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Families were the theme of September - Laurie Collins' mother Gail revealed she had a relapse of the ovarian cancer she'd been suffering for years; research revealed it was due to the hormone-related powers of her ex husband Zach Garrison. Margali was captured and returned Amanda's body, although the act cost her her life - her son Stefan and daughter Jimaine inherited the roles of clan leader and witch. Forge found a hidden prophecy in the diary left by Irene Adler, which hinted at another parentage issue. The resultant gossip lead to a DNA test and the truth - Mystique was Marie's father. Marie did not take the news well. And Sooraya, accompanying Garrison and a number of the graduate students to Afghanistan, initially to investigate the murder of two relief workers and then became a mission to stop an attack on the camp by mutant extremists, was reunited with her mother.

New student Noriko "Surge" Kikuchi arrived from Japan, with powers issues, a drug problem and an attitude to match. After spending some time in the infirmary and earning the ire of Jean Grey, she was released into the general school population, sharing a room with Jennie Stavros. Crystal Amaquelin returned to Attilan after her vacation, only to later email Scott Summers and Ororo Munroe about a possible plan. And after unsuccessful research into his mutation on Muir Island, Kevin Ford returned to New York, determined to fend for himself, until an incident in which a girl lost her arm due to his powers caused him to rethink things and return to the school. Mondo's decision to remain in Samoa was announced.

Angelo Espinosa discovered a new powers trick, although the vehicle for it - falling off the roof whilst drinking with John Allerdyce - caused Amanda to freak out somewhat. Laurie temporarily 'killed' David Haller during a field trip with her powers, and as a result decided to stop using the air scrubber. Jonothon Starsmore swallowed his pride and asked Forge for help when he began falling apart again post-Afghanistan. Forge convinced Marius Laverne and Kurt Sefton to join him at a get-together for an online mutant connection site called M-Date, only to discover it was an FOH initiative designed to expose mutants. Monet St. Croix started acting strangely. Tabitha Smith and Laurie both joined the team.

The month ended on a frightening note when a powers incident between Wanda Maximoff, Marie-Ange Colbert and Remy LeBeau led to Marie-Ange having visions of floods in New Orleans. Over lunch with Remy, as she was telling him about the dreams, an assassin attempted to kill Remy - by shooting through Marie-Ange. The incident galvanised X-Force, who discovered it was part of the final plan of Belladonna to take over New Orleans and break Tante's power base by unleashing a hurricane on the trapped poor and dispossessed of the city. A desperate plan was hatched, with Ororo Munroe joining the team in an attempt to hold back the hurricane long enough for the ritual to be disrupted by Tante, Amanda and her people, led by a loa-possessed Remy LeBeau, whilst the remaining team took on the assassins and mercenaries intent on blowing up the levies. They succeeded, barely, with Remy being named as Guildmaster as part of a ploy by Daniel Bourdreax - he officially reinstated the Compact between Guilds and Tante before abdicating his false title and receiving the true information regarding his parentage from Daniel.


Sep 1 - The Winding Way: X-Force and Kurt track down Margali in her stolen body and after a brief fight, return her to the camp; Margali is eventually convinced to undo what she's done and the effort proves fatal.

Sep 2 - Laurie has a powers accident during the rafting trip and stops Haller's heart; luckily, Jean is able to revive him; in the wake of the incident, Laurie decides to stop using her air scrubber and learn control. Doug replies to Nathan's invitation to go to Mongolia.

Sep 3 - Family Portrait: Laurie's mother collapses during her morning show; Haller raises concerns about her health and Laurie's well-being to the rest of the staff; Laurie's mother tells her she has ovarian cancer; Crystal goes to pick Laurie up from the hospital; Laurie goes online to research her mother's cancer and discovers it can be hormonally-caused and blames herself, but Yvette talks some sense into her and persuades her to go talk to Jean. The Winding Way: Kurt and Doug discuss what happened with Jimaine; Wanda notifies Scott and Ororo that Kurt will be out of touch for a little while. Doug tells the Snow Valley staff he's going to Mongolia with Nathan.

Sep 4 - Noriko Ashida, a young Japanese runaway, is taken home by the police; Scott announces a new student will be coming to the school. Forge drops by Dani and Marie's suite to give Dani an article, and discovers a new prophecy on Irene's diary in Braille. The Winding Way: After Margali's funeral, Amanda decides to return to her true 'clan', the Snow Valley people. The first day of the new school year and Yvette and Jennie talk about their respective first days. Family Portrait: Laurie talks to Jean about her mother. Crystal meets Jono and there's an odd moment when she is shielding his 'speech'.

Sep 5 - Amanda emails various people about her week and her return to New York; Angelo meets her at the airport and takes her home; Remy announces that her power boost was not under her control and the situation is over. Forge sends Marie the text of the new Adler prophecy; Marius is there when he realises what it means - that Marie and Kurt are siblings; Marius tells Monet and Monet tells everyone, including Amanda. Scott picks up Noriko from the airport and finds her rather the worse for wear; Noriko winds up in the infirmary and Jean discovers she's been self-medicating to control her mutation. Shiro announces he has to create a graphic novel for his class. Garrison and Marie go out for some fun. Jean is cranky after her day with Noriko and Scott cheers her up. Laurie announces that her mother's sick.

Sep 6 - Marie announces the creation of a new community for the grads - x_grads and Amanda is the first to use it. Shiro watches Equilibrium to get inspiration for his graphic novel and isn't impressed. Jean announces to the staff that Noriko is a) an electrokinetic, b) has very poor English and c) has a drug problem; it's decided visitors would be helpful and Noriko's presence is announced on the journals; Noriko meets Shiro and is grateful for another Japanese speaker, but less than impressed. Marie and Amanda have lunch and swap personal gossip. Zan Zar Zameen: Garrison is given a murder investigation in Afghanistan to investigate; Garrison recruits various loose ends at the mansion to be potential backup; Amahl Farouk convinces Sooraya to volunteer for Garrison's mission. Kyle cheers a despondent (and powers leaking) Laurie.

Sep 7 - Zan Zar Zameen: Garrison takes his team to Afghanistan, after Charles overlays their language centres with Pashto. John and Angelo go drinking on the roof and John goads Angelo about going soft; in the ensuing scuffle, Angelo discovers a new powers application. Terry meets Noriko and they fail utterly to communicate. Angel proposes a food eating contest. Amanda emails Forge about Monet's gossip. Terry posts about Angelo's mishap and Amanda reacts badly; Angelo comes by her apartment and they work it out, with a certain agreement being made.

Sep 8 - Crystal receives a fruit and vegetable basket for her birthday. Amanda emails Marie about the rumours and Marie asks Jean to run a DNA comparison to put things to rest. Doug and Nathan get geographically confused in the Gobi desert.

Sep 9 - Logan meets Noriko and surprises her by speaking Japanese. Jean tells Marie they're having some trouble with the test results. Forge tests a new leg configuration and meets with Crystal, who is out flying.

Sep 10 - Zan Zar Zameen: Sooraya and John make an unsettling discovery; Garrison and Jono come across Natasha Romanova, who tells them things are more complicated than they seem; the madrasah launches an attack against the refugee camp, sweeping John and Sooraya up in things in the process; the group fights back, each in their own ways, until things are subdued; Garrison, John, Jono and Natasha track down the man responsible for funding the terrorists, and discover he is Taliban, trying to gain his own prestige and supported by someone only known as the Kingmaker; Sooraya finds her mother. Sam announces his mother has had a fall and he'll be going home for an indefinite period to help her; Sam notifies Scott and asks Farouk to take on his history class. Dani and Forge catch up.

Sep 11 - Zan Zar Zameen: The group returns from Afghanistan; Tabitha wants to talk to Scott about her powers; John has the flu and asks for the day off. Family Portrait: Jean notifies the staff of Laurie's mother's condition, and the belief it was caused by her ex-husband, a former student of the school by the name of Zach Garrison. Kurt and Michael Wahler discuss Margali's death and what it means for her children; Kurt decides to return to the school to see to some matters. Nathan and Doug return. Monet meets with Noriko and upsets her by using her telepathy to overcome the language barrier. Nathan sends Jean to check on John's flu, to John's displeasure when she does. Nori tries to pick Angelo's pocket when he visits the medlab for his sleeping pills. M-Date: Forge asks Marius to come with him to the M-Date gathering as his wingman. Laurie confronts Monet about taking Forge's car and it goes badly; Forge doesn't mind the car borrowing so much when Laurie tells him. Sam says goodbye to the horses... and Marie.

Sep 12 - Jean lets Marie know the results of the DNA comparison and it's revealed Mystique is her father; Marie responds by going to Harry's and getting catastrophically drunk, sending a number of text messages; Garrison and Logan go down to collect her; Kurt is confused by his message but is told to talk to Marie. Crystal announces her return to Attilan. Nori meets Julio, and the meeting goes surprisingly well. Kurt returns to the mansion and invites whoever wants to come to Stefan's wedding. M-Date: Forge convinces Kurt to come to the M-Date gathering. Crystal and Yvette talk about the changes in Crystal. Jean asks Forge for some help with Nori's powers.

Sep 13 - Amanda accidentally tells Kurt about Marie's parentage. Forge visits Nori and manages to communicate via PDA; Laurie catches Nori trying to break into the drug cabinet; Jean calls in Amanda to talk to her, given their shared history of drug problems. Crystal takes Medusa to Paris for a break. Shiro takes Nori to the Danger Room to release some of her pent-up energy.

Sep 14 - Yvette learns origami from Haller as part of her powers training. Nathan torments Angelo a little about his new trick. M-Date: Kurt, Forge and Marius go to the gathering; Kurt chickens out at the last minute and leaves; Forge and Marius discover it's an FOH set up and call in Kurt to help as things get ugly; a fight later, the FOH flees when the police arrive. Family Portrait: Laurie asks Charles for permission to talk to her father and see if he'll come help her mother. Jean plots Scott's birthday with Lorna.

Sep 15 - Family Portrait: Laurie and Marie go to Atlantic City and meet Zach, who is definitely less than helpful; Laurie is upset on the way back and talks to Forge about what happened when she gets back. Charles announces that Mondo will not be returning to the school. Jean announces it's time for Nori to leave the infirmary, and it's decided she'll room with Jennie; Jennie meets the new girl and they get on despite the language barrier. Logan drops by to visit Kurt, leaving him with a lot of beer; Scott finds Kurt well into the gift, and is concerned. M-Date: Forge reports on the FOH incident; Marius tells Jennie about what happened. Scott asks Ororo to visit Kurt in the morning.

Sep 16 - Amanda asks Doug for interpreting help when she visits Nori again. Yvette is worried about Marie and Kurt. Ororo visits Kurt and they talk about Mystique. Amanda announces she can't do the new magic she was doing during The Winding Way any more, and that Juanita Espinosa is trying to feed everyone in an effort to not worry about Gail Collins' illness. Jono and Doug meet up and talk about getting People Covered In Fish back together.

Sep 17 - Family Portrait: Laurie isn't coping with her mother's illness or her father's refusal to help, and Julio tries to comfort her as best he can. Tabitha approaches Scott about rejoining the team and he announces her return on the comms. Remy emails Ororo about coming to Chicago with him on a job and she poses as a Thieves Guild member to discover Remy is apparently Thieves Guild Guildmaster. Jono swallows his pride and asks Forge for help pulling himself back together after his explosion in Afghanistan.

Sep 18 - Monet encourages Angelo to try his new flying trick off the boathouse roof and into the lake.

Sep 19 - Logan posts about Knob Creek's annual gun festival and gets twitchy about Forge mentioning wanting to study Remy's powers. Nori meets Lorna. Kurt and Marie finally talk about their shared parent.

Sep 20 - Terry begs for a social life.

Sep 21 - Wanda confronts Nathan about Tara Trask and a compromise is achieved. Family Portrait - Zach arrives at the mansion to offer his help in curing Gail.

Sep 22 - Scott's 30th birthday is marked by a truly fantastical cake, made by Lorna.

Sep 23 - Kurt invites Marie to Stefan's wedding. Dani and Haller talk in the kitchen about dreams and the past.

Sep 24 - Pete returns, with donuts. Lorna has news, but needs a way to tell it. Forge has no news, or donuts, but posts any way. Marie runs into Kevin Ford, who has left Muir Island Research Facility and is in New York, trying to decide his future. Family Portrait: With the samples provided by Zach, Gail's cancer is now treatable and she is released from hospital to begin the road to recovery, much to Laurie's relief; Laurie receives a letter from her father, wanting to get to know her more. Nathan and Clarice train in hand-to-hand, with both getting their licks in, much to Clarice's later dismay as she fears visible bruising. Kurt ponders getting one of Lorna's puppies.

Sep 25 - Laurie runs into Jono in the music room and gets a crash course in old school rock and roll; Yvette isn't thrilled with her roommate's 'homework'. Noriko runs into Garrison whilst playing hookey. Crystal emails Scott and Ororo about a meeting.

Sep 26 - New Orleans Is Sinking - The NOAA charts a disturbing weather patterns in the Gulf of Mexico - a hurricane that shouldn't be, heading for New Orleans; Wanda, Marie-Ange and Remy have a group training and there is an unanticipated powers interaction.

Sep 27 - Family Portrait: Haller talks to Laurie about her father and the repercussions of the letter she received. Scott and Laurie ask Gail for permission for Laurie to be a trainee. Jono and Jan meet. Kyle messes with his mother's head.

Sep 28 - New Orleans Is Sinking: Over lunch to discuss her dreams, Marie-Ange is shot by an assassin trying to kill Remy; Ororo tells Remy of the storm rising off the coast of New Orleans; Angelo informs the staff of what happened to Marie-Ange; Remy rallies the Snow Valley team to find out what Belladonna is planning. Carmen Animi Vermium: Monet is making cookies with Jan and obviously isn't all there.

Sep 29 - New Orleans Is Sinking: Research reveals Belladonna has magically enhanced a hurricane and used her political connections to stifle the evacuation; mercenaries are also being used to keep the poor population in New Orleans and blow up the levies as the storm hits to smash Tante's power base; Ororo volunteers to go with X-Force to New Orleans to try and stop the hurricane. Garrison goes to New York to watch over Marie-Ange. Haller emails Lorna about the previous day's goings on. Terry announces a Highlander movie marathon. Kevin accidentally withers a hippie girl's arm as she touches him, and panics. Terry emails Nathan to ask what's happened to Marie-Ange.

Sep 30 - New Orleans Is Sinking: Angelo updates on Marie-Ange's condition; X-Force arrives in New Orleans and things look grim; Sofia and Ororo hold back Hurricane Josephine; Pete, Wanda, Mark, Sarah and Doug go to the levies to take out the assassins and their explosives; Remy and Amanda meet with Tante, who calls on Baron Samedi; the Baron leads the people against the assassins, but Remy collapses at the gates of the Boudreaux mansion, dead; the levee team gets some help from Javier Boudreaux, who tells them where the main charges are; Ororo manages to hold back the storm long enough for the ritual to be interrupted by Daniel Boudreaux, blowing up the mansion; Remy revives, and is named Guildmaster according to records obtained about his birth; the charges are dismantled, the storm is broken and Belladonna is exiled as an act of mercy; Forge comments on the disappearing hurricane. Davey conspires with Lorna to use cookies to get Marie to talk. Kevin decides to come back to the school after the accident with his powers.


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New Orleans Is Sinking

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