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The month was welcomed in with a CNN announcement that Genoshans Phillip Moreau and Jenny Ransome were requesting political asylum after their escape from Genosha. During an interview with John King, Phillip revealed some surprising facts about the treatment of mutants in Genosha. The Genoshans stayed at the mansion for a while, until Moira MacTaggart - Phase 1 told Charles Xavier that the two would be able to stay at Muir. While in transit, Jenny and Phillip stayed overnight at a hotel, with Garrison Kane and Theresa Cassidy standing guard, but somehow, the two were kidnapped from their room in the night.

Sooraya Qadir approached Garrison about safety arrangements for her upcoming trip to Attilan to testify against Sayyid. Jean Grey and Terry were recruited to help provide a safety detail for the trip. Angelo Espinosa and Yvette Petrovic also decided to go to Attilan as emotional support. While there, Sayyid approached Sooraya and told her he was holding Leyu Yoshida hostage, prompting Sooraya to surrender to him without a fight. Garrison and Terry informed the authorities of Sooraya's disappearance while Angelo, Yvette, and Jean tracked her to a warehouse. Yvette, Angelo, and Sooraya found Leyu, while Garrison, Terry, and Jean dealt with Sayyid and his men - both sides came out with injuries. Once home, Sooraya posted saying she would be staying away from Atillan for a while, and would be giving her testimony from the American Embassy.

Parents, Family and Friends of Mutants arranged a mutant awareness rally that was crashed by Friends of Humanity. Things took an abrupt turn when several FOHers suddenly manifested mutant powers. Luckily, a number of Xavier's people were in attendance (the students had been brought to the rally as a field trip), and were able to help subdue the the mutants, though a few of the students overused their powers in the process. SHIELD showed up afterwards to take the affected FOHers to The Vault.

The relationship between Doug Ramsey and Jubilation Lee ended. Terry posted informing everyone that Bobby Drake had moved to the West Coast Annex, and there were hints in the post that the married couple had a falling out. Layla Miller and Sarah Vale, after months of dancing around the topic, finally made things official between the two of them.


Feb 1 - London to Ladysmith via Pretoria: CNN announces Phillip Moreau and Jennifer Ransome request political asylum after escaping Genosha; Laurie posts about watching the coverage. I Do...NOT!: Garrison emails Jean and Terry about accompanying Sooraya to the trial in Attilan after Sooraya discusses safety arrangements for the trip with him. Callisto crashes with Vanessa for the fourth time in the past week, though both women know it's not exhaustion that keeps her from driving back to the mansion for the night.

Feb 2 - Doug finally goes to see Jubilee to discuss their relationship, and they break up. Jubilee texts Sofia about moving their session up, and Marie-Ange and Amanda to ask them to take her out. Amanda texts Garrison to invite him along. Terry posts about Bobby moving to the West Coast Annex and hints at a break up. Angelo texts her about kicking someone's ass for her, and Doug emails her to tell her about the breakup with Jubilee. Doug also texts Kyle about finding people to beat up. Adrienne texts Terry to see if there is anything she can do to help. Laurie texts Jean and Jean-Paul about taking her out. Sam runs into Angelo and Joyita while returning home from a shopping trip. They catch up for the first time in awhile. Wade texts Marie-Ange about taking Doug out drinking, and drags Doug out. Bishop surprises Scott in his suite and drags him out to get his mind off his relationship troubles. Amanda and Marie-Ange take Jubilee out to do the same for her and are joined by Garrison and Johnny.

Feb 3 - Sharon posts about a Super Bowl party and food. Wade texts Kyle about snowboarding with Doug, while Doug posts about his hangover. London to Ladysmith via Pretoria: John King interviews Philip Moreau; the Professor has a quiet meeting with two senior members of the US government regarding their Genoshan problem. David and Wade go out shooting and then share lunch.

Feb 4 - Vanessa texts Callisto about moving in. Sam brings a gift to Layla in return for her earlier gift of strudel, and they talk about school and asplosions. I Do...NOT!: Angelo emails Doug about information on the situation in Attilan. Layla and Sarah V finally break down and give in to feelings they've both been trying to ignore.

Feb 5 - Warren emails Jean-Paul for a meeting. Sarah V emails Meggan about needing to talk. Adrienne causes Garrison to lose Man Points at the bookstore. Vanessa posts about about her disappointment with the Patriots. Matt posts his excitement with the Giants and about the fact that someone left a braille Rubik's cube in his suite. Warren and Jean go for a walk, and talk a little. Meggan tracks down Sarah V. after their e-mail exchange and they talk about Sarah's feelings for Layla. While hanging out, Maddie signs, Artie snarks, and they end up going for a burger.

Feb 6 - London to Ladysmith via Pretoria: Xavier announces the arrival of Phillip Moreau and Jenny Ransome at the school as they seek asylum from Genosha; Jenny and Phillip arrive at the school and are greeted by Scott and Lorna; Jenny spends some time with Yvette learning about Red X. Scott kidnaps Layla after she recovers from her powers incident, and she wins the most awesome prize ever. Maddie texts Layla and Sarah about having a cover for their impending mischief. Sam makes a half-hearted journal entry talking about the Super Bowl.

Feb 7 - London to Ladysmith via Pretoria: Kyle and Angelo take over the second part of Phillip and Jenny's tour; Phillip has a long discussion with Layla about why the mutant situation on Genosha exists as it does; Jenny and Phillip delve further into Genosha with Sooraya and Jean-Phillipe. Sharon texts Angelo to ask him to come with her as she looks for a new car. Sooraya comments on the absence of Bob the skeleton from the lab. Hank e-mails Jean and Amelia about having to cross the Atlantic to tend to a sick William and informs them he has no choice but to ask them to cover for him. Doug makes a journal entry about the appearance of Reese's peanut butter eggs.

Feb 8 - Sarah texts Layla while studying to chat as a distraction. Laurie makes a journal entry about the awesome present she sent her boyfriend. Vanessa and Marie-Ange meet over coffee to pass on information about X-Force's recent goings-on.

Feb 9 - London to Ladysmith via Pretoria: Moira contacts Xavier to inform him Muir is able to receive the newest additions to the Xavier household. Angelo helps Sharon pick out a new (used) car.

Feb 10 - London to Ladysmith via Pretoria: Overnight at a hotel, Garrison and Terry stand guard as Phillip and Jenny ready themselves for Muir - they don't make it. After a rigorous fencing lesson with Kurt, Sarah steels herself and brings up an important topic that's been on her mind lately. The kids, minus Sooraya, go out to Salem Center to see a movie about real life superheroes, only things go a bit sideways when they find some guys breaking windows on Meggan's car. Jubilee makes a journal entry about having a Terminator marathon in her underwear with a bucket of KFC.

Feb 11 - London to Ladysmith via Pretoria: Garrison announces to the x_team journal that Phillip and Jenny disappeared the previous night while under FBI guard. Doug posts a picture of a Venn Diagram produced as a result of a boring day in the office.

Feb 12 - After a successful stake out with Vanessa, Adrienne tries to get her friend to stop bottling up so much, with their conversation veering widely off topic. Layla asks when space pirate will become a legitimate career option while watching Firefly. Wade makes a journal entry asking whether winning a Grammy is when you eat 100 chimichangas while shooting heavy caliber weapons.

Feb 13 - Jubilee goes to Remy for some advice. Remy sends Jubilee and Cammie to Mexico. Laura emails XFI about not coming back. Nico posts a friendly reminder about reminding yourself of who you are and who you want to be. Doug emails Layla calling in his favour and requesting help with some deliveries.

Feb 14 - Wade asks an important question - MnMs or jelly beans? Layla delivers several Valentines Day gifts from Doug. Amanda posts asking Nico if the young witch left her the tea chest that was a gift from Doug. Terry posts thanking the Valentines fairy for the alcohol that was her gift. Wade gifts various people with random gifts or cupcakes for Valentines Day. Meggan and Korvus exchange Valentines Day gifts, and also their first kiss. Kyle posts about his Valentines Day gift from Doug, and about sharing it with Dori. Vanessa sends a few Valentines Day gifts. Scott posts about a group project for the students, building a model solar powered car. Adrienne emails Garrison, Laurie and Kyle about their fantasy ball league. Matt thanks the mystery cupcake gifter. Maddie and Artie avoid their homework and head out to see a movie. Layla delivers a metric ton of cookies and cupcakes to people for Valentines Day. Doug posts about the gifts he received, stating today was alright, he guessed. Laurie thanks her mysterious benefactor for the tickets to Anything Goes. She also mentions she's left a lot of cupcakes in the kitchen for everyone. Sooraya emails Monet, concerned about the fighting she heard coming from Monet's room. Lorna mentions the many many pies she made, that are available for everyone. Sarah texts Layla about the cookies and cupcakes she received. Adrienne posts, protesting the amount of baked goods she received. Layla sets up a very cute and romantic surprise for Sarah, and the pair more or less confirm they're a couple. Vanessa texts Adrienne about finding them a trampoline. Nico posts about cookies and conceding this round to Layla. Sooraya and Megan email their thanks to Layla.

Feb 15 - Yvette catches Artie using his powers to 'help' him with a test. Artie contacts Marie-Ange about developing his ability to learn what is on the pages he sees. David texts Vanessa, thanking her for the little blue pills that were her Valentines Day gift to him. Scott emails Layla with his thanks for the cookies. Scott posts, thanking his mysterious benefactor and states he'll be in the garage, working on his bike. Jean posts, thanking everyone for the Valentines Day gifts. Kyle comes across Sooraya training her powers in the Danger Room and they talk about control and hurting people by accident. David hosts Sam for supper, following a suggestion from their previous shopping encounter and starting what might just become a tradition for the pair.

Feb 16 - Matt and Scott have a heart-to-heart during a late night gym session. Matt posts about not realising it was Valentines Day on Tuesday. Times They Are A-Changin: @MutantNewsNYC on twitter posts about FoH planning to attend a Family and Friends of Mutants event. Angelo emails Xavier's staff warning them. Haller posts to students about the field trip to the event and extra precautions. Sarah posts about being excited about the field trip. Wade catches Maddie with her secret food stash lockbox and offers to help her learn more about picking locks.

Feb 17 - Times They Are A-Changin': Terry and Garrison share some coffee while watching the protestors; Jean-Phillipe helps Angelo and Juanita set up their stall; Yvette catches up with Tangerine at her stall and meets an interesting boy named Ty; Korvus, Megan and Meggan take a break from the legal stalls to go and visit the Arts and Crafts section; Matt, Molly and Artie examine the specialized goods for sale before Molly goes to find something to eat; Layla, Sarah and Maddie enjoy cookies and brownies in the refreshment area and Layla goes to see if she can find a real bathroom in the church; Scott, Haller and Wade try to keep an eye on the protestors and students they're chaperoning; as Molly leaves the bathroom she is inadvertently attacked by a FOH member who is caught in the throes of manifestation; Haller and Wade try to locate the students as the church blows up and split up to find the missing kids; Wade locates Molly's assailant who rams into the already damaged church; as Layla leaves the church she is caught up in the crowd and runs into a lost kid who she drags with her looking for safety; Garrison, Scott and Terry make plans to contain the situation and evacuate the crowd; Yvette tries to free a woman from the embrace of a protester who had become an expanding mass of flesh; Scott notices Matt trapped by the fire and sends Haller to rescue him leaving the boy safely with Garrison; Sarah and Maddie decide to go and see if they can rescue Layla from the collapsing church; Angelo and Artie work together to distract a FoH member who has manifested a fiery aura, away from the crowd before they are attacked by flying debris; Jean-Phillipe arrives and manages to save Yvette and the woman from the mass of flesh before Scott has him running to deal with an electricity manipulator; as Scott is directing the X-Men and trying to contain a gas leak he notices debris being sent flying through the air; as Yvette tries to administer first aid to the woman she and Jean-Phillipe had saved from the flesh Ty arrives and together they perform an emergency tracheotomy; Wade attempts to subdue Nick, Molly's giant assailant with no luck; Scott and Angelo locate the telekinetic, as Scott asks Haller to restrain him he realizes there is a malevolent presence in the dust attacking emergency personnel; Korvus and Meggan help Haller down from the roof before going to investigate a flash of light coming from an alley; Sarah and Maddie return a toddler to the daycare lady, who Maddie is forced to calm down using her telepathy, before hurrying off to activate the sprinklers; Artie and Megan work to save a girl trapped under a wooden beam unaware that a FoH member has appeared behind them; Haller tries to calm down the telekinetic who attacks him instead; Layla tries to stay out of any fighting along with her charge; Jean-Phillipe manages to talk down the electricity manipulator until his powers inadvertently start a positive feedback loop which knocks him unconscious; Meggan and Korvus step and attempt to ground the electricity manipulator; Layla realizes the kid she'd been protecting had been killed by a bolt of lighting and desperately tries to use her powers to revive him; Terry arrives at the scene where Scott is trying to survive against the mist and manages to push it clear of the other X-Man; Molly comes to the church and escorts a group of geriatrics outside where Wade asks for her help against Nick; Sarah activates the sprinkler system to help Maddie who was trying to calm down the crowd; Megan and Artie manage to free the trapped girl with help from the mystery FoH member and Megan leaves to help fight the giant; Meggan and Korvus use Nandaki as a lightning rod to contain the electricity manipulator and carry Jean-Phillipe to safety; Wade, Megan and Molly manage to bring down the giant thanks to some clever teamwork; Garrison arrives and manages to knock out the telekinetic while she's busy fighting Haller; Terry forces the mist into a water-filled trench Scott had blasted into the ground, dissolving the gas and containing the threat; Matt and Angelo decide to help Terry deal with requests for information by following the smell of a lost boy; Megan and Yvette manage to calm down a FoH member whose new mutation threatens to kill him; Sarah and Garrison try to determine the identity of the expanding pool of flesh by using phones in the area to gather information when Agent Brand shows up and Garrison rushes to get Sarah away from her; Angelo, Terry and Matt find the lost boy who had developed a mutation and help the family deal with the repercussions for themselves and blowback from their fellow FoH members; Jim finds Layla who is near unconscious after bringing the little boy back to life; Scott talks to Jean-Phillipe in the aftermath and decides it's time he was promoted to full team; Marie-Ange visits Jean-Phillipe in the medlab and is almost concerned about him. Artie realises it's his birthday and isn't sure if he wishes Annalee was there or not. Vanessa and Adrienne make plans to have a night in at Vanessa's.

Feb 18 - Layla wakes up in the infirmary with Sarah keeping a vigil and they talk about the events at the church and clarify their relationship.

Feb 19 - Sam posts asking for peace and quiet as he nurses a major hangover.

Feb 20 - Layla posts confirming that she is still alive and should be released from the infirmary soon.

Feb 21 - Adrienne leaves Layla a t-shirt outside her suite.

Feb 22 -

Feb 23 - Marie-Ange apologizes to an old informant who she refused to believe when he said that flying squid had stopped him from gathering information. Layla wakes up to find a t-shirt on her face, she and Matt make plans to keep one another company in misery. Matt posts that he had made it to church on Ash Wednesday and might just be up for doing homework now. Matt and Layla hang out, eat, discuss college and generally get along, which is unusual for them.

Feb 24 - Layla e-mails her teachers asking for make up work for the classes she's missed. Vanessa and Callisto share a night in and Vanessa ends up making some progress with her powers problems.

Feb 25 - Vanessa texts Adrienne to inform her that she (Vanessa) has turned blue again temporarily. Haller posts a general notice letting everyone know that the FoH members who had manifested on the 17th are returning to normal; Later Scott provides more information to the X-Men, including the scarce information they have on the suspect.

Feb 26 - I Do...NOT! Sooraya informs everyone that she and a few of the others will be heading to Attilan so she can participate in Achmed's trial. Meggan apologises to Korvus for not telling him about her ability to 'eat' electricity and they go for a picnic - with champagne - and talk about their college plans.

Feb 27 - I Do...NOT! Yvette informs people she is going with Sooraya to Attilan; once in their hotel room Sooraya and Yvette discuss the trial.

Feb 28 - I Do...NOT! Terry emails Scott to let them know they arrived safely; things do not stay safe when Sayyid confronts Sooraya and convinces her to come with him quietly as they are holding Leyu Yoshida hostage; Garrison and Terry discover that Sooraya has disappeared and talk to the local authorities, while Angelo, Yvette, and Jean try to track Sooraya; Sooraya escapes from the arranged marriage while the X-Men arrive at the warehouse; Yvette and Angelo encounter Sooraya, and together they go to find Leyu while Garrison, Jean and Terry deal with Sayyid and his mooks; afterwards, Garrison posts about wishing he could go someplace sunny and tropical and not get beat up.

Feb 29 - Scott posts a notice to all Xavier Students that he will be holding the preliminary meeting for the model solar car challenge tomorrow at 3pm in his office, and Jean posts about having a substitute teacher for a few days. Sooraya posts that she is going to be staying away from Attilan for a while, and that her testimony will now be given via the American embassy. Lorna celebrates Leap Year with green and frog-themed food and decorations. Doug emails Terry about her comment on Garrison's post.


I Do...NOT!

London to Ladysmith via Pretoria

Times They Are A-Changin'

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