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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Jared Corbo
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Portrayed by Alex Pettyfer
Codename: N/A
Affiliations: N/A
Birthdate: May 10, 1988
Journal: x_radius
Player: Available for Applications

Student / former college football superstar / bartender - looking for same... or not


Character Journal: x_radius

Real Name: Jared Corbo

Codename: -

Aliases: -

First Appearance: April 30, 2010

Date of Birth: May 10, 1988

Place of Birth: Kearney, NE

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Adrian Corbo (half-brother)

Education: College Sophomore

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: new bartender @ Harry's - former student @ Wayne State College, NE

Team Affiliation: N/A


Early childhood

Jared has basically no memories of his parents. His father left when he was two and his mother died in a car crash a year later. Both Jared and his one year old younger brother Adrian were also in the car. Though Jared’s powers then kicked in as a one-shot occurrence, protecting him from the impact, Adrian was pretty injured, leading him to be taken away for intensive care in Lincoln. While it was easy for a one year old child to be adopted, Jared’s mysterious situation made his situation more tangled, until a social worker in Jared's hometown was granted guardianship of him. Still, Jared never allowed this to evolve into a full adoption, keeping his distance, which interfered with he and the social worker fully connecting as a family. Jared became a well educated teenager, irrespective of his troubles with his guardian, but never forgot he had a brother out there. He never got the chance to find his brother, however, once he learned his brother’s new family had move north to Canada. Holding on to the hope to find his brother led Jared to join the French club in high school, hoping that someday some exchange program would grant him legal entrance to Canada and he'd have enough time there to find Adrian. Later on, when his powers fully kicked in, he took a chance in football and his higher resilience made him the school's rising star, giving him the chance for a bright future.

College wannabe

Jared's football scholarship granted him access to Wayne State College, where he expected to major in International Business with a minor in French. Then he realized that his younger brother would probably be a high school senior leading a happy family life and that he had no right to get in there, shattering that perfect picture just so he could get a family of his own. After that, Jared decided to focus on his own studies for awhile. He then joined the Wayne International Friendship Society where he got the chance to learn some Russian from exchange students he worked with, though he never progressed past a basic grasp of informal conversational Russian. His top position among the school's football team raised the interest of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, which Jared saw as an opportunity for the future, even though he joined the fraternity without any conviction. Jared later lost his scholarship when his apparent super-strength lead teammates to think he was using drugs. His refusal to undergo any drug tests – he was too scared to be identified as a mutant – lead to him being kicked off of the team and a resultant loss of his scholarship. After his sophomore year, at age 20, Jared knew there was no going back there.

Eastern whereabouts

Unwilling to go back to his guardian, Jared first tried to reconnect with his family, looking for what was left of it from what he knew about his mother. When he didn't have any luck there, he hit the road with the few bucks he had left from his on-campus job and headed east. His first stop was south-east Cleveland, OH by the end of the summer, where he landed a job as a bartender at the Danny Boy Tavern, known locally for its slow service, rude waiters, and shady customers. It was the perfect place for a guy running from his past and who didn't fear “escorting” people out. Jared spent four months there before he felt the need to move on. Headed eastward once again, Jared decided to reach the ocean, landing in New Rochelle, NY. It was there he started bartending again, at a place named Toby’s Lounge, when he overheard stories about a shelter for special people. It didn’t take long for Jared to find out more about that special school, as he was a really curious and open person and he was willing to open up to others to get the information he needed. More curious than ever, Jared decided it was time for a brand new start in Westchester. Going back to college wasn't an option for him. He was glad to help in any way he could, however, by getting a job on site or nearby, looking after the kids, and learning more about his powers.

Life at the mansion

Jared bonded early on with Yvette Petrovic, in whom he found a little sister, especially considering she was one of the few people who didn’t have a bad feeling about him. On the other hand, Kevin Ford, Jean-Paul Beaubier, and several other didn’t see much in him and considered him a tool. Living alone at first, he later moved in with Kyle Gibney, with whom he shares a passion for college football, but Jared struggled with Kyle’s too-perfect-to-be-true behavior. Jared's job at Harry’s takes up a lot of his time and makes it hard for Jared to find time to mingle.

Butterflies, Hurricanes & Aftermaths

When he lost his powers at the street fair, Jared started cruising for sensory experimentation, but never really found his fit and regained his powers with obvious bitterness. Still, Jared won’t stop being a player and he keeps looking for new experiences out of his comfort zone.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'00

Weight: 185 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Other Features: -


Jared’s body generates a permanent force field of invisible psionic energy around him that he hasn’t learned to deactivate yet, which implies he cannot feel anything. His force field can absorb heavy impacts as the kinetic energy of a shock is directly absorbed by the field. This stored energy works as a source to maintain the field on but cannot be repelled through other forms. Still, the limit of stored energy has not been assessed yet. On the other hand, it is conceivable that the field could lower in case Jared went into total isolation from physical contact with anything. Since the field absorbs shocks, Jared can endure physical effects without feeling the pain, allowing him to go further and push his limits where others would generally stop. As a result, Jared may appear stronger than average, though it actually is all related to the field. As a high school senior, Jared stunned a 280 lb. football player during a final game. Since then, Jared hasn't hit anyone else, and he therefore has no knowledge of the full extent of his force field's properties. Jared has the ability to manipulate the size and thickness of his force field to a certain degree, expanding it from the shape of his body to a limited larger radius. For now, Jared’s been able to expand the field up to a couple of inches away from his skin.

Jared's force field is not completely impenetrable. Radiant energy, such as sunlight, sound waves, and air can pass through, unless Jared willingly turns it fully impervious. Doing so almost caused his death when the force field first appeared and Jared could not control its intensity. The force field only emanates from his skin, which allows him to eat, drink, and dress. Since the field “sticks” to his skin, his clothes are worn as a layer over the field. As a result, Jared cannot expand the field beyond his clothes without tearing them up.

When the force field is on its minimal shape, Jared is vulnerable in any non-covered area such as his ears, mouth, or eyes. The minimal level of the force field leaves a gap of a few millimeters between Jared’s skin and the rest of the world. Because of this, Jared cannot feel any skin-on-skin contact.




Jared is a huge country music fan and once tried to learn how to play banjo and guitar, but he soon quit as music is far from being a natural talent.

His physical condition comes more as an annoyance rather than a curse, except for his non-love life, related to his inability to physically connect with someone he might be interested in.

After regaining his power, preventing him from getting a tattoo, Jared got his tongue pierced as part of his cruise for sensory experimentation.

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Player Icon Base: Alex Pettyfer

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Played by Marek from April 2010 until April 2011 when he left the game.