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Recouping and recovery were the big themes for February - Forge went to Muir Island Research Facility to regroup after the dreamworld incident, Cain Marko went travelling around the world as part of a dying wish from the housekeeper who had raised him and Charles Xavier, and Garrison Kane began to recover from the emotional blows incurred during his first few X-Men missions. Alex Summers and Shiro Yoshida found they had to deal with their new relationship a little sooner than expected when a text message went to Clarice Ferguson instead, resulting in a lot of screaming and a black eye for Shiro, and Pietro Maximoff was given a temporary hiatus from house arrest. Nathan Dayspring broke the field trip curse by taking a number of students on an ice-climbing trip that had absolutely no trauma attached. In fact, it proved rather productive as Yvette Petrovic became an Elpis volunteer.

The hostage crisis of Epiphany Frosts was followed by another - the kidnapping of the President's daughters by a militant mutant group calling themselves Magnetic North. This X-Men mission proved to be successful in more ways than one - it was Siryn and Blink's first mission as full team, and Garrison overcame the trauma generated by his 'failure' in Russia to talk one of the hostage takers down and enable another to be captured. This success was followed by another as Red X were called out to help with evacuations following an ice storm that immobilised Kansas City. The mission spurred Pietro to consider becoming an X-Man, much to the unhappiness of Logan, and encouraged others like Yvette to consider joining the program.

Lorna Dane's quest to find her sister continued to frustrate her, to the point David Haller suggested she ask Sofia Mantega-Barret for help. Bobby Drake and Theresa Cassidy found themselves facing a conundrum over a wedding gift from Sean Cassidy - custody of Cassidy Keep. They decided that Bobby would move over there and take care of things whilst Terry commuted back and forth in a similar manner to Paige Guthrie. The final move, however, was halted only a few days later.

Things took a turn for the shockingly worse, however, when terrorists calling themselves the Preservers, attacked several mutant-human friendly targets, including the Elpis office in Tel Aviv. Angelo Espinosa had been visiting the Pack and others at the time, and only Domino's powers saved them both. Nathan, Pete Wisdom and Amanda Sefton immediately flew to Tel Aviv to assist, with Medusa Amaquelin and an army of Attilani clerks taking on the task of rebuilding Elpis, who lost all their new staff in the explosion. X-Force did their best to uncover the bombers, frustrated by the lack of physical evidence, such as explosive residue. One positive thing came of the incident - it proved the motivation Amanda needed to finally tell Angelo her feelings for him, and to her surprise, they were reciprocated, although his personal trauma meant he was unable to fully verbalise or act on it.


Feb. 1 - Shiro suggests a Final Harry Potter party in July following news of the title's release date.

Feb. 2 - Jennie applies to colleges. Marie and Amanda go out for dinner and gossip. Lorna and Alex talk about his new relationship with Shiro. Rahne teaches Crystal about being a medlab helper.

Feb. 3 - Terry and Clarice are made full X-Men. Marie and Sam go and see "Wicked". Yvette talks to Logan about being afraid to leave the school since the mass comas. Doug apologises to Marie-Ange.

Feb. 4 - Superbowl Sunday. Jennie and Terry prank Marius and discuss the team. Nathan and Angelo discuss the proposed ice-climbing trip. Rachel gets an ear infection. Scott talks to Garrison about Russia and his awful mission track record so far. Pietro celebrates his temporary freedom by taking Crystal to dinner.

Feb. 5 - Nathan announces the ice climbing trip and has a mostly enthusiastic response. Crystal talks to Nathan about the ice climbing and witnesses him doing battle with Rachel over her antibiotics. X-Men Mission: Leverage: President McKenna's daughters are abducted by a group calling themselves Magnetic North, wanting the insurance legislation to go through and the X-Men are called in to help by Val Cooper.

Feb. 6 - X-Men Mission: Leverage: Cyclops and Storm pose as elevator consultants in order to search buildings; Sunfire and Blink find a homeless child instead and stay to help; Siryn and Rogue find one girl, but discover the second is in another location, and the alarm has been raised; Wolverine, Cable, Skin and Dominion are first on the scene and Dominion reluctantly agrees to try and negotiate with the hostage-takers; Dominion manages to talk one of the hostage-takers into turning against his partner. Laurie emails Angelo and Kyle about Forge's whereabouts and is unhappy to learn he left without telling her; she and Yvette discuss Forge and the silliness of Boys.

Feb. 7 - Early in the morning, Marie collects a very drunk Garrison from the front door after the Secret Service takes him out for thank you drinks; several hours later Crystal comes across a hungover Garrison making breakfast. Later, Garrison posts about being poisoned by ninjas, not hungover. Garrison is given two weeks' stress leave from the FBI. Garrison apologises to Nathan about calling him a merc during the mission the day before. Angelo and Nathan discuss the mission and Logan. Nathan and Ororo discuss him being called a merc. Wanda covers a class for Medusa's professor, which Medusa appreciates.

Feb. 8 - Angelo chats with Sooraya and takes Yvette to his mother's for dinner. Yvette posts about the National Enquirer and Bigfoot.

Feb. 9 - Charles announces Cain has gone on sabbatical, travelling the world as a bequest to the recently-deceased housekeeper who helped raise both of them. Nathan takes a group of students ice-climbing, and it is a successful outing.

Feb. 10 - Lorna loses a bet to Alison and has to recreate the Risky Business dance scene; Jean joins her and Medusa is disapproving. Haller and Betsy's relationship is outed on the journals, much to their discomfort. Wanda and Pietro celebrate their birthdays.

Feb. 11 - Alex emails Marie about her double date with Lorna, asking who Lorna is seeing. Haller grovels to Betsy for outing them. The ice-climbers return, unmarked by the field trip curse. Red X Mission: Whiteout: Ororo feels the onset of a severe blizzard in Kansas City; a state of emergency is called and Red X is mobilised; Pietro manages to talk Val Cooper into letting him go. Marie emails Lorna, telling her Alex has taken the 'bait', but Lorna tells her there was no bait to be taken and goes to talk to Alex to clarify this. Kaiten: Angelo announces he is going to be leaving for an Elpis trip to Burma with Domino. Logan and Nathan manage a friendly chat.

Feb. 12 - Mark emails Doug about a prank. Angelo and Rahne plot to ensure Nathan doesn't overdo things whilst Angelo is away. Red X Mission: Whiteout: Nathan and Crystal try to save a motorist in an accident, but are unsuccessful; Julio and Laurie discuss their tasks whilst waiting; Marie and Laurie fight off looters; Jennie and Jean rescue an unconscious couple in a snowed-under car; Angel and Ororo clear snow; Angel shares her powers with Marius and he does the same; Terry calls Bobby from Kansas City.

Feb 13 - Red X Mission: Whiteout: Marie and Nathan rescue the Dead Sea Scrolls; Kurt and Terry deliver a baby; Kane gets stuck in Toronto; Marie and Kyle clear an animal shelter and Kyle gets a new pet; Pietro asks Nathan to use his telepathy to locate homeless people for him to rescue; Pietro and Crystal clear snow, working together; Dani and Laurie discuss human nature.

Feb. 14 - Kyle introduces his kitten, Shamu Jnr, to the school. Mark and Doug prank the Snow Valley offices with small devices playing only a Fall Out Boy song; Remy points out to Pete how ingenious the devices are; Pete derides 'emo rock'. Nathan announces he is going to Muir to give himself time to recover from his pneumonia. Yvette is welcomed as the most recent Elpis volunteer and then later Nathan drives Angelo to the airport for his trip. Marie and Lorna go out. Laurie calls Amanda and asks for Snow Valley to find her father. Homecoming: Terry and Bobby have dinner and discuss Sean's Christmas gift of Cassidy Keep; Bobby decides to go to the Keep to be the caretaker, resigning from the X-Men and they request a meeting with Scott, Ororo and Charles. Amanda and Doug go out for drinks and she inadvertently tells him Garrison and Marie-Ange have stopped dating. Yvette and Angel discuss Red X.

Feb. 15 - Kaiten: Angelo meets with the Pack in Tel Aviv. Mark mourns his co-workers' lack of humour. Pietro and Marie discuss Magneto's kidnapping of her. Jean trains with Jack, and things get nasty; later, Jim apologises to Jean for what was said. Homecoming: Bobby and Terry meet with Scott and discuss their plans.

Feb. 16 - Kaiten: A bomb goes off in the Tel Aviv Elpis offices and only Domino's power saves the Pack and Angelo, although there are many casualties among the new staff; Pete, Amanda and Juanita Espinosa immediately leave for Tel Aviv; Medusa and Crystal go to Attilan to do what they can to help; Ororo announces the bombing to the school; Rahne and Bobby take on the work of the Elpis office; three other bombings across the world occur, all aimed at targets fostering human-mutant relations; Scott announces a need for twenty-four hour monitoring of the newsfeeds and calls for volunteers.

Feb. 17 - Kaiten: Medusa arrives in Tel Aviv with an army of clerks to assist with the recovery; Angelo posts that he is all right; Pietro reflects on Minister Barath and compares him to what his father might have been; Terry and Ororo discuss the bombings whilst watching the news feed. In the aftermath of the Kansas City operation, Scott discusses Pietro joining the X-Men when his probation is over.

Feb. 18 - Kaiten: Nathan calls Sofia and they discuss his worries about his friends; Angelo visits Domino; Rahne and Terry plot to make Bobby take a break; Nathan posts an update on the situation; Marie calls Angelo to check he really is all right. Crystal emails Medusa checking up on her.

Feb. 19 - Kaiten: Amanda helps Angelo escape the house for a little bit, and finally tells him how she feels; Medusa and Nathan visit the bombing site.

Feb. 20 - Kaiten: Medusa checks on Angelo; Amanda checks on Nathan, who is writing letters to the families of those killed. 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna receives another set back in her search for her sister, and Haller suggests she go to Sofia for help. Shiro accidentally texts Clarice instead of Alex, and their relationship is spectacularly outed; Alex goes to tell Scott before another accident happens; Clarice seeks comfort from her best friend, Terry, and learns she is going to be spending half her time at Cassidy Keep. Yvette apologises to Ororo for missing class. Pietro is freed from needing to wear the tracking device and tells Wanda and Crystal about Scott's offer for him to join the X-Men.

Feb. 21 - Kaiten: Responsibility for the bombings is claimed by a mutant group called the Preservers; Angelo tries to avoid the news, but eventually finds out; Lorna is angry at Nathan for not telling her about Piers being hurt; After hearing about the Preservers, Angelo spends the night in Amanda's bed and she comforts him after a nightmare; Crystal calls Medusa and complains about the lack of response from the other students. Julio has the 'flu and Angel tends to him.

Feb. 22 - Shiro and Scott spar and discuss Shiro's relationship with Alex. Kaiten: Angelo overhears Vasily's brother yelling at Nathan, and there's a fight; Medusa encounters Nathan afterwards; Jennie posts about being tired of hearing about the the bombings and causes an uproar; Angelo ends up comforting Amanda after she visits Vasily. Yvette meets Dani in the kitchen.

Feb. 23 - Kaiten: Nathan calls Rahne and they discuss Jennie; Nathan realises things are as under control as they're going to get, and it's time to go back to the States. Scott suggests joining the team to Pietro and he considers it. Crystal leaves to go home for a week and sends an e-mail to Scott and Ororo, letting them know of her temporary absence from the school.

Feb 24. - Kurt visits Snow Valley to leave a letter for Amanda and talks to Wanda about her absent assistant. Crystal e-mails Pietro to let him know about her planned extended time away from the mansion.

Feb 25. - Kurt and Garrison go to Harry's. Kaiten: Amanda comes across Medusa breaking into Angelo's room; Angelo and Nate say goodbye to Domino, promising to come back before six months pass. Crystal posts on her journal to let everyone know of her intention to remain away from the school until the following Monday.

Feb. 26 - After Pietro talks to Lorna about his time with the Brotherhood, he accepts Scott's offer. Scott announces Pietro is joining the team, and the reception is mixed. Jean talks to Logan about his reaction and finds the answer in a piece of his past. Rahne emails Jennie about her apology and why she is so angry. Angelo stops speaking after reading Jennie's post and resigns from his teaching position for the duration. 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna asks Sofia to track down her sister. Sofia is stopped in the street by a Guild member who hands her a letter for Pere LeBeau. Nate, Angelo and Amanda come back to New York, and Doug manages to get Amanda to sit down and rest.

Feb. 27 - Pete remains in Tel Aviv to continue investigations into the bombing. Nathan takes himself off active duty for two weeks and invites Sofia for lunch; Bobby and Angelo talk about Tel Aviv. Wanda notes she hasn't been eating properly. Bobby and Terry go out, and argue about him going back to Cassidy Keep.

Feb. 28 - Mark posts an amusing quote. Amanda has a minor accident on the way back from the school to NY, caused by fatigue, and Kurt and Doug collaborate to steal her car keys and insist Kurt teleport her to and from. Marie-Ange posts about Lent. Ororo and Angelo talk about him taking a break from classes and Jennie's post. Marie asks Logan about his reaction to Pietro joining the team. Forge returns from Muir Island and is arrested at the airport for refusing a security check.


X-Men Mission: Leverage

Red X Mission: Whiteout



40 Days (in the Desert)

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