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Returns: Jake Gavin, short an arm and fired from Infonet, sought help from Remy LeBeau and wound up being adopted by X-Force. He and his father met to talk over their ousting from Infonet and what to do next. Danielle Moonstar made her own return to school life, although she avoided returning to her old RA position. Fred Dukes, newly realising he was a mutant, arrived via news from the mutant underground about the school. And in the course of breaking up a 'mutant' commune which gave sanctuary to children whether they needed it or not, the X-Men brought back a new student, Johnny Gallo, whose father preferred not to have him return to their apartment in New York. Departures: Crystal Amaquelin joined the Laurie Collins World Tour in Europe. Jean-Phillipe Colbert took a sabbatical to Attilan, intending to seek the advice of another 'traitor', Pietro Maximoff.

Julian Keller and Angelica Jones began dating. Doug Ramsey and Marie-Ange Colbert discussed moving in together as the next step in their relationship. Lillian Crawley-Jeffries continued to experience conflict about her failing marriage. Garrison Kane and Adrienne Frost went to spring training in Florida together and their discussions caused her to start to rethink her desire to join the Hellfire Club.

Lucas Bishop was called in to do a favour for one of his old police contacts and wound up asking for the help of X-Force and some of the X-Men in preventing a mutant gang war in the mutant 'ghetto' , District X. X-Force later got embroiled in a European mission to foil the capture of a Nazi-era nuclear weapon called the Satan's Claw from Von Strucker's remaining allies and in the process rescued Natasha Romanova, with Illyana Rasputin discharging her debt to Alexei Vazhin in a particularly difficult fashion.

The Elpis trip curse again surfaced, this time in Morocco with Nathan Dayspring, Monet St. Croix and Catseye falling afoul of Tara Trask and her people. Aid came in the form of journalist Irene Merryweather and courier Malachi Hark, who hinted at knowing Nathan's mother. William Moses was killed in the altercation by Merryweather and Nathan and his employees left as soon as possible - although not without a last telepathic word from Irene which led Nathan to put Wanda Maximoff on her trail.

The past also came to the fore for several people: Jean-Paul Beaubier found out first hand how toxic Cammie's powers could be when he confronted her with a 'missing' poster and a bunch of rumours from her home town found by Callie Betto. Cammie reacted violently, hitting Jean-Paul and putting him in medlab. To her surprise, however, she wasn't asked to leave the school. David North shared what he knew of his shared past with Logan and Scott Summers hit one of Lil's buttons in a Danger Room scenario. Jean-Paul obtained the coroner's report on his parent's deaths and had a panic attack.

Amara Aquilla became a X-Men trainee, with the usual naming thread landing her with the name 'Caldera'. Garrison and Dani, in their own particular way, took on Jay Guthrie's death wish in the Danger Room and Forge did the same, wrecking his car in the process.

And finally - the theatre curse continued to dog the New Mutants involved in the play, with more accidents happening and Catseye convinced a single person was responsible.


Mar 1 - Jubilee wants to drop kick Cosette from Les Miserables. Kurt talks to Monet about her recovery and upsets her. District X: Inferno: Bishop lets X-Force know he's been called in to help an old friend with a situation. Manuel complains about being woken up early by Valentia. Frustrated by her schooling by Logan, Cammie talks to Kurt about it. Crystal and Forge talk on the eve of Crystal's departure to join Laurie on her world tour. Nathan mentions Rachel was pleased with her new bedroom and Jean-Paul emails him to complain about being outed re his susceptibility to Rachel-cute. Laurie updates from Ireland. Fred Dukes arrives at the school, is given the tour by Yvette and then posts to the journals announcing himself.

Mar 2 - Logan can't sleep and emails Jean and Garrison about his memories. District X: Inferno: Bishop and Doug conduct surveillance as part of Bishop's favour to his friend. Manuel leaves Valentia with Forge to "help" with his car and goes to swim, meeting Adrienne at the pool and talking about the Hellfire Club and another invitation. Cammie emails Nathan about working for Elpis and gets her orientation. Catseye introduces Cammie to Mini-squid and kitty wrestling. Callie confides to Jean-Paul that she found a recent 'missing' poster for Cammie in Vermont; Callie gives Cammie the poster and tells her what she heard about the other girl killing someone; Jean-Paul discusses the possibility of there being police interest in Cammie with Scott.

Mar 3 - Fred meets Manuel and Valentia in the kitchen; Manuel is mocking, Valentia gives him a picture. Callie celebrates Square Root Day and anticipates Pi Day the upcoming Saturday; Cammie mocks her and tries to embarrass her about her date. Shiro is disheartened by the fact several classmates have had potential job interviews and he hasn't. Jean-Paul is in a foul mood and takes it out on Kurt about the previous week's events. Julian and Callie exchange date gossip. Fred startles Julian awake and after an initial powers interaction, they wind up talking and playing Street Fighter 4. When Amara and Tabitha annoy Manuel, he turns the tables, hitting on Tabitha and annoying both of them. Adrienne offers Cammie a sales job at her store. Fred and Cammie meet on the back porch and bond over travel and immunity to poisons. District X: Inferno: Bishop outlines to Remy a plan to avoid a mutant gang war in District X. Julian has another training session with Nathan, and this time asks to be taught how to fly with his telekinesis. Manuel runs into Julian, trying on his costume for the play.

Mar 4 - Manuel tries to counsel Lil about her marriage issues in an effort to get a break from her emotions, but does about as well as expected. Adrienne lets the staff know she's taking some time off and has arranged a substitute. Lil emails Cammie about that offer of theraputic violence. Amara announces her trainee status on x_team and the name suggestions begin. Doug warns Forge about some some competition. Midsummer's Nightmare: Catseye warns the other female participants in the play there was a boy sneaking around their dressing room. Lil and Cammie go to New York looking (and finding) a bar fight, which puts them both in a much better mood for the moment. Doug suggests he and Marie-Ange move in together. District X: Inferno: Doug puts a proposal to each side of the gang war. Cammie discusses her new job with Adrienne. Garrison and Dani take on Jay's issues head-on and are successful in breaking past his death wish. Nathan and Manuel orchestrate a first meeting between Rachel and Valentia, which is a bit difficult to begin with.

Mar 5 - District X: Inferno: Bishop emails Ororo, letting her know some of the former Morlocks are involved in the warring mutant gangs and asking for backup from the X-Men. Fred runs into Lil in the gym after taking a wrong turn and they get on over past employment and powers. A grumpy Jean-Phillipe is not impressed when he runs into Cammie late at night in the kitchen. Callie has another date with her townie boy and it's a bit odd. Wanda and Marie-Ange discuss possible reasons for Angie's pre-cog being broken, and things to do with sulking relatives.

Mar 6 - Lil is unhappy about a rise in the price of cigarettes. Tabitha asks Clarice about her rates for a teleport to Bermuda. Jean-Phillipe emails Marie-Ange about needing to get away safely from the mansion and Attilan is suggested. Garrison and Adrienne go to Florida for Spring Training and he makes her examine more closely her reasons for wanting to join the Hellfire Club. Lil and Monet spar. Fred and Julian discuss a letter Julian's parents sent him about spending too much money on the date with Angel, and the roommates bond over families that don't want them.

Mar 7 - Jean-Paul confronts Cammie about the death of her boyfriend and Cammie reacts badly, hitting him; Jean-Paul reacts badly to her toxins and Cammie has to drag him down to medlab; Jean questions Cammie about what happened; Kurt finds Cammie about to run away and takes care of her; Scott asks Jean-Paul what happened and tells him not to try again; in the morning, Manuel comes across Jean-Paul, back in his suite, and makes him tea; Kurt talks some more to Cammie when she wakes up and convinces her not to leave; Kurt lets the staff know Cammie will be staying with him for the meantime and to not push her; Cammie apologises to Jean-Paul for nearly killing him; Lil emails Cammie, wanting to know where she is and if she wants to go out for a little while; Cammie tells Lil the whole story of what happened, including her Homecoming manifestation. While Cammie is at lunch, Amanda drops in on Kurt to check on him after his post about Mystique. Doug wonders who watches the watchmen. Garrison and Lil go to early Jays training and Adrienne gets to see true social power at work. Jane reminds people that daylight savings is starting. District X: Inferno: The trap is sprung, with Bishop's powers going out of control an unexpected complication; the X-Men take down the two gangs whilst X-Force makes their exit before the police arrive. Nathan checks on Jean-Paul and spring break plans are made. Leo tries play therapy with Valentia and Manuel.

Mar 8 - Lil checks in on Jean-Paul. Kurt and Manuel discuss Kurt's father and Kurt's plans to destroy him financially. Manuel seeks culinary help in feeding Valentia, and goes so far to enroll in a cooking class. Kurt and Wanda have dinner together and talk about Mystique and clan. Jay goes to New York to apologise to Mark for nearly killing him earlier. Forge emails Jay about the scene in the Danger Room earlier in the week and receives a hostile response which turns into a fight; Forge goes off to Harry's and Jay follows him; Forge gets into an accident and Jay saves him, only to discover it was a set up for his benefit as Forge eventually convinces him he's more than a killer and the changes to him can be used for good. Laurie emails Forge to tell him he's stupid. Callie checks on Jean-Paul and finds out why he was ill.

Mar 9 - Jubilee reflects on her dinner with Mark and how to annoy North musically. Zanne wonders about Forge's car being in pieces. Jean-Paul and Haller talk about DID from their personal perspectives. Monet apologises to Kurt for being upset but refuses to talk any more about it.

Mar 10 - Emma emails Doug and Manuel and lets them know their investiture into the Hellfire Club will be soon and to prepare; Manuel and Doug practice Doug's swordplay in anticipation of his test. Operation: Godhand: Remy gets a call from Vazhin, calling in his favour for Illyana in order to rescue Natasha Romanova from an old Nazi weapon, the Satan's Claw; Remy calls X-Force together for an emergency meeting. Cammie and Jean-Paul talk and begin to get back to normal.

Mar 11 - Adrienne drills Lil for gossip about Garrison's sister to torment the Mountie with. Cammie has another training session with Logan. Cammie braves her job at Elpis and manages to sort things out with Nathan. Cammie emails Lil about her training session with Logan and his direction that she practice on Lil more. Jane is irritated at changes to television programming meaning she misses American Idol, but is happy about Girl Scout cookies. Manuel asks Callie about her babysitting availability the following week. Julian comes across a cranky Cammie in the gym and finds out more about her powers.

Mar 12 - Jean-Paul encounters Jay out for a flight and challenges him to a game of aerial tag. Operation: Godhand: In Istanbul, Jubilee, Remy, Sofia and Illyana begin the search for the man who betrayed Natasha, and Remy lays out the options to Illyana; in Bucharest, North, Marie-Ange, Vanessa and Emma arrive at one of his old safe houses and make plans for finding Natasha and keeping her safe; Emma and Marie-Ange track down where Natasha is holed up; North and Vanessa track down the mercs on Natasha's trail. Adrienne has food poisoning and excuses herself from class; Manuel visits and gives her tea and his particular brand of 'comfort'. Amanda complains about waiting for news for their current job and she and Manuel wind up teasing each other to the point Cammie thinks they're flirting. Angelo runs into Fred on the smoker's porch and gives him a lot of valuable information about the X-Men, the school, and mutation. Cammie decides she's going to start her own cult based on the "mutants have alien DNA" theory. Jay tracks down Yvette in the treehouse and they talk for the first time since he attacked her. Jay demands pie. Fred meets Catseye, sans collar and then sans clothes when she switches back; Fred asks for people to warn newcomers of the fact Catseye can turn into a naked girl. Cammie decides to go back to her own room and thanks Kurt for the refuge; Cammie walks in on a naked Jane, taking advantage of the lack of roommate.

Mar 13 - Manuel emails Amanda about the thread in Cammie's journal and confuses her. Laurie posts on the joys of pub food. Lil helps Logan with his motorbike and they later go out for a drink. Jean-Paul emails Shiro, asking about his birthday plans. Operation: Godhand: North, Marie-Ange, Emma and Vanessa recover Natasha, just ahead of her pursuers; in Istanbul, Jubilee, Remy and Bishop obtain the information regarding the Satan's Claw they need; Illyana and Sofia take care of the traitor; Amanda, Doug, Mark, Sarah and Wanda head to Poland to retrieve the instruction manual for the Claw. Jay and Cammie meet in the rec room and talk music styles. Jean-Paul gets the coroner's report on his parents' death and has a panic attack, which Jean helps him through.

Mar 14 - Manuel and Yvette wish Marius a happy birthday. Sam visits Jay and an argument ensues about his absence; Jay offers Guthries for adoption on his journal. Cammie and Catseye make a game of filing. Operation: Godhand: In Poland, the remaining team raids a compound belonging to Brock Rumlow, one of Struker's followers, and it's a close thing; the group manages to retrieve the Satan Claw instructions, but not without casualties. Cammie meets Dani and Dani is suitably weird. Yvette emails Kevin and lets him know Jay wants his guitar back. Cammie finds Jay playing guitar in the stables and they talk about love lost. Jean-Paul and Nathan talk about Jean-Paul's discovery of his parents' accident and about how knowing the truth isn't always better. Cammie runs into Fred in the kitchen late and they talk ways of making money on the road, cops and movies.

Mar 15 - Jay is still unhappy about Sam and complains on the journals. Jean-Paul leaves Jean-Phillipe a carton of cigarettes for his birthday. Adrienne lets people know Amanda is offline for the duration. Yvette happens across Dani in the kitchen and is pleased to see her, but not pleased she won't return to the RA position. Amara and Lil eat ice cream and talk about men being confusing and frustrating.

Mar 16 - Dani lets people know there are pies in the kitchen. Manuel checks on Amanda and they talk about the reason behind his earlier email. 3 2 1 Contact: Leo and Charles Xavier have lunch and Charles has a suggestion for one of Leo's patients. Midsummer's Nightmare: Catseye and Yvette are rehearsing and talking about the play when Catseye falls through a broken trapdoor. Jean-Phillipe announces he is going to Attilan for a short time. Callie and Cammie run into each other by accident and Cammie lays down the law about how she feels about her past being delved into. Adrienne and Morgan visit a sex shop. Noriko approves of Jean-Paul's new tattoo, Japanese kanji for the word "powers teacher". Yvette and Fred talk about the upcoming play.

Mar 17 - Catseye is curious about the precious book Lil is trying to read.Jay and Sam talk again and manage to resolve some of their differences. Cammie encounters Manuel in the kitchen and isn't happy about his perception of her mood. Zanne offers Callie a job helping out on the grounds. Scott shows Jean his new project for the summer, a new car restoration, and she is suitably pleased; Julian is embarrassed to encounter the pair after Jean shows just how pleased she was. St. Patrick's Day: Jennie posts about encountering a drunken man in the elevator; Vanessa and Adrienne celebrate St. Patrick's in Vanessa's old neighbourhood; Mark texts drunk; Logan goes out in an attempt to avoid thinking about Jean too much; Lil is less than impressed with the St Pat's crowd at Harry's; Laurie posts from Ireland and her own St. Pat's day celebration; Jubilee posts drunk as well. Fred is impressed to discover Salem Center has a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Mar 18 - Bishop and Lil end their relationship. Cammie meets Leo over lunch and expresses her opinion on the value of 'head shrinkage'. 3 2 1 Contact: Leo contacts Yvette about meeting his patient and her family. Garrison reflects post-St. Patricks. Manuel emails Lil about her emotional state after the talk with Bishop. Angel and Yvette have a roomie night and talk about Boys. Julian posts about the Great Snake Invasion. Jay offers Kyle a freshly killed rabbit as a peace offering.

Mar 19 - Lil wants Elvis music and posts a Spring poem. Jake seeks out Remy for help after his arm is stolen; Jake winds up on Wanda's couch and two old roomies gossip; Jake drops in on the recovering Amanda with cookies. Nathan remembers Thermopylae by posting We Will Remember Them; Nathan seeks out John Lense in an attempt to convince him to change his ways on the anniversary and gets a black eye for his trouble; Jean-Paul, drunk, catches Nathan coming back and lectures him. Cammie and Lil practice with Cammie's control of her powers while sparring. Midsummer's Nightmare: There's another prank at rehearsal when someone replaces the water bottles with vinegar and Catseye is determined to discover the culprit.

Mar 20 - Kyle talks to Nathan about his encounter with Lense. Amanda is cheerful, having been given permission to use the computer again, with Jake back and her anniversary date with Angelo that night. Yvette leaves Kyle his birthday present; Laurie wishes Kyle a happy birthday. Jake announces his presence on the journals. Terry is glad for Spring Break. Scott runs Lil through a Danger Room training sequence and find some of her buttons. Jean-Paul texts Nathan about Nathan's upcoming birthday. Manuel asks Callie to babysit for Valentia again and winds up being taught how to make pizza.

Mar 21 - Heretics: Nathan suggests an Elpis trip to Morocco to Catseye and Monet. In return for a loan of his book, Yvette finds Fred a modern English "translation" of A Midsummer's Night's Dream. Catseye goes to the library to study up on Morocco and gets help from Tabitha. Manuel seeks out Jean-Paul to ask him about the incident with Cammie, following his own meeting with her in the kitchen. Angelo and Jake go out for Mexican food and catch up.

Mar 22 - Catseye barges in on Jay in the washroom, but it turns out to be a good chance for them to talk and reconcile. Adrienne runs into Jake at the brownstone and winds up being asked on - and accepting - a date. In the gym, Cammie pushes Julian to let go with his powers and it results in a broken punching bag and a clean up job from Kyle. Jay gets cooking lessons from Jean-Paul. Cammie encounters Jean-Paul having a late night swim in the lake and they talk about scars and field trips. Kyle helps Adrienne move her fishtank in and confesses to being responsible for the food poisoning salmon.

Mar 23 - Catseye and Cammie borrow Scott's car for a trip into town to buy Easter eggs; upon their return they face the Wrath of Scott. Catseye visits Jean-Paul for reading about Morocco and he suggests a travel journal. Forge is bored and hungry. Lil thanks Adrienne for the 'gift' from the sex shop and they wind up talking about Lil's relationship issues. Callie tries to explain geometry to Fred. Jake and Jubilee meet as Jubilee raids Wanda's fridge and wind up at an all-night bakery; Jubilee posts about their adventures. Logan finally runs into North and North shares some of what he knows about Weapon X.

Mar 24 - During their morning swim, Manuel picks up on Adrienne's nerves about her date and gets her to confess. Neverland: Garrison, Scott and Jean-Paul investigate a series of disappearances of mutant children that may be attributed to Jeanne-Marie; arriving in northern Washington, the three discover a commune of mutants, 'protecting' mutant children they claim came to them; investigation reveals the children have no memories of their past and a confrontation ensues; the kidnappers get away, and Scott, Jean-Paul and Garrison take the children back to Xavier's for help recovering their memories; Scott talks to Jean-Paul afterward. Heretics: Nathan posts from the airport as the flight to Morocco is delayed.

Mar 25 - After his talk with North, Logan finds himself remembering the Commando's Prayer. Heretics: Arriving in Morocco, Nathan makes sure Catseye is ready; over lunch, Monet is approached by a freelance journalist, Irene Merryweather, who knows more about Elpis than most. Jean-Paul emails Nathan about his adventure; Jean-Paul visits Johnny, one of the children retrieved, and lets him know there's the possibility of staying at the school if he wants. Jean and Lil discuss Scott and his training persona and marriage.

Mar 26 - Lil posts about emailing her ex-husband. Heretics: Receiving a call about a potential sponsor, Nathan and Catseye go to the meeting, only to discover it's a trap set by Tara Trask and her people; Nathan has an inhibitor bracelet locked onto him, but manages to escape the building with Catseye, pursued by William Moses; Monet receives a call from Nathan and goes to the rescue, only to encounter Moses and Merryweather fighting it out with full powers; Catseye and a depowered Nathan battle Trask and her followers, who want to 'save' home from Taygetos, only to be saved by Malachi Hark; Merryweather kills Moses and seems to absorb his powers, almost causing a major traffic accident which Monet prevents, but loses the other woman in the process; regrouping at the hotel, plans are made to leave Morocco as soon as possible. Cammie and Logan have another training session and Cammie makes progress with holding back her toxins. Scott lets Johnny know his father wants him to stay at the school and Johnny agrees he'd prefer it.

Mar 27 - Heretics: Monet and Catseye have a brief talk about what shape to sleep with whom as they sleep the previous day off; while waiting to take off from Morocco, Monet gets a call from Merryweather, who warns Nathan to be careful of both Taygetos and Tara Trask. Jay apologises to Kyle for missing his birthday; Kyle posts his 'birthday loot' list. Wanda and Amanda get a visit from the apprentices of the three mages killed in Africa and get three new members of the occult network. Crystal posts about her travels with Laurie and an upcoming conference on mutant she and Laurie will attend. Jay visits Silver and gets his bartending job back. Manuel emails Wanda about lunch. Back from Morocco, Monet goes to Kurt for distraction but zones out at an inopportune moment; Kurt complains about the incident on his journal, prompting another round of "ew, TMI!" from various quarters. Johnny makes his first journal post after moving into his student room; Johnny goes to have his first session with Leo, but discovers there's a reason why the good doctor isn't allowed to schedule his own appointments when he calls the receptionist, Taminka, to find out where he is. Nathan goes to see Jean-Paul and tells him about the new developments. Cammie and Lil have a chat about Cammie's adventures in car 'borrowing' and Lil's issues with Bishop and her ex-husband. Forge emails Monet, telling her to be more discreet in future and to not rub Yvette's mutation in her face after the thread in Kurt's journal. Catseye announces her return and her intention to get driving lessons.

Mar 28 - Manuel and Lil get extremely drunk together; in the morning, Jean-Paul administers to both of their hangovers, but inadvertently sets Manuel into a frame of mind that requires more drinking; Manuel asks Amanda to take Valentia for the weekend, and she agrees. Callie tells people about Earth Hour. Johnny is confused to find a hungover Nathan on Jean-Paul's couch in the morning. Yvette posts about spending the day in the woods. Heretics: Nathan sees Wanda about tracking down Irene Merryweather. Dani and Jay decide to share a suite and Dani moves in. Jan suggests the adults watch what they talk about in their journals and it isn't well received.

Mar 29 - Manuel drunk dials Amanda. Adrienne visits Vanessa and talk turns to her date with Jake and the potential of a relationship between the two women, were things different. Yvette asks for people to not talk about sex in the public journals. Callie and Jane teach Jay how to make apple pie to satisfy his cravings. Julian takes Catseye to the mall and there is talk about her learning to drive. Jan runs into Cammie in the gym and discuss powers problems. Following Manuel's binge, Amanda and Kyle torment him with breakfast.

Mar 30 - Jubilee is grateful for the Monday morning coffee fairy and Jake learns about Doug's experience with Mastermold. Morgan sets a trap for Jake and suitably terrifies him about his date with Adrienne. Jay comes across Jean-Paul sun bathing and pokes him about his lack of sex life. Midsummer's Nightmare: Someone puts itching powder in the costumes before a dress rehearsal. Jean is bored on nightshift and emails Scott for distraction and possibly a sandwich. Jean-Paul is horrified at a parasite that replaces a fish's tongue. Nathan talks to Cammie about her recent adventures in car 'borrowing' and what she wants from life.

Mar 31 - Lil has early morning Chinese food cravings and Karolina tries to convert her to vegetarianism. Adrienne finally emails Jake to arrange that dinner date. Forge takes Catseye for her first driving lesson. Midsummer's Nightmare: Catseye posts about her conviction someone is behind the 'accidents' after the itching powder incident; Karolina announces her parents will attend the play, provided the curse doesn't stop it from happening; Catseye manages to uncover the identity of the prankster and enlists the New Mutants to deal with him; Karolina baits the trap by letting Joe know her parents will be at the dress rehearsal the following night; Yvette asks Logan to come see the play on opening night; Callie announces the opening of the play on her journal and invites everyone who is interested. Jake's father emails Angelo, looking for his son; Angelo lets Jake know and passes on a message regarding a meeting place; Jake and his father meet and discuss the changes to Infonet and what happens next; after his meeting with his father, Wanda drags him out for a drink and later when he passes out in her bed, she initiates investigations into the people who took his arm. Illyana creates her traditional uproar on the journals when her "request" that no-one talk ever devolves into her and Cammie calling Kyle a dog with the expected umbrage; Leo emails Haller about the insanity on the journals; Laurie texts Kyle to make sure he's okay. 3 2 1 Contact: Yvette goes to meet Jada, Dr. Samson's patient with powers issues resulting in her not being able to touch. Shiro tells Jean-Paul about the girl from his college he's dating. Jean-Paul invites everyone to Nathan's birthday party at the boathouse. Adrienne meets Logan and in the course of things, finds herself doing a reading on his dogtags and making an offer to help unravel his past; Adrienne emails Vanessa about avoiding any notice of her own birthday that day (except for Garrison) and her meeting with Logan. Jean-Paul checks in on a drunken Manuel. Visiting Amanda at the brownstone, Jay runs into a paranoid Remy and then discusses the finer details of his changes with Amanda, who suggests he meet Sarah.


District X: Inferno

Midsummer's Nightmare

Operation: Godhand

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