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The month started out quietly enough. Spring cleaning happened, and with it came dancing brooms and balloons full of assorted liquid-type things being dropped on Vance's head while he was fixing the roof. Sooraya Qadir continued to adjust to her new status as an X-Men trainee, and Angel moved into the empty room in Lorna Dane's suite. Madelyne Pryor, Sarah Vale, and Layla Miller pranked the boys by leaving a chicken in their suite. Laurie Collins got her MCAT scores back. Jean Grey took a trip for the anniversary of her death. Wade Wilson continued his lessons in delinquency, teaching Maddie how to pick locks.

News broke on the mutate program in Genosha, as well as their apparent slavery of mutants and part of the public response was a rally outside the Genoshan Embassy, which was attended by a group of Xavier's students and staff. The peace was shattered about halfway through when the New Mutants, their teachers, chaperones, and other assorted Xavier's allies were kidnapped from a protest at the Genoshan embassy. The kidnapped group found itself in Genosha, facing what was to some a familiar face - Betsy Braddock, now a magistrate. Xavier met with the Genoshan ambassador, who told the professor that the kidnapped mutants would be returned if Xavier and his people stopped 'interfering' with Genoshan affairs - a response to Xavier's providing refuge to Jenny Ransome and Phillip Moreau. This demand was rejected as first X-Force and X-Factor, then the X-Men invaded Genosha in an attempt to get their people back. The attack went terribly wrong, leading to the capture of many members of the invasion, while those who remained free escaped into the Genoshan wilderness. Several of them came upon a refugee camp, where they managed to hide for a while. The rest began to re-think and re-plan their attack and how to rescue their captured comrades.

Meanwhile, those who were captured were taken the Citadel, where they met President David Moreau and his brother, Thomas, and forced to witness a tragedy before being sent to the prison. In the morning, one group was put on the mutant train to Prenova. While on the train, Ororo Munroe and Jubilation Lee began to work to free themselves and their comrades. Just as they finished, however, the train was blown up by the Genoshan Resistance, led by Jenny Ransome, and the captured mutants were able to escape. The group that was left behind at the prison was put through a series of interrogations as the Genoshans attempted to mentally attack their weakest points. In response to the pressure the captured mutants began to fight amongst themselves.

Back in the US, meetings between the FBI, Secret Service, the CIA, and SHIELD concluded that as far as official channels went, their hands were tied - there was nothing they could do to help the captured Xavierites.


May 1 - Sarah V. wishes everyone a happy May 1. Doug wishes Terry happy Beltane. Angel takes trainee Sooraya on a tour of restricted areas of the sub-basement. Terry, Doug and Vance run into each other and have a few misunderstandings along the way. Kyle and Angel catch up over lunch and make travel plans.

May 2 - Nico looks for volunteers for a magical experiment. Lorna posts about chimichangas and having too many leftovers in the kitchen. Jean-Paul texts Bishop for help with a not-quite case. Wade texts Sarah M. about belly dancing and jingling skirts. Vance shows up in the City to ask Terry to lunch.

May 3 - Wade congratulates Catseye and Meggan with their success in their hotwiring lessons. He also posts about having been challenged by Lorna to eat all of the leftovers. Angel asks Wade for a ride once he is done eating all those leftovers. Laurie tries to convince Kyle to play a game of laser tag with her.

May 4 - Lorna posts she admits defeat and that Wade did eat all the leftovers she presented him with. Artie and Maddie's usually boring homework session ends with expletives and storming out. Artie posts about wanting to know how you can stop people from thinking you are flirting with them. Maddie asks Wade to teach her martial arts. Wade warns Artie not to go conning tourists as he only gets one bailout every six months. Fred has a Danger Room session with Scott and succeeds in messing up the scenario.

May 5 - Amanda gives a heads-up she and Nico are going to be reinforcing the wards on the mansion. Angel texts Vance about him being hit with water balloons and him needing an umbrella. Things are awkward while Fred and Yvette work together to clear deadwood from the paths. Sharon and Lorna are in the kitchen doing inventory and getting ready for the party that night. Lorna has had too much to drink and gets a laking. Jean posts a link to a website with fake science. Doug emails Angelo to wish him happy Cinco de Mayo. Jean asks why brooms are sweeping the medlab on their own. Angel posts about cheez on the roof.

May 6 - Laurie posts about a game of laser tag around the mansion and she got scolded by a broom for walking across the hallway. Clarice posts about her semester having ended and having cleared out her wardrobe. Scott and Kyle meet up in the garage and talk class, Halloween costumes and thirteen year old's dreams. Wade gives compliments to Nico for her brooms and boombox tricks.

May 7 - Terry sends Doug a hand-wrapped journal, a bottle of whiskey and a set of whiskey glasses for his birthday. Terry posts on her journal saying she is going to start looking for an apartment of her own. Lorna texts Haller saying she will be coming around with a gift basket of gifts (and food). Wade leaves Doug a "Bromantically involved" t-shirt and a fruit basket made out of watermelon. Angel posts to her journal saying she and her adviser have worked out a solution to her academic woes. A more-than-slightly inebriated Lorna and Jean give Haller a makeover for his birthday - and things turn awkward when Scott shows up. Doug posts to his journal saying birthdays are overrated, but he now has whiskey and a portrait of himself as a My Little Pony.

May 8 - Laurie posts this link on her journal, saying if she didn't have Pablo and could own it, she'd get one of these. Jubilee texts Doug apologizing for forgetting his birthday. Lorna posts to her journal saying mornings would be dull without coffee, and tells everyone there are blueberry, strawberry, peach and banana pancakes in the kitchen. Haller posts regrets in his journal for the slightly drunken conversation he and Doug had on Doug's (public) journal the night before. Terry visits Doug to see his My Little Pony picture and conversation moves from teasing to serious.

May 9 - After seeing Marie-Ange's posts on Haller's journal, Doug texts Wade asking her if he knows the effects chocolate has Marie-Ange. Wade texts Lorna informing her she forgot about their Tuesday taco plans. Wade wakes up to find Marie-Ange sleep-taroting - and finds many ominous cards mixed into the deck. When Wade asks her about it later, the conversation turns to a discussion about choices they've made, and X-Force. Angel posts to her journal looking for a new suite to move into, and Lorna offers up her extra room. Nico posts to her journal saying her magic experiment failed. Matt posts in his journal pointing out that he has been at the mansion for over a year now - oh, and his birthday is tomorrow. Lorna posts in her journal saying there's a new treat in the kitchen - Nutella-filled muffins. Lorna shows Angel the suite, and Angel, excited, asks when she can move in. Wade e-mails Scott saying Matt's birthday is tomorrow, and asks if they're finished with "that project" they've been working on.

May 10 - Sarah V. posts a link on her journal about real life lightsabers, reminding everyone that her birthday is less than a month away. Lorna leaves two dozen cookies for Matt for his birthday. David leaves a voicemail for Betsy Braddock telling her happy birthday and he misses her. Matt posts in his journal letting everyone know that he drove a car (with a double brake and Wade in the passenger's seat and no windshield so he can hear better, in a place where he could hit nothing), and that Lorna gave him cookies - he declares this his best birthday ever.

May 11 - Nico sends Lorna this, framed. Clarice posts in her journal saying she is getting her flashdance on. North visits Vanessa late at night and meets Adrienne under unusual circumstances.

May 12 - Laurie posts in her journal saying she got her MCAT score back. Kyle mistakes this for a cat, and Laurie tells Jean she got a 33.8 - enough to get into NYU for medical school, but not what Laurie wanted. Doug and Marie-Ange meet for a monthly reading on the various threats that X-Force faces. It ends... very unexpectedly. Fred and Kyle talk lawnmower engines, X-Men training and girls.

May 13 - Wade posts in his journal informing everyone that 1) Canada has a 24/7 rotisserie chicken channel, 2) Sarah Morlocke is his favorite person to go skirt shopping with, and 3) he has puzzle guns. Madelyne texts Layla and Sarah V. letting them know it is time "to lock and load." Jean posts in her journal to let everyone know she'll be taking the next day (May 14, the anniversary of her 'death') off. Doug e-mails Jean letting her know to he's around if she needs anything; she asks him to keep an eye on Scott while she's gone. Layla, Maddie, and Sarah V. smuggle a rooster into the boys' suite with a note around its neck reading, "My cock is bigger than yours." Kurt catches Jean as she's leaving to check on her.

May 14 - Kyle berates Sarah V., Maddie and Layla for the chicken prank, insisting they'll be cleaning up and Korvus actually gets a joke. Yvette wishes Dori a happy birthday. Wade texts Maddie to let her know he has new locks for her to work on her lock picking skills with. Doug announces the cancellation of CSI: Miami with a .gif. Sooraya warns people she'll be practicing her powers by navigating through the ventilation system.

May 15 - For Free Trade: News breaks of Genosha's mutate program and the country's apparent slavery of its mutants; Yvette reflects on the article and the response, which includes a planned protest. Angelo comes across Molly making flower hats and winds up with a flower crown of his own.

May 16 - Wade and Lorna still suck at Taco Tuesday. Wade emails Angelo to agree that Molly is cute and they'll let her do anything to them, including flower crowns.

May 17 - For Free Trade: Sarah V. suggests going to the protest against Genosha's mutate program; Adrienne talks to Charles about making the protest a class outing; Sooraya asks her fellow-students on x_students if they're going to the protest and Adrienne asks for chaperone help on x_staff; Garrison emails Adrienne to let her know there will be FBI presence there as well; Jean-Paul texts Jean to let her know he will be attending also and inviting her for dinner after. Artie stumbles upon Maddie for the first time since he blew up at her over the kiss.

May 18 - Wade texts Marie-Ange to let her know he's out of town for the day. Kyle posts about getting a substitute teaching day at a school in District X. For Free Trade: Layla gets a ride with Laurie to the protest; the Xavier's people go to the protest by bus and discuss what might be happen; the protest is in full swing when the Xavier group arrives, with far more people than they expected; a bomb goes off at the protest, causing the Xavier's people to cluster together against the panic; a second bomb goes off and the Xaverites vanish in a strange blue glow, unnoticed by anyone else; Kurt raises the alarm on x_team, Marie-Ange does the same on x_snowvalley, but no-one can get in touch with those who were at the rally; Wade texts Marie-Ange about what is happening at the protest and she tells him to come in; the kidnapped Xavierites find themselves in a concrete room, facing Thomas Moreau, brother to the Genoshan President, as well as Betsy Braddock, now a magistrate, naked and then powerless; Jean-Paul grabs Artie and escapes, while Sooraya turns to sand and escapes into the ventilation shafts; Charles posts to x_journal notifying everyone that he briefly found the missing group in Genosha, before they disappeared from Cerebro's readings; midnight in Genosha, the kidnapped mutants are left in cells to contemplate what has happened.

May 19 - For Free Trade: Wanda tells X-Force she is returning to New York to help with the search; Charles has a difficult meeting with the Genoshan Ambassador who hands him an ultimatum - stop interfering in Genoshan politics or never see the kidnapped mutants again; in the morning, the kidnapped mutants have another meeting with Minister Thomas Moreau, before several of their number are selected for the mutate process; Yvette, Callie, Laurie, Sarah V. and Amara are made into mutates; Fred, Matt and Megan go through the process as well, but something goes wrong and they escape with their powers returned. The Unwritten Alliance: Charles posts an update about the Genosha's 'deal' and who has gone missing.

May 20 - An angry Kurt ponders showing the Genoshans who Magneto really is by contacting his mother; a number of people disagree with him, but understand his frustration and sentiment. Remy posts a reminder for people not to react blindly and get carried away by their anger; it would only play into the Genoshans' hands, and only get more people in trouble. He finishes by promising that there will be a plan, and that Xavier's will get their people back. The Unwritten Alliance: The senior players from the X-Men, X-Factor and X-Force all sit down with Professor X and discuss the merits of action against Genosha; in the end, they all decide that they will need every hand on deck in order to free their people from Genosha, so they prepare to make plans to do so; Remy makes contact with those at Snow Valley and asks Sarah M. to come back to the mansion temporarily, and Doug to start working on communications; Jean makes a roll call request to all those not easily accessible at the Mansion, or whom have not already checked in after the wake of what happened at the protest.

May 21 - The Unwritten Alliance: Moira MacTaggart calls Charles panicking - Rachel has disappeared, both from Muir and from their psychic link; Charles posts to let everyone know the Genoshans have kidnapped Rachel Dayspring; Jean texts Kurt offering fresh coffee and/or beer; Scott goes to check on Lorna, and brings her some food; Angel returns to hers and Lorna's suite, and the two of them talk; Kurt posts to his journal to let Amanda know that the family has gone into hiding; the X-Men meet to discuss their next move; the combined forces of the X-Force and X-Factor meet to plan moving in on Genosha; Remy posts to let everyone know that they (X-Force and X-Factor) will be infiltrating Genosha over the next couple of days; Amanda checks on Nico, and finds her destroying her room.

May 22 - The Unwritten Alliance: John posts to his journal to let everyone know he's dropping Angelo's dog off with Angelo's mother, and he'll be back in time for the mission; Jubilee and Nico infiltrate Genosha as part of a Japanese tourist group; Marie-Ange and Vanessa sneak into Genosha on a cruise ship; Doug and Emma head for Genosha Hellfire Club-style; The prison escapees - Jean-Paul, Sooraya, Artie, Fred and Megan - find each other in the city and try to figure out their next move.

May 23 - The Unwritten Alliance: Wanda posts to let everyone know that she's contacted Pietro, who said the security in Attilan has been increased tenfold, and that all the former mansion residents who have moved there are safe and accounted for; Bishop and Ororo arrive pretending to be Wakandan investors; Remy and Wanda masquerade as magicians to get into Genosha; Callisto and Amanda, pretending to be backpackers, check into a Genoshan hostel.

May 24 - The Unwritten Alliance: Wade and North arrive together in Genosha and check into their hotel; Marie-Ange and Vanessa do some investigating, Vanessa's powers end up acting strange and she disappears.

May 25 - The Unwritten Alliance: Late at night, Scott and Kurt talk in the war room while waiting for news from Genosha; Dori comes by to check on Kurt, bearing pastry; Dori texts Kyle to let him know where she is. The End of the Beginning: Ororo, Emma, Marie-Ange and Wade meet and discuss what they've discovered so far, including the fact Vanessa has disappeared and there are rumors of Brotherhood agents in Genosha; Doug, Callisto, Jubilee and Bishop also meet to exchange information regarding the increase in Special Forces troops and information about the Citadel.

May 26 - The Unwritten Alliance: Escapees Sooraya and Artie venture out into the city in an attempt to find food. Jean wishes the missing Jean-Paul a happy birthday, wherever he is The End of the Beginning: Wanda, Remy, North, and Nico meet to exchange information and come to conclusions about the Citadel; Remy posts to update everyone on the progress of the infiltration and revealing what X-Force has learned thus far, as well as making it known that Vanessa Carlyle is missing. Jean-Phillipe texts Marie-Ange to let her know he set the DVR for the Eurovision Song Contest, and the fridge is stocked with alcohol for when they get back.

May 27 - Wade texts Marie-Ange some Justin Bieber lyrics. End of the Beginning: Scott announces on the x_team journal that they're leaving in one hour for Genosha; Lorna texts her mother before leaving for Genosha; Wade leaves a letter for Xavier containing another letter to be opened should he not return from Genosha; Angel leaves voicemails to both her mother and father before heading to Genosha; Kurt leaves three envelopes on his coffee table, for Stefan Szardos, Jimaine Szardos, and John Doe; Scott leaves a message for his grandparents before departing for Genosha; Scott sends a message to his father before going to Genosha; Jean leaves a voicemail for her sister before going to Genosha; Dori leaves a voicemail for her mother and grandfather before heading to Genosha; Wade sends a text to the Wheeze with instructions on various accounts should he not be in touch; Remy texts everyone to commence the operation; Clarice texts her mother and e-mails her father before leaving for Genosha; Doug confirms the go order on the X-Force/X-Factor comms; The first team, consisting of Marie-Ange, North, Emma, and Bishop, makes its move and heads towards the power plant; The second team, made up of Wanda, Jubilee, and Remy, moves in on the security room inside the Citadel; The next team, namely Amanda, Nico, Ororo, and Callisto, heads for the prison complex; Wade and Doug remain behind in the safe house, where they coordinate with the strike teams; The first strike is made on the Citadel by Scott, Lex, Jean-Phillipe, John, and Tabby; The first team of rescuers, consisting of Jean, Paige, Haller, Vance, and Sarah M., reaches the cell block, freeing Meggan, Angelo, Garrison, and Molly before something goes wrong; Kurt's team, made up of him, Catseye, Kyle, Dori, and Clarice, infiltrate the prison area in search of their friends and find Phillip Moreau before they also sense something is wrong; the aerial team, composed of Warren, Lorna, Sam, Angelica, and Terry, provide air support to Scott's team on the ground and realize they're in trouble when the heavy combat helicopters come in; the team at the power plant cut the power, but it comes back on and they are attacked by far too many Magistrates and only Bishop and Emma escape, albeit separately; the team at the security bunker is also taken down, with only Wanda getting clear; Ororo's team manage to free Maddie, Marius, and Korvus before they too are ambushed, with Nico and Callisto getting Maddie out and Marius and Korvus fleeing on their own; the safe house is compromised and Doug sacrifices his freedom for Wade, who comes close to being permanently dead after throwing himself out of the window; Scott's team is ambushed with hidden reserves, with Sam swooping in to remove John from the fray before the mutate forces overwhelm the remaining members; Kurt's team in the prisons is ambushed as well, with only Catseye and Dori getting away; Betsy Braddock shows up with Magistrate reinforcements to interrupt Jean's group's rescue mission, and after Catseye helps evacuate Meggan and Molly only Angelo, Jean, and Garrison get away; the aerial team gets overwhelmed as well, with Sam taking off to rescue John and just Lorna and Warren remaining in the air to regroup; Ororo keeps the Magistrates at bay as Callisto, Nico, and Maddie search for an exit route, while Angelo, Jean, and Garrison "borrow" some uniforms before finding their own way out; Wade meets up with Jean-Phillipe and informs him the safe house is compromised, and they move on, while Emma, Marius, and Wanda manage to commandeer a helicopter and make a run for it; Catseye, Meggan, and Molly escape via the air ducts and find an ambulance to take; Sam and John dodge attack choppers in their flight from the Genoshan forces, crashlanding briefly before continuing their escape on foot; Warren and Lorna continue their stand against the helicopters, fighting them off as long as they can before escaping themselves; Artie, Jean-Paul, and Sooraya run into Bishop, who has several soldiers following him, and they dispatch them together, while Wade and Jean-Phillipe run into trouble but are found by Matt, Fred, and Megan, who help them out before they find a vehicle to take.

May 28 - End of the Beginning: The captured mutants are brought before President Moreau and his brother Thomas; President Moreau demonstrates how scary he can be when he intimidates and abuses his prisoners to try and break down their will to fight; Thomas Moreau demonstrates to the captive mutants what will happen if they retaliate; Charles and the Genoshan ambassador have a brief meeting that shakes Charles to the core; Charles leaves a voicemail for Moira and Nathan regarding Rachel; Charles makes a post to x_journal announcing the Genoshan's trap and the capture of their fellow mutants, asking everyone else to check in, regroup, and be safe. In the Balance: A group of the captured mutants, deemed to be "terrorists" by the Genoshans, are transported to the Citadel prison and introduced to the warden. Stemming the Tide: Polaris reports in on the x_communication channel that their mission failed and the remaining members were regrouping; The survivors of the Genoshan's trap assemble and head for safer ground; Lorna and Warren spy Emma, Marius, and Wanda's chopper going down and go to their aid, leaving the crash site with their fellow mutants and with a local guide to boot; Finally all together at the cache, the older members of the group gather to determine what happens next; While the adults talk, Matt and Molly try and process the last 24 hours; Marius gets first aid treatment in the form of a donation from Catseye and then they have the difficult task of telling Meggan what happened to her boyfriend and family back at the Citadel; Warren checks on Megan, who is doing okay but needs an ear; Wade makes a point of talking to Matt and manages not to go and kill every Magistrate he can find; The two members of the group with actual connection to Magneto talk about choices; Wade and Lorna calm down a very angry Fred; Wade leaves a couple of voicemails to update the Professor in his own unique and somewhat encrypted way; Emma comforts Molly and is rather motherly; Wade can't sleep and neither can Molly, so he tries to help her out. Step By Step: Bishop, Sooraya, Jean-Paul, and Artie evade Magistrate patrols in the city to get to a safe house; Jean, Garrison, and Angelo make their way to the city safe house from the sewers; Callisto, Nico, and Maddie make their way to the city safe house through a gap in the Citadel's perimeter fence; John and Sam head for the safe house from the edge of the Citadel; Four groups of people convene at the safe house for medical attention, food, sleep, and catching up on events; Sooraya checks up on Angelo in the safe house, while Angelo breaks the news about Amara's capture to John. The Unrelenting Struggle: Kurt attempts to comfort an injured Jubilee while sharing the same cell before being shipped out to Prenova; A group of the prisoners find themselves loaded aboard the 'mutant train'.

May 29 - Stemming the Tide: Emma, Wade, Lorna and Warren negotiate a price for Jayresh to bring their group to safety; On the way to Jayresh's camp, some ethical issues are discussed - Wanda explains to Marius how her power works and he asks about the effects her chaos can have on people, Lorna checks in on Sharon and reflects on the necessity of killing in order for friends to survive, Matt tells Meggan about overhearing the adults talking about killing people, Wade tries to warn Megan and Molly that they might have to witness killings, Fred and Warren debate the ramifications of being labelled as terrorists and actually behaving like real terrorists, while Emma and Jean-Phillipe agree that in their situation, Magneto's methods were perhaps necessary for them to save themselves. In The Balance: In prison, Remy, Marie-Ange, Haller and Scott play cards and discuss their incarceration and strategy; Doug is interrogated but refuses to provide the 'right' answers; Terry is brought into Doug's interrogation and the both of them are tortured; Lex, Sarah and Tabitha meet the ex-President of Genosha in the prison yard and he provides insight on how the prison system works and why it works the way it does; Amanda and Korvus are interrogated separately, but are treated to 'good-cop' persuasion methods because of their countries of origin; Scott asks Haller about Jean, and Haller admits to being the cause of Jean's projected emotions down the couple's link when he saw Betsy during the fight. Step by Step: As Jean settles into the safehouse, she recalls the last private conversation she had with Scott. The Unrelenting Struggle: During the train ride, Jubilee and Ororo secretly work on their restraints while the rest distract their guards with insults; An unexpected explosion derails the train and the group evacuates, only to meet a resistance group led by Jenny Ransome who swiftly recruits them to her cause and returns their powers to them; ; Kurt and Cammie are happily reunited; Kurt and Jubilee can't sleep and instead swap life stories with each other.

May 30 - Back home, Fred Duncan, Val Cooper, David Langstrom and Nick Fury meet to discuss the situation, concluding that their hands were tied as far as official channels went; The Genoshan ambassador later visits Langstrom at his office with a 'proposition' to 'take care' of troublesome American mutants, but Langstrom is quick to show him the proper order of things. The Unrelenting Struggle: Kurt comes across North who is hiding drug withdrawal symptoms and they converse in German until daybreak; Kurt, Ororo, North and Paige meet with Jenny to discuss the resistance's next course of action and Jenny is reluctantly convinced of the necessity of taking out the power plant; Kurt tries to tell a guilt-ridden Layla that it was not her fault Rachel Kinross was killed. In the Balance: Amanda's interrogator tries to talk to her again but she declines outright to cooperate; At the top of the Citadel, Sarah Morlocke is treated to a personalized interrogation method. Stemming the Tide: A Magistrate patrol comes across Matt, Meggan and Molly who are straggling behind in the jungle; Fred and Jean-Phillipe 'rescue' the kids before the Magistrates radio for backup; Catseye and Wanda take out the guards at a command post while Wade kills the commander and Emma wipes all memory traces of their presence. They make off with weapons and maps; As aerial back up, Warren, Lorna and Megan bring down a chopper, disarm its Magistrates and make them high on Pixie dust. Step By Step: Garrison emails the Professor with updates on the situation in Genosha and provides him with a way of contacting them; Garrison contacts his British agent father who helps the city group come up with their next course of action.

May 31 - Kyle helps Cammie remove her skin suit and ends up throwing up. Stemming the Tide: Polaris contacts the Professor reporting that they had arrived at the camp; The group has finally reached the refugee camp where they are given tours and stories are exchange; Marius and Molly meet a refugee child called Zoe and they are given a tour of where they will be staying and end up talking about bugs and powers; Wanda Meggan and another refugee called Miranda talk about Genosha. Step by Step: Sooraya attempts to make some hot food to improve morale and she and Jean talk; Jean, Garrison, Angelo and Bishop meet with Russell Davis, who tells them that two popular members of the Mutant Affairs Commission may be persuaded to speak out against the Genoshan government if they're provided with evident of mutant mistreatment; Nico, Sooraya, and Artie break into the Genoshan administration office to access the computer filing system, noting mutants who have been 're-assigned' living quarters out of the enclave, but never show up in other enclaves. They also find suspicious support requirements in isolated locations outside of the city; Sam and Callisto fly over a mining site to video some mutant mistreatment; Maddie, Jean-Paul and John break into the Genoshan Power Authority building in the city and make some discoveries about operations in the geothermal power plant; Back from their intel gathering missions, the group shares what they've learned, but their safe house is found out by the Magistrates and they're forced to scatter. The Unrelenting Struggle: Adrienne and North do a little impromptu weapons training; Kurt and Ororo help Jenny cope with the burdens of leadership; Kurt offers to spar with Kyle to help distract him, though audience participation winds up shifting the focus when Layla wants to learn stuff; North decides to test a developing hypothesis on Layla who does not seem to be what she things she is. In The Balance: Clarice is interrogated and she talks, but it is not truthful or serious; Remy is interrogated and an offer is presented; Lex begins with the good cop routine and frustrates his interrogator; Haller is questioned and his mental state causes an attempt to medicate him; his responses provoke a rather strange reaction; Marie-Ange is next and is very cooperative; Haller unexpectedly finds himself in his second interrogation of the day, facing Magistrate Braddock.


For Free Trade

The Unwritten Alliance

The End of the Beginning

For Free Trade

The Unwritten Alliance

The End of the Beginning

The Unrelenting Struggle

Step By Step

In The Balance

Stemming the Tide

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