Size Does Matter

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Size Does Matter
Dates run: March 23-25, 2007
Run By: Avital
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"Damn bugs," Ava muttered, swatting her the air in front of her. "Hey, you got any of that bug spray?" she called over to Kaylee, the other girl just shaking her head mutely. Emily was still off to the side talking and Ava ignored the small object flitting around her face. That is until she felt a sharp sting on her hand. "Ouch!" she cried out. "I knew camping was a bad idea." She tried not to think about Jan out there lost in the woods, but failed and wrapped her arms around herself.

When Tommy’s ex-girlfriend goes missing on a camping trip, it takes the help of the mansion to find her.


Janet Van Dyne, Theresa Cassidy, Julio Richter, Tommy Jones, Marie D'Ancato

Vernon Van Dyne, Charles Xavier


March 23-25, 2007

Plot Summary

When a local high school girl (Janet Van Dyne) seemingly disappeared during a camping trip with friends, the town pulled together to look for her. The campers had been startled by a bear and believed Jan had slept through the ordeal, but she had actually been so startled that a new aspect of her powers came into play and she shrunk to a one-inch size. Unable to see or hear her, Jan's friends thought she disappeared and told her father. Her father, well aware of Jan’s mutant status (though they’d hidden it from everyone else), called Xavier for help.

Tommy was also informed of Janet’s mysterious vanishing by friends he’d reconnected with following the events of When It All Goes Wrong Again. Marie, due to the telepathy she absorbed from Betsy Braddock in The 10th Kingdom, began talking with Tommy and found out his concerns for the missing girl. She organized a search party from the school, containing quite a few students and staff (including Sooraya, Haller, Nathan, Pietro, Laurie, Dani and various other).

Though the surrounding area was combed, no one could was able to find Janet during the Saturday search due to her miniature status, though various searchers were stung. It wasn’t until Sunday morning, when Terry and Julio returned to the area surrounding the campsite that the Irish redhead finally was able to hear Jan’s voice.

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Jan continued to be tiny after she was found, meaning that she could only communicate with those with mutated hearing or the telepaths.


Plotrunner: Avital

The fact that this plot was going to be used as the introduction of a new PC was kept secret until Jan made her first comment.

Avital came up with this idea in November 2006. Cassidy then said if she ever apped an alt, it would be the Wasp and Avital agreed to hold off on the plot until Cassidy was ready to pick up another character.