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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Lillian Crawley-Jeffries
Diamond Lil Card.jpeg
Portrayed by Sarah Carter
Codename: Bubba
Affiliations: X-Men, Alpha Flight
Birthdate: October 23, 1985
Journal: Diamond In The Rough
Player: Available for applications

A transplant from Department H's Flight Program, Lil trained with the X-Men until she returned home to Canada.


Character Journal: Diamond In The Rough

Real Name: Lillian Crawley-Jeffries

Codename: Bubba

Aliases: Diamond Lil, Brickhouse

First Appearance: December 10, 2008

Date of Birth: October 23, 1985

Place of Birth: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

Citizenship: Canadian

Relatives: Madison "Box" Jeffries (husband); Lionel "Scramble" Jeffries (brother-in-law); Samuel Crawley (father); Evelyn Crawley (mother, deceased)

Education: High-school level; University drop-out

Relationship Status: Married

Occupation: Former bartender at Harry's Hideaway

Team Affiliation: X-Men



Born the only child to a middle-class couple, Samuel and Evelyn Crawley, Lillian lived a simple and quiet life in Yellowknife. Her father, a trucker for one of the nearby mining companies, was rarely at home during her formative years which left the girl's upbringing mostly to her mother, who insisted on speaking both English and French during daily tasks and conversations.

Preferring to play by herself instead of with the other children in her neighborhood, Lillian delighted in games of make believe that took her far from the shores of Great Slave Lake on adventures all over the world to the places that filled her beloved picture books. Dreams and fancy were crushed, however, when shortly after her seventh birthday, Evelyn was diagnosed with breast cancer. Samuel quit his job and moved the small family to Vancouver for a more advanced and aggressive treatment for his wife's condition.

It wasn't until after growing her hair for nearly a year with the intent of donating it to an organization specializing in wigs for cancer patients that Lil's powers became evident. The blonde curls simply refused to be cut. It was also realized that the little girl who never came home with the souvenir cuts and bruises other children did after days at play never would thanks to skin that was virtually indestructible. Unfortunately, only a month later, Lillian's mother succumbed to her disease and passed away. After Evelyn's death, they returned to Yellowknife where Samuel doted on his daughter endlessly. She wanted for nothing, including the diamonds she'd begun to favor not only for their brilliance but their strength as well. Like them, she would continue to shine. Like them, she would endure.

Flight Training

High school was a busy time for Lillian; between briefly trying a hand at modeling locally (thanks to her height and a friend's uncle) and taking several classes a week in different schools of martial arts, she entered the Gamma Flight program at age sixteen. It was there that she met Madison Jeffries, a mutant who had the telekinetic ability to reshape plastic, metal, and glass to any form desired. He was the only member of the team she didn't bicker with and after a short time, the two began dating.

Together the couple worked their way out of Gamma and into the Beta Flight program despite the chip on Lil's shoulder that continually led to disagreements with her teammates; her habit of striking out on her own instead of sticking with the group caused more than a few problems though never resulted in any major catastrophes while on a mission. It was during this time that Madison came to work with Box, a super-strong robot he could merge with and manipulate thanks to his powers and began work on an engineering degree. Lillian likewise applied for university though only completed her first semester before determining that higher education was not her calling. In early 2006, Madison and Lillian were married in a small, private ceremony to which only a few close friends and relatives were invited (though the reception was quite the blow-out).

Married Life

After the wedding, the couple retired from active training with Beta Flight to live a 'normal' life together. Lil found work as a waitress, bartender and occasional bouncer at a nearby night club while Madison continued to pursue his degree in engineering. But happily ever after was not to be. Over their nearly-two years as man and wife, Madison's obsession with the Box robot grew and as it did, he drifted from his bride, much to Lil's displeasure. After witnessing him sneaking out of the house at crazy hours on several occasions to go on his little adventures, she confronted him, fearing his dependency and overuse would leave him permanently bonded to the machine. The fight that followed resulted in not only major renovations being needed to their kitchen but in their marriage as well.

Days later, knowing that she would be on the losing end of any ultimatum she gave Madison, Lillian re-enlisted with Beta Flight with the intention of making Alpha before her husband, thereby proving to him - and herself - that she was better than any pile of scrap metal. However, her behavioral issues once again caused a problem: while she had the power and the potential, her immaturity and inability to work within a team made Hudson wary. Rather than simply deny the woman flat out, it was suggested that she seek additional training with a facility more equipped to handle her needs than the currently-restructuring Alpha Flight. Determined, Lillian left Canada and Madison behind and set out for Xavier's.

Living At The X-Mansion

Arriving in New York, the beginning of Lil's new life was surprisingly uneventful. While Scott attempted to figure out how to go about the giantess' training, she began searching for a steady income and cure for cabin fever. A temp position at Elpis around Christmas proved her lack of office skills but with the help of Garrison Kane, Lil was able to find a job at Harry's Hideaway a month after arriving at the Mansion, working the closing shift a few nights a week. At the same time, she was also offered a trainee spot with the X-Men by Scott which she gladly accepted.

Her first brush with 'weirdness' occurred when she and several other inhabitants of the Xavier's were kidnapped by Arcade and forced to compete in a Reality Television based version of Murderworld. To celebrate everyone surviving, Lil invited Bishop out for drinks which lead the pair to begin casually seeing each other despite Lil still being married to Madison.

Lil suffered a minor breakdown on her third wedding anniversary when Madison left a voicemail on her cellphone, which resulted in her nearly destroying her room then having to be talked down by her roommate Amara Aquilla and fellow Canadian, Jean-Paul Beaubier. This in conjunction with busy schedules being kept by both Lil and Bishop resulted in the couple ending their relationship. Shortly after, she began emailing Madison though communication slowly tapered off back to nonexistent.

One Step Forward

Xm diamond lil.png

In the following months, Lil took part in several missions with the X-Men, traveling to Madripoor to help save an anti-slavery ship and to Hungary to aid Peter Lakatos - with whom she flirted heavily but ultimately passed on sleeping with - in defending a school for psis against terrorists. There, her weakness against psi attacks caused Lil to fall victim to Tara Trask and in a failed attempt to injure Nathan Dayspring instead crippled Forge's cybernetic arm.

After returning to New York, Lil was cornered at Harry's by Nate who was concerned about her avoidance of the mansion's psis after the mission. This confrontation lead to Lil eventually emailing Scott about help with shielding and, with the field leader's prodding, lessons with Charles Xavier.

During this time, Lil's relationships with various members of the mansion tribe also grew stronger. A friendship was once more struck up with Logan after their reunion and the pair began training together again. Likewise, she and Jean-Paul became closer - to the point where the two attended the school's prom together - with most of their time spent together including an exchange of alcohol for food. On her roommate's 21st birthday, Lil took Amara out to the bars and then threw a party at Harry's for her. Lil was also involved in exorcising the ghost of Adrienne's husband from the psychometrist's apartment, effectively cementing the pair's friendship. Though not the maternal type, she also forged bonds with some of the mansion's younger inhabitants, including Catseye, Carmilla Black and Johnny Gallo.

Two Steps Back

Things began to spiral downward after Jean-Paul and Nathan were kidnapped, leaving the speedster in a nonresponsive condition for several days upon his rescue. Lil visited him in the medlab, reading to her friend from the children's book she gifted him for his birthday though later, the giantess would deny such a thing happened. It was during this time she also began mentoring and training Johnny as a way to distract both of them from Jean-Paul's condition. The mission in Wyoming also caused some distress (and a week's worth of insomnia) for Lil due to the involvement of children, not only as weapons but because she was forced to hold an infant for the first time.

Tragedy stuck again when a test team for Alpha Flight was attacked. Five dead, Madison's life was spared due to the protection granted by the BoxBot however he sustained serious injuries. With her husband hospitalized and the relaunch of the program canceled, Lil made the decision to remain in Canada and resign from further training with the X-Men in order to focus on rebuilding her marriage.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'4" (193 cm)

Weight: 160 lbs (72.57 kg)

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Blonde

Other Features: Skin is slightly warmer to the touch than normal body temperature, seeming as if always running a low-grade fever. No piercings or tattoos.


One of the rare few whose powers manifested gradually before puberty, Lil's body produces a homeostatic bio-aura of nigh-impenetrable energy that grants her skin, hair and nails durability akin to that of diamond. The bio-aura is both constant and involuntary, giving her no way to deactivate it and requires that she eat nearly twice as often as what others would consider normal. Able to deflect most forms of physical or energy-based attacks, Lil still feels the force of intense blows and some degree of pain. While she does not possess super-strength, none of the impact energy of her punches or kicks is absorbed into her body; instead it is all directed into her target, effectively doubling the force of her blows. Similarly, Lil's bio-aura also affords her protection against temperature extremes but limits her sense of touch. She is susceptible to telepathic and other psychic attacks as well as poison and chemicals if ingested or inhaled. An example of the extent of her powers is that a single strand of her hair alone, even after being plucked from her head, is strong enough to be used as a whip or a garrote. There is no physical manifestation of her bio-aura beyond a slight increase in temperature of her skin.




Only book she owns is a copy of Mae West's Diamond Lil novel, given to her by Madison.

Big Elvis fan.

Loves chocolate.

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