Epiphany Frosts

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Epiphany Frosts
Dates run: January 15-16, 2007
Run By: Kate and Alicia
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All teams, thirty second countdown. Rogue, make sure your team gets in there fast. Cable, Phoenix... let's not let this bastard get away this time.

When Angelo travels to Moscow to attend a conference on mutant issues, he winds up in the middle of a hostage situation masterminded by the man who was last seen threatening to nuke San Francisco.


Angelo Espinosa, Dominion, Rogue, Juggernaut, Cannonball, Phoenix, Cable, Storm, Cyclops

Samie Kander, Ilyas Saidullayev, Natasha Romanova


January 15-16, 2007

Plot Summary

As part of his duties for Elpis, Angelo traveled to Moscow to attend a conference on mutant issues in the former USSR. Arriving in town a day early, he was startled and delighted to accidentally encounter Samie Kander, the young woman who worked with him and Nathan as a translator on their trip to Kashmir. The two of them renewed their acquaintance over vodka cocktails, Angelo inviting Samie to attend some of the conference sessions with him. Later, Samie wound up spending the night in Angelo's hotel room.

The next morning, running late, they were fortunate enough not to be in the conference hall when it was taken over by a team of terrorists led by Ilyas Saidullayev, the telekinetic Chechen terrorist who had taken over Alcatraz Island months ago and threatened to launch a neutron bomb at San Francisco if his demands were not met. Taking refuge in an empty conference room with Samie, Angelo quickly called the mansion, letting them know about the situation. Rapid behind-the-scenes manuevering took place, and the X-Men were invited into the situation based on their previous experience with Saidullayev.

As the Blackbird raced to Moscow, Angelo and Samie made their way back up to his room. But when Saidullayev's men began to search the hotel for stragglers, they were forced to take a detour along the window ledge to a room that had already been searched. They bunkered down, Angelo keeping in frequent contact with Nathan on the Blackbird.

Arriving on scene, the X-Men settled in for the long haul. Garrison took over negotiating with Saidullayev and his people, much to the disapproval of the Russian scene commander. Nathan kept in contact with Angelo in the hotel, while Scott worked on a deployment plan in case negotiations failed.

Garrison found that Saidullayev was well-used to the negotiation game, but over subsequent hours of talking managed to get him to agree to send out his demands and release a pregnant hostage. Scott started to discover that the Russians were not in a cooperative mood when there was a delay in delivering the blueprints of the hotel to him.

As the negotiations continued, Nathan called the mansion to speak to Angelo's mother to reassure her that Angelo was all right for the moment. Marie consulted with Scott on the tactical plan, and found herself put in charge of one of the sub-teams. Meanwhile, Angelo found himself explaining to Samie at least a little bit of what was going on outside.

The negotiations were derailed when Garrison's translator mis-translated a couple of key words, leading to Saidullayev deciding to make a point by killing one of the hostages and the X-Men deciding to go in. Nathan telepathically directed Angelo and Samie to a safe exit, but Angelo chose to turn back and help his team. Marie led Cain and Garrison into the conference hall, taking down the terrorists there and preventing any further deaths among the hostages. After the Russian police intercepted some ominous cellphone chatter, Scott gave rapid orders to Sam and Angelo, who managed to prevent another group of terrorists from setting off their last-resort bomb beneath the conference hall. Saidullayev made a break for it and was pursued by Nathan, Jean, and Ororo. The running battle did a great deal of property damage, Saidullayev proving that he was quite possibly just as strong as the X-Men's telekinetics and a great deal more ruthless about using his power. The three X-Men managed to force him to the river - where he threw a bridge at Nathan, nearly drowning him. Working together, they managed to take the Chechen telekinetic down.

Afterwards, the X-Men helped with clean-up. Angelo said his goodbyes to Samie, then slept all the way home on the Blackbird.

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Shortly after the events in Moscow, Angelo was promoted to full team. Nathan convinced Scott to let him be the one to break the news as a favor to him while he was recovering from a case of pneumonia that developed after his near-drowning in the Moskva.

Garrison had major difficulties dealing with the death of the hostage, doubting himself and his place with the X-Men.


Plotrunner: Kate and Alicia