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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Vance Astrovik
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Portrayed by Rick Malambri
Codename: Justice
Affiliations: X-Men
Birthdate: May 20, 1988
Journal: x_justice
Player: Available for applications

Vance is a young man who has spent the last two years of his life at both The Vault, and a minimum security prison for mutant inmates for the charge of manslaughter. He accepted an invitation from the Professor to complete his online degree at the Xavier Institute while continuing his therapy. He found himself given a second chance, becoming an X-Man trainee and later moving to the West Coast Annex to continue his training there.


Character Journal: x_justice

Real Name: Vance Astrovik

Codename: Justice, Hubba (X-Men trainee name)

Aliases: Manglin' John Mahoney

First Appearance: March 19, 2012

Date of Birth: May 20, 1988

Place of Birth: Saugerties, New York

Citizenship: United States

Relatives: Mother, Norma Astrovik. Father, Arnold Astrovik (deceased).

Education: High School, College degree ongoing, mostly via online classes.

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: College student, interrupted.

Team Affiliation: X-Men


Childhood and Manifestation

Vance is of first generation American-born Jewish descent, born in Saugerties, New York to both Norma and Arnold Astrovik. Vance grew up in a typical Jewish household as an only child. It would have been a rather unremarkable childhood, except for the fact that his father was mildly abusive, having carried the behavior from his own childhood into adulthood where it took the form of verbal abuse towards Vance and his mother, eventually turning into sporadic physical abuse when Vance was old enough to be able to take the physical punishment.

Everything would change when Vance was thirteen. His mutant powers and genes latent, Vance experienced a dream one night unlike any other— one that he will remember for the rest of his life. In this dream, his whole life flashed before his eyes. He was an astronaut of great renown, even going as far as travelling over hundreds of years in an experimental craft to the edges of the galaxy, only to find that he had mutant abilities. In this dream, Vance’s alternate self came back to Earth and told him that this was a future that would not— could not, be his. And like any young emerging mutant, his powers blossomed in a new and unexpected form. When Vance awoke from his dream, he found that he had telekinetically blasted a massive crater in the ceiling of his bedroom, and even through the roof.

It frightened his parents deeply; but instead of finding ways to help Vance deal with his new mutation and come to grips with it, they did nothing. His mother, afraid of her husband Arnold, refused to acknowledge that Vance was a mutant, or to do anything to help him. His father reacted even more poorly. The sporadic abuse at his hands turned into outright abuse, his father growing into an anti-mutant bigot almost overnight.

Running Away and Homecoming

The verbal and physical abuse continued for the next four years, especially when his father caught him using his powers, or even referring to them at all while his mother sat by, too scared to do anything. Finally distraught and at the end of his rope, Vance ran away from home at seventeen, days after graduating high school. On his own, Vance found himself spending time as both a part time college student, and on the pro wrestling circuit, calling himself Manglin’ John Mahoney. During the next two years, Vance would befriend many of these older men— but none more than Ben “The Thing” Grimm.

It was Ben Grimm that eventually convinced Vance to get back in touch with his mother and discuss the possibility of the young man returning to love back at home. After months of talking to his mother, and her assuring Vance that his father had changed, and that it would be good for him to return home, Vance did exactly that, moving back into his parents’ house once more. And for a little while, it seemed that his father had changed. Of course, Vance was very careful about not using his powers, or even referring to them while at home. And just as unfortunately, it couldn’t last.

Tragedy Strikes

One night as Vance was out, he witnessed a mugging. Without thinking, he immediately jumped in in order to help the woman under duress, disarming the would-be muggers and holding them immobile. Unfortunately, he did not count on the woman’s reaction to his mutant status, and when she turned on him and struck him, his concentration was broken. Freed from his telekinetic control, the muggers turned on Vance and beat him severely, cracking ribs and fracturing his right arm.

His father refused to visit him while he was in the hospital, and when Vance returned home, the abuse started up almost immediately. Fresh from the pain and anguish of his experience at the hands of the muggers and woman he was trying to save, Vance fought back against his father’s verbal assaults. And when it became evident that he could not force his son to stop playing the hero, Arnold Astrovik struck his son, knocking him down.

For the first time, Norma intervened in Vance’s defense. For her troubles, Norma was also struck by her husband, and then threatened for giving birth to this "mutie freak of a son" they had. And when Arnold went to strike Vance’s mother for the second time, Vance lost control. In a moment of mental anguish, he lashed out with his powers, striking his father and knocking him through the living room wall of their house, shattering over half of Arnold Astrovik’s bones with the blow.

Arnold Astrovik remained in critical care in the ICU for over three days before they could put him into surgery in order to even try and repair the damage dealt by his son in that tragic moment. Unfortunately for Vance, his father never recovered, dying on the table from the extent of his injuries.

Trial and Incarceration

The next few weeks were a whirlwind of grief and tragedy for the Astroviks. Vance was immediately arrested and put into jail for murder. And once the story hit the news, the Friends of Humanity descended upon the young man’s hometown, looking for blood and demanding the death penalty for Vance.

The trial caught the attention of an attorney by the name of Foggy Nelson. Reputed to be fair and skilled, he took on the case of defending Vance Astrovik against the charge of first degree murder. And defend Vance he did, to the best of his ability. Ben “The Thing” Grimm was brought up as a character witness on Vance’s behalf, and even Professor Xavier himself was asked to speak for the defense in order to speak about mutations and how they can react, or over-react, in times of great duress, coupled with the long-term damage of abuse and mutant prejudice.

Fearing that Vance could have been acquitted with the testimony from Professor Xavier, the prosecutor offered a deal that would allow Vance to be charged with involuntary manslaughter, rather than first degree murder. In the end, Vance and his lawyer accepted the plea bargain, and he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, sentenced to three years in prison for his crime. Vance agreed to a year's sentence at The Vault as a trial prison member, followed by serving the rest of his time at a minimum security prison. As another condition of his sentence, he was required to submit to therapy sessions with Professor Xavier, often held via webcam, but occasionally held in person when the Professor could make the trip. Before he was sent to prison, Charles Xavier offered Vance the opportunity to come to the Xavier Institute in order to continue his education and therapy when his sentence was completed.

While spending his year at the Vault, Vance was a model prisoner. He hit the books hard and went back online to try and complete his college degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in History. In that same time, he became well-liked by the guards that were assigned to supervise him, and at the same time, learned more and more about those people around him. He was even granted access, under very close supervision to help The Vault test some of their physical security measures with his powers.

When it was his time to leave The Vault, Vance was sent to a minimum security prison, and his sentence reduced to just 18 months with 12 already served in the Vault. And after just 18 months served, Vance was finally released from prison, despite the protests and negative press generated by the Friends of Humanity about his release, and the lack of harsher measures in his sentencing.

Freedom and Arrival at the Mansion

Instead of taking Charles Xavier up on his offer of coming out to visit his school right away upon his release, Vance decided to travel to Europe instead. Both his PO and the Professor agreed to this trip as long as Vance checked in regularly with his PO, and for therapy sessions with Professor Xavier himself via webcam. Partly, his decision to leave was in order to let the clamor back home die down, and partly to re-discover and learn more about his heritage, and the history of his people. Vance tapped into some of the money left from his pro wrestling career and left for Europe— spending his time backpacking and travelling throughout the various countries for the past six months as he followed the history and the trials of the Jews before continuing to explore more of the different cultures and countries Europe had to offer.

Even a world away, Vance had a chance run-in with one of Xavier’s students. Coming to his rescue by translating for him while he was in Spain, Vance met one Theresa Cassidy on assignment for Interpol. They struck up a friendship and spent time together in her off-hours until Theresa put a halt to the relationship’s progression by revealing her marital status. They parted ways; Theresa back to her work in Ireland, and Vance continuing on his way through western Europe.

But now, six months have passed since his release, and Vance is ready to take the Professor up on his offer to come join him back in the United States. Vance arrived in the mansion in March 2012. Very soon afterwards he was attempting to rekindle his friendship with Terry and building new friendships with people like Angel. He also was very interested in the X-Men and it did not take him long to have a talk with Scott and to become a trainee.

When various students and other associated personnel were kidnapped by the island nation of Genosha, Vance joined in with the rescue attempt and participated in the assault on the prison. Unfortunately he was among the ones captured, had his powers taken away and was put on a train to Prenova with various others. On the way they managed to escape and were founded by Jenny Ransome and her group. Together they attacked and destroyed the geothermal power plant located there. Afterwards the team made for the capital city of Hammer Bay. There he participated in the fight to free the city and to stop Thomas Moreau by helping to destroy his chest armor and lava guns.

After Genosha, Vance remained at the mansion for some time, but then decided to explore his horizons and went to visit the West Coast Annex for a while for further training.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 185 lbs

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown

Other Features: None



Vance has telekinesis, known in his case as psychokinesis. However, his telekinesis has a pink energy signature, making it visible and similar to that of Julian Keller. Additionally, Vance can control how permeable the telekinetic structures are. For example, his default is that his TK shields are permeable to gases and air, allowing people to breathe through them without suffocating while inside. However, if he is consciously creating a physical barrier against something visible, such as smoke, he could create a barrier that would not allow gaseous matter through.

Currently, Vance is capable of very rough control. Obviously, when driven to his limits and desperate, his telekinesis can deliver enough of a punch to kill a human being. However, it is a crude and uncontrolled telekinetic burst that serves pretty much only as an offensive weapon and in times of desperation when Vance lashes out, effectively 500 pounds of concussive force.

He has practiced enough control that he could perhaps split his attention to be able to do two things at once, such as pick up two things or two people and make them hover, as long as the combined weight doesn’t exceed roughly 400 pounds. Once he starts pushing that weight limit, the strain will start to show and he will start to bleed from his nose, and if pushing himself even further, suffer from splitting headaches.

Finally, Vance can utilize his telekinesis to hover and travel short distances. He can lift himself up off the ground and move at a rate of about 20 mph when pushed, though his current limit of distance is somewhere between 5 to 10 miles in distance before he starts to suffer side effects. With training and development, it is reasonable to expect that Vance can learn to travel in such a manner for much greater distances, or could even reach speeds of highway traffic at his maximum.

With training and experience, it is reasonable to think that Vance will yet be able to push these limits and expand the capabilities of his power, as well as learning much finer, more subtle manipulation and control with it.


No special equipment to speak of.


Vance was raised in a Jewish household who mostly followed the Reform school of Judaism. However, after everything he has been through in the last few years, Vance is learning to rediscover his faith and his religion. At the present time, he is looking into Reconstructionist Judaism as a way to help meld his personal beliefs with the religion he grew up with.

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Player Icon Base: Rick Malambri

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Vance was introduced to X-Project by Andrew, who left in June 2013 due to RL demands.