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Karolina Dean returned from her spring break vacation in Mexico 'flu free and with a new purpose - a deal with her parents that she could return home permanently if she completed the school year without further issues. Theresa Cassidy finished her degree and returned to her husband at Cassidy Keep, with the intention to remain there and pursue a career with Interpol. Jennie Stavros finally sought help from Jean Grey and Scott Summers, admitting her potential pregnancy.

Adrienne Frost and Jake Gavin got together, but in the midst of things Jake lost the concentration necessary for him to retain his arm and Adrienne freaked out, remembering Garrison Kane's dismembering the previous year; unfortunately, when she fled, she ran into Garrison himself, leaving Wanda Maximoff's apartment after his own hooking up and things ended in a very loud, very irrational argument as she blamed him for her state and he got defensive. In the wake of things, Jake and Adrienne stopped seeing each other and shortly afterwards Jake and Jean-Paul Beaubier became an item instead. Jay Guthrie, moping about his 'lost life' in the wake of many of his friends graduating, made a very bad decision and flew out to the West Coast Annex to see Kevin Ford - the ensuing fight resulted in Jay losing half a hand and needing a pick up from Jean-Paul, and a relationship well and truly dead. In Venice, romance capital of the world, Laurie Collins had her first time with Eamon, and Morgan became protective of both of them upon finding out. Johnny Gallo and Callie Betto both marked Mother's Day with visits to their mothers' graves and in the wake of her father failing to acknowledge her birthday, Doreen Green had another feral episode, this one much more serious and resulting in Kyle Gibney having to retrieve her from a tree.

Tabitha Smith ran afoul of an old 'friend', Telford Porter, who kidnapped her and handed her over to the Serpent Society, a group of mutants seeking to curry favour with the Black Court of the Hellfire Club by offering Tabitha as a mutant weapon. She was rescued by a mixed team of X-Men and Alpha Flight, leading to Lillian Crawley-Jeffries questioning Garrison if her ex-husband Madison had mentioned her at all and losing her temper at him when the answer was "no". Angelica Jones became a trainee, with the name of "Pants On Fire" and Monet St. Croix received her blacks. In good time - a massive team effort was needed in Budapest when the Preservers joined forces with Tara Trask in attacking a new psionics studies center and the Parliament building itself.

Carmilla Black and Jake found their pasts intermingling in a most disturbing way as Cammie was sent what she believed were her adoptive parents' fingers and Jake received a message to meet with his arm-nappers in Vermont. It turned out to be an elaborate plan by Cammie's birth mother, Monica Rappaccini, come to reclaim her "pet project", and her lover, George Tarleton who had worked with New Son and felt Jake would be useful in Monica's bioweapons projects. Fortunately back up arrived and while the pair escaped, no-one was hurt.

A local disaster when two trains derailed brought opportunities for the new residents to see Red X in action, and to help themselves.

Jean-Paul's birthday was marked with a Jake in a cake and a party to rival Nathan Dayspring's's the previous month. Prom night came, as full of drama and excitement as always: Amanda Sefton and Kurt Sefton had a cunning plan for Meggan Szardos; Catseye plotted with Kevin Ford to give Yvette Petrovic a date; Callie and Fred Dukes went as friends and discovered prom has a certain kind of magic; and Julian's attempt to cheer up Esme Stepford backfired when Angel caught him kissing her.


May 1 - Forge is scathing about Jennie's comments about men, leading to an all-out journal brawl with her. Jean-Paul comes to the brownstone looking for Jake and runs into Morgan instead; over lunch, they talk about various things, including Cammie, and Morgan is less than impressed to hear about her poisoning Jean-Paul. Jean-Paul offers his couch to Angel for the roof. Karolina returns from Mexico, declaring her lack of swine flu and her new deal with her parents - be a team player for the rest of the semester and be allowed to return to a local high school after the summer. Jennie tries to forget things by going out dancing. Amanda suggests a night at the pub. The Mummies' Return: Monet and Kurt relax and talk over the events in Egypt, and certain feelings are made known. Betsy talks to Jean-Paul about his sister.

May 2 - Jennie emails Forge to tell him not to talk to her ever again. Lil comes across Bishop in the pool and they talk - and flirt - for the first time since they stopped dating. Sam and Dani go shooting and have some friendly competition. Wanda lets people know she's reached her destination, and has a meeting with the elusive Irene Merryweather and makes a deal in return for information on Tara Trask. Angel is excited about the rooftop couch deal.

May 3 - Jake comes across Jubilee detoxing and they have a rather honest conversation; Jubilee invites people to breakfast at 5 a.m. Monet and Kurt wake up on the couch and decide on breakfast; Monet asks for a driver, as she isn't allowed to drive and Kurt isn't licenced, and she doesn't want to 'port. Fred gets an A on his history paper and Sam suggests he tutor Catseye. Scott and Jean-Paul test out the roof couch and chat about recent events. Doreen mourns the fact a favourite cartoon is ending and Julian watches it with her. Tabitha emails Lil about hiding from Prom and finds out Lil is actually going. Jay and Dani have a quiet dinner for two and talk about the changes in their lives. Fred is accosted by the Stepfords who taunt him about his mutation, before Nathan steps in and offers to teach him meditation to deal with the pain. Monet and Jake share chocolate, beer and opinions on their jobs. Cammie is intrigued by a Flash game and Julian warns her about possible repercussions.

May 4 - Amanda and Kurt have lunch and come up with a plan for Meggan to enjoy the Prom. Dani introduces herself to Dori and manages to not kill Monkey Joe. Tabitha comes across Callie catching a catnap in the library and makes some suggestions for her future. Terry posts about taking her last set of finals, ever. Garrison and Adrienne watch baseball, talk about him taking her shooting and about his sexual ethics.

May 5 - Forge also posts about finals; Jay gets mopey about being left behind and gets some tough love from Kyle that doesn't go as well as hoped; Jay emails Kyle about feeling hurt and Kyle apologises. Jan throws a Cinque de Mayo party; Jean-Phillipe emails Jean-Paul about going out for the evening to get away from the anti-French sentiment of the holiday. Jean-Paul marks one of Fred's assignments and asks to talk to him about some aspects of the story submitted that concern him. Jean-Paul goes flying with Jay and Jay gets a little too enthused and needs to blow off some steam; he also gets an offer of helping with the Flight class. Jake and Adrienne watch baseball and make out, but Adrienne has to leave just as things are getting interesting.

May 6 - Crystal posts from Sweden, the latest stop on the Laurie Collins World Tour. Callie wishes for finals to be over. Dani and Jean-Paul meet and get to know each other better over pool. Johnny asks Jean-Paul for a lift to his mother's grave on Mother's Day. Garrison gets stuck working late and later meets up with Wanda for drinks; in the middle of having sex with Adrienne, Jake's arm disappears and she freaks out, remembering Garrison losing his arm and she flees; Adrienne runs into Garrison, leaving Wanda's apartment after hooking up, and she blames him for everything, resulting in a fight; Morgan gets Adrienne to calm down and tells her to apologise to Jake; Adrienne apologises, but the damage is done and Jake suggests they not date any more; Morgan sends Jean-Paul a cryptic text about the incident.

May 7 - Lil wonders about the building of an ark in relation to the amount of rain received. Angel and Julian talk about her joining the X-Men. Jean-Paul turns up on Jake's doorstep to provide consolation for the incident with Adrienne. Amanda and Angelo have a night in and talk about Jake's missing arm.

May 8 - Jubilee wishes Doug a belated happy birthday. Amanda emails Jake about what Angelo told her. Jean-Paul texts Jake about going out for baked goods that afternoon; Jean-Paul and Jake hook up. Haller finds Callie weeding and manages to get her to talk about her mother. Jennie takes a pregnancy test and it's positive. Kevin sends Cammie a package of temporary tattoos he designed for her. Morgan takes Adrienne out on the motorbike and they talk about the relationship with Sam.

May 9 - Nathan catches Jean-Paul leaving Jake's apartment and teases him about his new beau. Rappaccini's Daughter: Cammie has an odd encounter with a man claiming to be sent by her biological mother. Doreen and Monkey Joe meet Rachel and Nathan; no squirrels are flung. Emma 'kidnaps' Jake to Boston to have a talk about the incident with Adrienne.

May 10 - Kyle watches SNL and wants to ask his mother if Justin Timberlake is his biological father, but discovers his adopted father is onto his recurring joke. Jean-Paul takes Johnny to visit his mother's grave for Mother's Day; Haller does the same for Callie. Kurt takes Meggan out for lunch and gets her agreement for the prom plan. Lil plans to do a breast cancer charity walk for next Mother's Day.

May 11 - Jay goes to the West Coast Annex to talk to Kevin and whatever remnants of their friendship are destroyed by the altercation they have; calling Jean-Paul for help half-way back, Jay tells him what happened; Jean-Paul texts Scott, Jean and Jake to let them know where he is. Manuel takes Callie for lunch and he suggests she ask Fred to be her date for the prom. Nathan and Domino give Jake the Talk. Angel becomes a trainee and the naming thread happens; Kyle asks Julio what "Empanada" means as Jennie is suggesting it as a name.

May 12 - Laurie and Eamon have brunch in Venice. Jan celebrates Limerick Day. Callie asks Fred to Prom. Mark invites everyone to a Eurovision party at his place that night. Shiro and Jean-Paul enjoy the roof couch, and discuss JP's involvement with Jake. After a smoke and a run, Julian and Lil find themselves in Xavier's main kitchen. The inevitable discussions of life, dating and Prom ensue.

May 13 - Laurie and Eamon meet up again in Venice, leading to interesting events. Dani e-mails Adrienne about borrowing a dress for Prom. Clarice posts thoughts about her Summer plans. Jean-Paul and Adrienne have breakfast together and discuss his relationship with Jake. Doreen finishes doing chores for Monet, the two discuss school residents, and then Monet decides to take Doreen under her wing. Jean-Paul visits Nathan, Rachel and Nathan have a disagreement over word usage. Jean-Paul and Nathan discuss the community sport project. Callie posts about finishing her AP exams. Clarice 'ports to California to celebrate the end of her semester and finds Kevin doing much better. Dani drags out Jay to help her buy a prom dress.

May 14 - Rappaccini's Daughter: Jake wakes up to some disturbing sensations from his missing arm. He goes to tell Remy what's been going on, and then visits Amanda for help sleeping. Julian surprises Doreen with birthday wishes, and several gifts. Laurie awakens to a phone call from Morgan and some difficult discussion ensues. Doreen talks to her little brother, things don't go well; later on Jean-Paul runs into Doreen on the way to classes and offers her some comforting words; Doreen calls her brother again, and this time things go better; Doreen meets Johnny out back and the two of them play a game in order to take her mind off her Dad; Doreen's father hangs up on her, causing her to go feral in reaction; Callie walks in on her roommate and tries to calm her down, to no avail; Callie runs into Kyle on her way to find one of the RA's, he tells her to raise the alarm while he goes off to find Doreen; Callie eventually finds Dani and lets her know what's going on; Kyle manages to track down Doreen, but has some trouble getting her to come down out of the trees until she slips and hits her head, shocking herself back to rationality; Kyle drops her off in Medlab; Jean and Doreen talk about what set her off, and Jean gives her some helpful advice; Doreen talks to Xavier, who lets her know that everything will be okay; Kyle posts to x_staff asking if Doreen is all right. Jake texts JP asking him if he's coming over. Jean-Paul visits Jake, and then spends the night. Callie brings Doreen some birthday cake.

May 15 - Jubilee breaks into Jake's apartment and is surprised by Jean-Paul. Jubilee leaves a note for Jake, who then e-mails her. Angel posts about a new turn her power has taken; Shiro stops by in order to help Angel learn control of the new ability. Callie and Yvette discuss boys, Prom and being teenagers. Garrison and Paige take Yvette, Angel and Catseye through a Danger Room session.

May 16 - Monet posts to x_team about having graduated to full X-Men team status; Monet and Clarice go out to celebrate. Jubilee emails Jean-Paul to apologise for the incident in Jake's apartment. Sam finds Cammie in the suite he shares with Kurt and conversation about friendship ensues. Halflight: Dani and Tabitha are out shopping when Tabitha gets a message from someone in her past. Julian talks to Doreen about her father and offers her hot chocolate. Lil emails Nathan about winning money on a horse named after Rachel.

May 17 - A drunken Mark posts the Eurovision Song Contest winner - Norway. Halflight: Tabitha goes to meet Telford Porter as arranged by the message, with Dani as backup and discovers he wants her help with a gang abducting "his" street kids; Porter kidnaps Tabitha and Dani gets help in the form of Bishop, who can't find her; Dani raises the alarm to the X-Men. Jake announces Jubilee has gifted him with an ice-cream maker and that a mint chocolate extravaganza is going on. Doreen drags a reluctant Julian to see the Star Trek movie, which he actually enjoys.

May 18 - Halflight: Tabitha finds herself in the hands of the Serpent Society and overhears Porter has given her to them as a weapon for the Black Court; . Wanda, Jake and Amanda go out for belated birthday drinks, and among other things, Amanda arranges a date for Meggan to the prom. Laurie and Crystal discuss relationships on their way back to New York. Johnny and Doreen decide to go to the prom together.

May 19 - Halflight: A team composed of Garrison, Monet, Jan and Kyle meet with Box and Puck in Vancouver and storm the warehouse holding Tabitha and her kidnappers. Amanda emails Meggan about the prom plan; Jake then emails Meggan, on instructions and a plan is hatched to make an entrance. Doreen meets Logan and has to fight to keep her flight instincts under control. Rappaccini's Daughter: Wanda informs Jake he's coming to Vermont with her so she can keep an eye on him.

May 20 - Making her own early morning visit, Wanda finds Jean-Paul with Jake and is amused. Catseye uses Fred as a bed to sleep on. Rappaccini's Daughter: Cammie receives a parcel containing the fingers of her adoptive parents and instructions to go to an abandoned warehouse in her old home town; running into Kurt, Cammie refuses to wait and uses her powers on him to stop him from stalling her or getting the X-Men and steals Angelo's car; Angelo notices his car missing; in Vermont, Jake also gets a call, about his missing arm, and Wanda stops him from fleeing the country; Jean-Paul discovers Kurt suffering the effects of Cammie's powers and takes him to medlab; Cammie and Jake both arrive at their meeting point, only to find they are both wanted by New Son and its agent, George Tarleton; things go pear-shaped when George betrays the New Son agents and Cammie and Jake escape in the confusion; in the car, Jake discovers Cammie has his fingers, used to trick her into coming and a call is made to Kurt for backup; Wanda is collected, Cammie's parents called and it becomes clear George means business as he is at their house; Jake and Cammie go to her parents' house to confront George and Monica Rappaccini, Cammie's birth mother and it is revealed Cammie was designed as a biological weapon; the X-Men and Wanda come to the rescue, but George and Monica escape; Jake and Wanda talk about the New Son connection to his missing arm; Kurt and Cammie talk about choosing your family. Pas de Trois: Manuel suggests to Julian that he take Esme Stepford for the prom as a way to cheer her up. Monet texts Amanda to let her know about Kurt being sick. Marie announces drinks for her birthday; Callie makes her a cake and it's discovered Doreen needs a nutritional survey due to her powers. Callie hands her assignment to Nate and he offers her an internship with Elpis.

May 21 - Laurie announces her return to the school briefly. Rappaccini's Daughter: Jake emails Forge about the courier who delivered his fingers to Cammie and views the security footage; Jake lets X-Force know what happened, and that the fingers were delivered by an Infonet courier; Cammie apologises to Angelo for taking his car; Jake and Cammie talk about the events of the day before; Amanda emails Cammie to let her know she isn't going to curse her for poisoning Kurt. Fred meets Callisto and discovers a friend of his who helped with his mutation was a former Morlock. Lil asks Garrison about seeing Madison during the mission to rescue Tabitha and is unhappy at the response. Pas de Trois: Manuel approaches Angel about letting Julian take Esme to the prom, and she agrees, for a price; Julian goes to ask Angel to the prom and is shocked when she suggests he take Esme. Jan announces she is going to the beach for a while with friends. Lil announces she is going off for some personal time. Jean-Paul takes Jake out to distract him from recent events and they wind up falling off a roof; Jake finds himself comforting Jean-Paul when a bad dream wakes them both.

May 22 - Red X Mission: Dangerous Load: Angel gets a call from a local fire captain, asking for the mansion's assistance with a rail accident involving a freight train and a passenger train; Angel alerts the mansion; Lil drags Cammie along to help; Clarice recruits Fred; Jean-Paul acts as transport for injured victims to the local hospital; Catseye and Lil search for missing members of a school field trip; Fred and Cammie help rescue the freight train crew; Yvette gets Fred to help her rescue a guide dog trapped under a carriage; Forge guides Jay in uncoupling the remaining propane tanks from the freight train; Callie uses her powers to clear a patch of poison ivy so Kyle can evacuate passengers safely; Crystal gives Inez the Red X pep talk; Julian, Nathan, John, Angel and Crystal work together to burn off the spilled propane safely; Callie brings Julian a drink after his efforts; Jay gets Clarice to help with a difficult passenger; John steps in when Jay finds it difficult to deal with a frightened passenger; after returning to the mansion, Julian goes to bed early and Fred is freaked out. Marie thanks Garrison for her birthday present. Marie-Ange takes Amanda work clothes shopping.

May 23 - Jubilee finds a t-shirt she likes. Johnny gets a dancing lesson from Jean-Paul and Lil. Amanda remarks on the train accident the previous day and the media coverage. Callie rescues Julian from freezing to death in the pool and then is insulted by his reaction that she's going to the prom with Fred. Nathan recruits for Jean-Paul's birthday party - Jake to spring out of the cake, Callie to make a proper birthday cake and Johnny to help with the plans. Angelo and Fred talk about powers training and Forge after a self-defence session. Callie and Clarice go prom dress shopping. Pas de Trois: Julian asks Esme to the prom, and she accepts.

May 24 - Doug complains about bees invading his game store. Monet and Jean-Paul sunbathe and discuss plans for the summer break. Catseye teaches Yvette about cars as a preparation to driving lessons and makes a plan for prom.

May 25 - Julian and Fred talk about the incident with Callie the previous day and solve their potential issues in typical guy fashion by not having any. Zanne loses her camera in the mansion and asks if anyone has seen it. Lil emails Nathan asking about plans for Jean-Paul's birthday; Nathan emails everyone except Jean-Paul to invite them to the party on Tuesday. Jubilee confuses Garrison at Finnegans, until Amanda joins them to 'translate'. Jean-Paul brings Cammie moldy food and checks up on her.

May 26 - Rappaccini's Daughter: Elsewhere, George Tarleton wakes up after an accident whilst being teleported away from the X-Men to find Monica Rappaccini has "improved" him. Jean-Paul's birthday: Lil wishes the old man a happy one and arranges to take him for drinks; getting the booze for the party ready, Lil makes a deal with Julian for a bottle to go 'missing'; Lil gives Jean-Paul his birthday present with her usual gruff attitude; a drunken Jean-Paul waxes happily philosophical to Nathan; Jean-Paul lets Johnny know his father has given him permission to go on a road trip with his teacher; at the end of the night, Jake comes to put a very drunken Jean-Paul to bed. Catseye emails Kevin to ask him to take Yvette and herself to prom; Kevin emails Clarice about the possibility of a lift. Mark is cynical about the upholding of Prop 8. Yvette finds Fred and talks him into joining Red X to gain more confidence in his powers. Fred visits Forge and apologises (with booze) for the earlier argument about inhibitors and Forge explains his position on them; the apology turns into a basketball game, Forge and Fred vs. Lil and Kyle and Kyle demands a basketball lawyer; Forge winds up jammed in the hoop and asks Crystal to come save him. Jay has a session with Jack Leary that doesn't feel very productive.

May 27 - Jake praises Callie's tiramisu from the night before and tries to show he has other conversation topics than food. Callie talks to Kurt about looking different. Jay wishes Jean-Paul a belated happy birthday. Jay practices his bar tending flare with Kurt and they gossip a little. Cammie trains with Logan and he tells her about his own experiences as a weapon. Doreen has her nutritional evaluation and posts about it, sparking a debate on the benefit of marshmallows on pizza. Lil and Adrienne talk about the incident with Garrison and Adrienne receives some insight before Wanda joins in and it's decided Adrienne needs to sleep with Garrison to resolve everything; she isn't impressed; later at Harry's, Lil tries to mediate with Garrison, who isn't exactly cooperative. Shiro emails Jean-Paul birthday wishes and thanks Nathan to the party and for his advice on his project with war repatriations. Julian takes Johnny for tux fitting and they discuss their dates for the prom, with Julian giving the traditional "brotherly friend" warning.

May 28 - Manuel asks Amanda to babysit Valentia during prom night. Clarice announces her birthday the following week and asks for party ideas. Fifth Column: Scott recruits for a mission in Hungary, protecting a new Psionic Studies center from the Preservers; Scott and Ororo go over the plans for the mission; Logan is less than impressed about the telepath aspect. Kyle gets a text from Jan about being stranded at the beach in Delaware and asks Forge to help him message her back that he's coming to the rescue. Doug brings Doreen some of his comics for geek bonding. Lil anticipates the mission and to a lesser degree, prom.

May 29 - Fifth Column: Lil meets Peter Lakatos, at the mansion for briefing on the upcoming mission and there is flirting. Adrienne tries to apologise but Garrison is less than receptive. Manuel goes out to play poker and runs into North. Prom: Fred takes Callie out for dinner before the dance; Angel tries to relax as she gets ready and John helps; Kevin arrives to surprise Yvette; Johnny and Doreen arrive and anticipate having fun; Jean-Paul plays along and gives Lil a corsage for prom; Julian runs into Callie and more sharp words are exchanged about what it is to be outcast; Lil dances with Peter Lakatos and there is more flirting; Jay tries to avoid Kevin and Dani and Yvette help with that; Julian dances with Inez, Doreen and Yvette as friends; Lil dances with Johnny after losing track of time with Peter; Jake gets bored and attempts to distract Jean-Paul; after a couple of false starts Callie and Fred kiss good night. Pas de Trois: Taking some air, Julian finds himself kissing Esme and Angel sees them; Angel refuses to listen to Julian's apologies; Forge finds Angel half-naked in a tree, having burned through her prom dress fleeing from Julian and rescues her.

May 30 - Returning from the city and her usual stress release of a bar fight, Cammie runs into Manuel in the kitchen and sparks fly in an unexpected way; an unrepentant half-naked Cammie runs into Jake on the way back to her room; the next morning, Logan emails Cammie and the medical staff about the kitchen being toxic in the wake of Cammie's liason with Manuel. Pas de Trois: Yvette emails Julian, concerned about Angel; Julian tries to apologise but Angel won't have it; Manuel seeks out Julian and finds out what happened and makes his own plans to deal with it. Laurie meets her new roommate, Jean-Phillipe, who joins Kyle in a "welcome home" laking of her; Laurie goes to talk to Manuel to sort out their differences and discovers perhaps the friendship wasn't what she thought it was. Fifth Column: On the way to Budapest, Lil and Haller smoke in the back of the Blackbird and talk, incurring the wrath of Forge; Peter Lakatos and Kurt have a very cool meeting; Lil has Peter take her on a tour of the city. Shiro finds Jake in Jean-Paul's suite and is unimpressed; Johnny goes to talk to Jean-Paul and meets Jake instead, who manages to once again prove he shouldn't be around impressionable youth.

May 31 - Doreen and Johnny take their finals study outside, without a lot of success. Fifth Column: The three X-Men teams launch their raids against the Preserver hideouts, but discover it's an ambush; Nathan, Forge and Lil find themselves defending the Center alone; Angel and Scott are on comms duty when news of multiple explosions in Budapest breaks; Angelo, Jennie and Clarice deal with one ambush; Zanne and Haller work together to bring Amara's powers under control; Kurt and Monet nearly come off the worst against a pyrokinetic and a sonic boom projector; Jean and Logan manage to take down their opposition, but not without collateral damage; Forge encounters Amber Hunt and outsmarts her but finds himself outmatched against Tara Trask; Lil and Nate try to evacuate the school safely, but Lil is convinced there is a traitor in their midst feeding information due to Trask's powers and Nathan has to choose between letting Trask go and taking out Lil; regrouping at the hospital, Jennie tells Nate about her condition but they are interrupted by more news from Lakatos, who has heard from Tanya Callery that Trask intends to destroy the parliament building in the wake of the chaos; Nate and Jean come up with a plan; Nate has to talk Lil into returning to the fray in the wake of Trask's manipulations; Clarice gives Lakatos a pep talk about not taking the traitor, the secretary of education who set things up, down just yet to avoid alerting Trask; T'Challa visits Ororo in hospital; Forge works out who the traitor is and sends Amara, Zanne and Angelo to collect him; the secretary of education is captured, but not without a fight that leaves Angelo and Zanne unconscious; Callery's cover is blown and Trask takes steps; Nathan and Jean attack the warehouse, Nathan and his firebird going for mass destruction and Jean rescuing Callery and doing a bit of damage of her own, physically and psychically; Logan, Lil and Clarice mop up the remaining Perservers and Trask's 'Askani'; Haller surprises Trask herself, telepathically holding her, but is ambushed by Carly Alvarez; Lil saves Peter Lakatos from crossfire; Nathan encounters Alvarez about to shoot Haller and hits her with the Trojan Horse, taking her down; in the clean-up, Jean is confronted by one of Trask's fanatics, calling her traitor; Clarice helps out with first aid and is amused by protective Hungarian SWAT members; Nathan checks on Zanne, Angelo and Haller in the hospital; Lil helps Peter relax; Scott posts a preliminary report to the team comm; Nathan texts Amanda to let her know Angelo's all right. Pas de Trois: Fred tries to cheer Julian up but it results in Julian going up to the roof with his bottle of 'borrowed' booze; Doreen finds a hungover Julian on the roof and helps him clean up; Kyle comes back, finds the tree and is Not Happy about Julian; Callie seeks out Julian and forgives him for his earlier remarks and tries to be positive; Angel asks Scott for trainee distraction; Kyle uses a stud finder to terrorise Julian into laking himself. Amanda discovers Doug is part of the Hellfire Club and is less than impressed.


The Mummies' Return

Rappaccini's Daughter


Pas de Trois

Red X Mission: Dangerous Load

X-Men Mission: Fifth Column

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