal, see this post for the password, post to x_communication

  • xp_newscast tumblr - created by Mackinzie, this Tumblr is for image-heavy posts to x_newscast. Submissions are open, so players can submit their images to the Tumblr for posting, and then link to the Tumblr post on x_newscast, the LJ. Tumblr account, open submissions to all current players.

OOC Comms

Comms for OOC discussion, plotting, feedback etc.

  • x_project - the open OOC comm for players and readers alike. Membership is encouraged, as is the posting of feedback, memes, fic, art, etc. Membership: Anyone

  • xproj_players - also known as XPP. The closed OOC comm for players only. For the posting of mod announcements, plots and plotting threads, memes, challenges, policy discussions, polls, plot schedules, etc. Access only to current players and membership will be removed if a player leaves the game. Membership: Players Only.

  • xp_friends - the open reading comm. All game journals are friended to this comm, and readers are encouraged to use the friends view to read the game, for their convenience. When promoting the game, this link is the best one to share. Membership: Closed, Reading Only.

  • x_advertising - the advertising journal, for unplayed characters, wanted characters and upcoming plots. Operated by the mods. No Membership, Open Commenting