Carmen Animi Vermium

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Carmen Animi Vermium
Dates run: June 30, 2007, August 15, 2007, September 30, 2007, October 9-16, 2007
Run By: Al
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Sure you will. I really reckon you want the cops coming around, so you can explain why you're trying to turn my brain into jelly to them. There's not really any doubt about whose side they're going to take. Now get them out of my head before I break every bone in your body.

Marius St. Croix takes desperate steps to maintain his health, with devastating consequences on his estranged sister, Monet St. Croix.


Monet St. Croix, Jean Grey, Marius Laverne

Marius St. Croix


June 30, 2007, August 15, 2007, September 30, 2007, October 9-16, 2007 .

Plot Summary

A chance meeting with his estranged sister Monet in Sydney in June leads Marius St. Croix to attempt, in a moment of opportunism to steal her body as his is dying through a combination of maladapted powers and years of drug and alcohol abuse. Infecting her with psychic parasites, Marius sits back to wait until Monet's psyche is deleted.

Unfortunately, he didn't count on Monet's invulnerability providing her with a certain measure of immunity to the parasites. They've barely begun to affect her in August when Marius runs into her again. With time running out, he gives her a second dose in the hope that that will do the trick.

Monet leaves Sydney shortly after this to return to university in America. With no way for Marius to monitor the parasites, they eventually become more destructive than he had originally intended. As a consequence of Marius' maladaptive power and his somewhat tenuous control over it, they also begin to eat away myelin sheaths in her brain, rather than erasing her psyche.

Monet's growing awareness that something is wrong leads her (eventually, after much prompting) to seek medical help from Jean. Fearing any number of diseases requiring highly specialized treatment and diagnosis, Jean ferries Monet off for a battery of diagnostic tests and consultation with specialists. When the tests come back showing little or no conclusive data, a psychic investigation is launched and the cause of Monet's illness is eventually traced back to Marius St. Croix, in Sydney.

A decision is made to attempt to remove the parasites with Marius' cooperation. To this end, Clarice Ferguson is recruited for transport, Jean because she actually knows how to solve the problem and Marius Laverne for moral support. When Marius St. Croix ultimately proves uncooperative and refuses to remove the parasites, they resort to Plan B and Jean gives Monet a crash course in using the astral plane. Whilst Jean prevents Monet from doing even more harm to herself, Monet removes the parasites. With them gone, the group makes a hasty getaway before anyone can link them to Marius.

The act of forcibly removing them, however, causes a whiplash effect, sending what remains of them back to Marius St. Croix, infecting him, instead. This, combined with his already fragile physical state sends Marius into a decline, forcing him into a nursing home.

Monet spent a few days at home before returning to the mansion for months of rehabilitation work and a slow recovery, with the eventual hope of regaining coordination and control of her strength that she lost whilst infected with Marius' parasites.

She has recently engaged Amanda to look into Marius St. Croix's history in an attempt to understand what could bring him to the point of attempting to steal her body.

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Trivia and Meta


Monet's use of her telepathy in Afghanistan sped up the effect of the 'mind worms' and resulted in her showing symptoms.

Following the incident, Monet's therapy includes increased psionic training.


Marius St. Croix was socked (and wonderfully) by the ever-amazing Dex.

'Carmen Animi Vermium' translates from the Latin as "Song of the Mind Worm."