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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain the death of a significant character/NPC.


3 2 1 Contact
Dates run: 16 March - 10 April 2009
Run By: Heatherly
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The loud explosion filled her ears as she crossed herself. "Lord, have mercy."

Leo Samson's clinic comes under attack by the relative of a young mutant he is attempting to help.


Leonard Samson, Charles Xavier, Clarice Ferguson, Amara Aquilla, Lillian Crawley-Jeffries, Tabitha Smith, Garrison Kane, Nathan Dayspring, David Haller, Yvette Petrovic

Tamika Collins, Tisha Parrish, Jada Riley, Trey Riley


16 March - 10 April 2009

Plot Summary

At a lunch meeting, Charles Xavier and Leo Samson discuss the school and the clinic, with Leo mentioning a recently-manifested eight year-old girl having trouble controlling an electrical field she emits. Charles suggests that Yvette talk to the child and her mother to help them better learn to cope with the idea of harming people the girl touches. A few days later Yvette and Samson meet with the girl, Jada, and her mother, and Yvette talks to the girl about her own experiences with her powers. The young mutant is obstinate at first but begins to warm up to Yvette's charms.

Several days later Leo informs his staff that Jada is on her way in to the clinic because she has had an incident with her powers, tripping and falling into her uncle Trey's plasma television and giving the man a facial burn. Her uncle, trying hard to hide his displeasure at his niece's accident, brings her to the clinic, leaving a suitcase under a chair as he departs. Soon after, an explosion rocks through the clinic, trapping Leo, Jada, and the two staff members inside.

Clarice, Amara, Tabitha, and Lil arrive on the scene, getting the two injured staff members out of the rubble and rousing Leo. Clarice works on Jada, whom Leo has carried out with him, but pronounces the girl dead. The local news reports the explosion.

The next day, Garrison and Leo meet with the chief of the Salem Center Police Department to talk about who could have been behind the attacks, and Leo thinks of Jada's uncle, agreeing to contact Jada's parents to get Trey's contact information.

Haller and Nathan attend Trey's arraignment with Leo two days later. Trey's bail is set at ten thousand dollars and he expresses some sentiments in connection with the Friends of Humanity in his remarks to the judge.

After the arraignment, Yvette brings Leo pancakes and he informs her that he will no longer be working at the clinic, which has been temporarily relocated, instead moving in to the mansion.

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Plotrunner: Heatherly