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Sam Guthrie stayed at Muir Island to help Jay Guthrie with his powers. Xuân, Leong and Nga Manh relocated to Salem Center to expand their horizons. Amara Aquilla returned from Nova Roma and Piotr Rasputin created a stir with his relocation to the mansion from the West Coast Annex to lend the X-Men a hand. Also, team-wise, Crystal Amaquelin received her full team tags and took on the code name "Zephyr", while Doreen Green called her mother to ask for permission to become a trainee.

Ororo Munroe had her first job with X-Force, joining in on an investigation into voting anomolies in an English riding, which left more questions than answers; Wanda Maximoff was forced to use her powers in a completely new way, trying to by-pass a telepathic trigger in a key element of a conspiracy and suffered the consequences for weeks afterwards. Doug Ramsey found himself in an awkward position when he realised his sister was going to college at Columbia, requiring him to even more carefully balance his various roles as brother, X-Force operative and White Knight of the Hellfire Club. Someone else was also looking at the Hellfire Club - Tabitha Smith began her own inquiries based on vague memories of her kidnapping and the possble mention of the Black King.

Jared Corbo continued to generate confusion, showing surprise after several mansion residents said they thought he was gay and flirting with various male residents - his denial was not the most tactfully put. Kevin Ford discovered some oddities in his power after the Haven incident, finding they weren't as "stuck" as he had previously thought when trying to 'help' his boyfriend Jean-Paul Beaubier take off his smoke-soiled clothes upon his return from the Red X mission in Alberta fighting a wildfire.


Sep 1 - Operation: Lie Back and Think of England: Remy summons X-Force to a meeting following a call from Pete; Remy reveals Pete wants them to investigate some irregularities in the recent English election surrounding a man called Dexter Bennett and something called the Mosley Initiative; Doug, Jubilee, Amanda and Sofia arrive in Melton-Mowbray in England to investigate the election irregularities there. Crystal posts about her plans for the new school year and how the three former Xavier students in Attilan are doing.

Sep 2 - Charles announces the room allocations for the students and grads for the new school year. Sam announces he is staying at Muir Island to help Jay with his therapy. Kyle suggests to new roommate Jared that he move into the suite Kyle's already in, to make things easier. Yvette ponders Crystal's possible new code name on x_team now Crystal is full team. Operation: Lie Back and Think of England: In the early hours, Doug and Jubilee break into Bennett's offices and grab data hidden in a secret compartment.

Sep 3 - Operation: Lie Back and Think of England: Wanda, Emma and Sarah infiltrate a medical research building and steal some files. Yvette tries to talk to Julian about graduation.

Sep 4 - Vanessa emails Jean in the continuing quest to find a replacement body for Daniel. Operation: Lie Back and Think of England: In Switzerland, Farouk sets up a meeting with the head of Agria Research with Remy and Ororo as back up and discover a link between Bennett and German Special Forces; Amanda posts to x_snowvalley on their progress, that the election was staffed by outsiders to the town and it's revealed that Bennett has several gaps in his history that aren't explained.

Sep 5 - Lie Back and Think of England: Sofia and Amanda talk to Barbara Winthrop, a despicable local gossip who worked on Bennett's campaign and reveals that several Germans worked for Bennett closely.

Sep 6 - Jared wishes everyone a happy Labour Day holiday after a late shift at Harry's and ensuing discussion reveals people thought Jared was gay and flirty.

Sep 7 - Jean-Paul leaves Jean-Phillipe a toaster. Kevin leaves Kyle a present of 'Panda Bread, Fuck yeah!', Kyle then posts to his journal about it. Jan posts thoughts on summer and school to her journal. Jean posts about people taking her class having to do a test. Jared moves in with Kyle and proudly displays his new piercing and old vices. Operation: Lie Back and Think of England: X-Force goes after the fake Bennett in his own home, learning that he's only one visible piece in a much larger puzzle.

Sep 8 - Crystal e-mails Jean-Paul, Lorna and Warren, asking about flying, celebrating the beginning of school and an offer of comfort. Angelo posts about finding his desk Saran wrapped, another shot in the prank war with Jean-Paul. Angel posts to her journal about college and moving into the dorm rooms.

Sep 9 - Amara posts to the journals, informing the mansion of her return from Nova Roma. Garrison and Callisto trade perspectives over refilling the mansion's stock of firewood. Amanda e-mails Amara, Jared, John and Nico, discussing Amara's father, John's birthday, Nico's study and Jared's body piercing. Amanda posts to her journal about being back in New York. Jean-Paul and Amanda run into each other at their favourite Chinese place and steal each other's food over conversation and banter.

Sep 10 - Jean-Paul asks Wanda's help in securing tickets to a gallery show and witnesses the after effects of her latest job. Nico comes to Amanda's place for a magic lesson and they wind up catching up on each other's gossip before Nico decides Amanda needs a social life.

Sep 11 - Klara happens across Garrison as he's tuning his guitar and asks him for some help looking up new music for her to try out. In Paris for a job, Remy and Jubilee talk and Remy gives a rare compliment (sort of).

Sep 12 - Jubilee posts to her journal, saying somebody should take her out for food. Fianchetto: Cammie catches Tabitha making notes about the Black Court of the Hellfire Club and convinces her to go out drinking instead. Jubilee finds Doug drinking alone, and eventually lures him into more fun ways of forgetting; later that night, Doug comforts Jubilee after a panic attack.

Sep 13 - Piotr announces his return on the journals. Laurie celebrates her birthday and her birthday threads turn into a series of strange conversations about Greek mythology, what Kyle will do for a bet, cream of mushroom soup and Kevin's "love mushroom"; Jean-Paul gives Laurie a card and a Disney Princess cake; Kevin also gives her a card and then throws a soup-balloon at her; Kyle risks life and limb pointing out Callisto's namesake's mythological history and Callisto makes a rare comment on the journals; Amanda wishes Laurie a happy birthday and is entertained by the weirdness. Tabitha doesn't remember Sunday and blames Cammie via SMS. Angelo and Jean-Paul talk about Jean-Paul's visa and the possibility of getting married as a loophole if it fails. Jean and Yvette talk about Derek.

Sep 14 - Jan leaves Kevin a sculpture made of cream of mushroom soup cans and a picture of his "love mushroom"; Kevin declares Jan his favourite person for the gift and also emails her; Kyle emails Jan about her ability to find the weirdest things. Fianchetto: Doug complains about his sister being enrolled at Columbia and wanting to meet regularly for lunch. Kyle and Jubilee meet and compare notes on New York's climbing surfaces and Jubilee's colour-coded map of mutant-diet-friendly places to eat.

Sep 15 - Kevin and Jean-Paul meet up on the dock, where Jean-Paul is drafted to take Kevin's place in an upcoming Red X mission before they turn to more distracting topics. Dori calls her mother about getting permission to join the team; Dori emails Kyle to talk to him about the X-Men; Kyle takes Dori for burgers and talks to her about what being an X-Man entails.

Sep 16 - Red X Mission: Firestorm: Yvette announces she (and others) are going to Canada to help with the wildfires there; Jean-Paul emails various people to let them know he is joining the Red X mission; Laurie lets the X Factor office know she too is going to Canada. Kyle goes to the brownstone to borrow X-Force's gym and he and Doug talk about Jubilee. Garrison gives Jared some advice and has to fend off either an actual pass or a pretty realistic fake one.

Sep 17 - Red X Mission: Firestorm: Jean lets the staff know she is in Canada as well; Jean-Paul meets a hot and sulky Yvette at the water station and gets her spare pair of gloves for her when she discovers hers are lost; Laurie and Monet work together to save a moose. Jean-Paul texts Vanessa about her nationality, the conversation with Angelo raising some doubt and the conversation ends with a suggestion that Jean-Paul work off certain frustrations in the bathroom; Jean, who is sharing the room, texts Jean-Paul to tell him to stop it; Jean and Jean-Paul awkwardly talk and wind up keeping each other company in the face of insomnia. Laurie complains about Monet's beauty products taking up the whole of their shared bathroom. Jake drops in on Wanda with wine, chocolate and massage to help with her headaches.

Sep 18 - Red X Mission: Firestorm: Laurie texts Kyle about her moose rescue; Crystal and Jean-Paul rescue a family and Jean-Paul almost runs into trouble due to tiredness; an exhausted Jean-Paul and Jean-Phillipe have a random chat that is laden with innuendo; during a meal break, Jean-Phillipe and Angel talk about the pros and cons of their powers; Yvette and Kyle rescue rare owls.

Sep 19 - Vanessa complains about a case on the X-Factor comm. Jean-Paul returns and in the process of having his Alpha Flight suit removed by Kevin, they discover something odd about Kevin's powers.

Sep 20 - Jean texts Piotr to ask him out for coffee the next day. Jean and Vanessa go trawling for a new male persona for Vanessa and things wind up a bit more complicated than intended with Jean's telepathy thrown into the mix. Cammie and Jubilee wind up having a "weird video I found on the Internet" war after Cammie posts the first shot. Jean-Paul and Kevin have a relaxed morning and talk about the need for Jean-Paul to have a suite when he has an apartment in New York.

Sep 21 - Vanessa and Jean meet to discuss the events of the night before. Jan points out the next day is the last day of summer.

Sep 22 -

Sep 23 - Piotr presents Kevin with a stack of Play-Doh for sculpting lessons.

Sep 24 -

Sep 25 - Unable to sleep, Jean and Logan have a philosophical discussion on the roof about finding their centers. Jean-Paul texts Kevin to ask why there are play-doh people parts on the kitchen counter. Fianchetto: Doug has lunch with his sister and has a hard time of it as she's curious and intent on tormenting him.

Sep 26 - Crystal announces she is going to use "Zephyr" as her X-Men code name. Jean-Paul catches Laurie singing to the X-Factor office plants and they chat about various things.

Sep 27 - Upon realising Meggan has never been to the Waffle House, Kevin introduces her to waffle-y goodness.

Sep 28 -

Sep 29 - Yvette posts about seeing Xuân, Nga and Leong in Salem Center. Angel spots Kevin out on the mansion grounds and decides to catch up with him, only to wrangle him into dinner with her mom. Julian invites Dori to a movie. Jean-Paul e-mails Wanda a thank you for the tickets she gave him.

Sep 30 - Jean and Angelo enjoy a nice catchup conversation in the garden about Angelo and his future.


Operation: Lie Back and Think of England

Red X Mission: Firestorm


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