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Jenny Ransome
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Portrayed by Jurnee Smollett.
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Genosha
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: London to Ladysmith via Pretoria

A Genoshan mutant, Jenny fled her country with her boyfriend, Phillip Moreau, to avoid being forced to take part in the mutate process. Still loyal to her homeland, she only wants to be able to choose how to serve. She and Phillip disappeared from FBI protection in February 2012, only for Jenny to resurface as leader of the Genoshan Resistance.


Name: Jenny Ransome



First appearance:London to Ladysmith via Pretoria



Jenny was a fairly typical Genoshan in most ways. She grew up modestly affluent, the daughter of an engineer and a local politician. Her family has a long history with the Moreaus, her mother and Adele Moreau having been to school together, and later, serving with David Moreau in the Legislature and once considered a rising star in the NPP. However, once starting a family, her mother decided to return to more local politics to help raise her daughter. Jennifer and Phillip were regular playmates as children, but it wasn't until the death of his mother that they became truly close, as his father's duties as Prime Minister often took him away from home and the Ransomes helped serve as a surrogate family.

Since starting high school, Phillip and Jennifer began to see each other romantically. Jennifer was smart enough to understand that most early romances don't last, but with Phillip, something in him resonated so strongly that she felt herself swept up. Smart and articulate, Jennifer had designs on following her father's career by studying engineering, and used to listen to his rambling ideas about merging technology and the abilities of mutant workers to create entirely new applications and fields with great interest.

However, starting her third year of high school, Jennifer tested positive for the x gene. Not yet manifested, Jennifer was sent back home as was the usual practice, and a monthly check-in established with the Commission's officers to monitor her eventual manifestation of mutant abilities. Apprehensive, Jennifer still tried to focus on the positives. While the perception of mutants was changing on Genosha, she, like most others, thought of the mutant workers as an essential group; honourable volunteers without whom the country could not prosper. Depending on her powers, she could still be an engineer, and maybe carry out some of her father's ideas. Mutants had risen to important positions in government service before, and the original 8 of the Commission were still considered national heroes.

However, with each month, her apprehensiveness grew, especially as she began to find more information available on what to expect. Her now red-coded ID cards brought suspicious looks from former friends and teachers, and her furtive explorations into the mutant sub-culture turned into literature and quiet meetings with manifested mutants who talked about their increasing lack of rights and more dangerous assignments. She came to Phillip with the information, and his own digging seemed to confirm it. Unable to get more information from his father, Phillip secretly broke into some of his father's files, which confirmed that many 'volunteers' were kept at their jobs by force if necessary, and the 'mutate' method, which had been described as being a way to limit dangerous powers actually repressed the will of the mutant and made them biddable.

Armed with as much information as they could find, they faked a camping trip out to the Ridgeback mountains. Instead, Phillip had arranged for a secret berth on a ship headed for Mumbai. There, they took a charter to Madripoor, and a flight to New York City. Their fake passports were enough that with some bribery, they were able to reach the US, and immediately requested asylum. However, while they were under FBI guard in a hotel, awaiting transfer to Muir Island after some time spent at the Xavier Institute, Jenny and Phillip were both kidnapped by Wipeout and returned to Genosha. Phillip was imprisoned and Jenny was put through the mutate process, which, for unknown reasons, failed. She regained her senses on the train to Prenova and led an escape, becoming the leader of a rag tag group of mutates. Their focus was on rescuing their fellows from the dangerous work conditions at Prenova, including ambushing the Mutant Train. One such attack freed a group of Xavier's people bound for the mutate process and slave labour and the two groups joined to destroy (despite Jenny's misgivings) the power plant, before marching on Hammer Bay and the Citadel.

After the fall of the Moreaus and news of Phillip's death, Jenny decided to leave Genosha and travel, perhaps study overseas.


Unknown - Jenny had not manifested at the time of her capture.


Genosha Arc


PB: Jurnee Smollett.

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Formerly socked by: Nat