Zach Garrison

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Zachariah Garrison
Portrayed by Sam Rockwell
Known Aliases: Zach Garrison
Affiliations: Laurie Collins
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: September 15, 2007

Zachariah "Zach" Garrison is the birth father of Laurie Collins and one of the first students of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.


Name: Zachariah Garrison

Aliases: Zach

Occupation: grifter, confidence artist

First appearance: September 15, 2007

Family: Laurie Collins (daughter), Gail Collins (ex-wife)


Zach Garrison was in his late teens when he developed the mutant ability to secrete an emotion-affecting pheromone that granted him the ability to manipulate people by touch. He was sent to Charles Xavier to be taught how to responsibly use this ability, becoming Charles' second student along with Jean Grey. However, Xavier's continual insistence that Zach use his power ethically grew to be too much for the rebellious young man, and he left the school.

Traveling to New York, Zach met Gail Collins, who had a moderately successful career as a fashion model. With some help from Zach's powers, the two began a whirlwind romance and were quickly married. However, Gail developed a tolerance to Zach's power, and when his immaturity and capricious nature began to cause problems, she realized both what he was doing to her and more shockingly, that she was pregnant with his child. When she informed Zach of her pregnancy, he left and quickly filed for divorce.

For the next sixteen years, Zach lived the life of a con man in New Jersey, using his powers in minor ways to keep himself afloat. As he grew older, he gravitated to the casinos, seeking the company of wealthy divorcees looking for nothing more than a short-term companion. His powers made it simple to jump from relationship to relationship, mark to mark.

Until the day his daughter showed up to tell him about Gail's cancer, and that it was caused by overexposure to his power. Initially hesitant to be involved in any way with his ex-wife or daughter, Zach eventually had an attack of conscience and visited the school briefly to provide blood samples for the medical staff to use in treating Gayle's cancer.

Presently, Zach has returned to New York, and has made an attempt to get to know his daughter. When Manhattan was attacked by Apocalypse, Laurie was visiting her father, and the two attempted unsuccessfully to escape the island. When Zach shot and killed a gang member that was threatening the pair, Laurie left him to his own devices. A day later, when Laurie found herself confronted by Post, Zach came to her rescue, becoming critically injured in the process.

His life saved through the quick medical action of his daughter, Zach spent some time recuperating from his injuries.


Zach secretes a pheromone, not unlike his daughter. However, Zach's power is touch-based, and can only affect a person's base emotions, causing intense feelings of attraction or repulsion. Continual exposure to Zach's pheromones can cause the exposed to build up a tolerance, and with the case of overexposure, his power can actually cause serious metabolic harm.

A side effect of Zach's power is that the pheromone builds up in his body's keratin cells, tinting his hair and nails purple. To hide this, Zach has dyed his hair and worn subtly neutral nail polish since his early thirties.


Family Portrait

Day Zero


PB: Sam Rockwell

Socked by:

Formerly socked by Nute

Zach Garrison is loosely based off of The Purple Man from Marvel Comics canon, a supervillain who also passed along his mind-affecting powers to his daughter who later became a hero.