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Dates run: 16-19 May 2009
Run By: Shai
Read the logs: Halflight

"Tabby Cat. My girl, you look so grown-up now."

When someone from Tabitha's past shows up to ask for a favour, she finds herself in deeper trouble than she can manage.


Tabitha Smith, Danielle Moonstar, Bishop, Jubilation Lee, Dominion, Monet St. Croix - Phase 1, Wasp, Wildchild

Telford Porter, Serpent Society, Eugene Judd, Madison Jeffries


16-19 May 2009

Plot Summary

Tabitha was contacted by Telford Porter, the Fagin-like character who had trained her as a young homeless kid to survive and to use her powers to steal. Reluctantly she met with him, with Dani as backup, and he told her he needed help against a rival gang who had taken 'his' kids for the mutant slavery business. Overcome by sudden nausea, Tabitha dashed to the bathroom to throw up and Porter followed, using her disorientation to teleport her and himself out of New York. Dani raised the alarm, fetching Bishop, but the trail was cold.

Tabitha awoke drugged and in chains, half-understood conversations revealing Porter had sold her on to the very gang that had been 'stealing' his kids. The gang - the Serpent Society - was supplying mutant children to be used as weapons, potentially to Sebastian Shaw of the Black Court, although Tabitha didn't fully retain that information in her addled state. While she plotted an escape, a small team of X-Men, having located her in Vancouver through Cerebro and Charles Xavier, joined with two of the new Alpha Flight team, Puck and Box (aka Madison Jeffries, Lil's estranged husband), attacked the warehouse. In the confusion, the Serpent Society escaped, leaving behind one of their team, Diamondback.

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This mission was a test of relations between Canada's 'superhero' team working with the X-Men.


Plotrunner: Shai