Ilyas Saidullayev

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Ilyas Saidullayev
Ilyas Saidullayev.png
Portrayed by Richard Armitage
Known Aliases: Unknown
Affiliations: Tara Trask
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: September 28, 2006

A former Chechen terrorist, the powerful telekinetic/telepath found a new cause with Tara Trask, one which promised to cause Nathan Dayspring no end of grief. He is currently in a deep coma following his last clash with the X-Men.


Name: Ilyas Saidullayev

Aliases: Unknown

Affiliation: Formerly an unaffiliated Chechen separatist. Formerly worked with Tara Trask. Currently in a coma in SHIELD custody.

First appearance: September 28, 2006

Family: Unknown


Saidullayev was trained by the Russians, but later betrayed his employers and returned to his homeland, Chechnya, to work for the separatists there. He was a 'person of concern' for various intelligence agencies for ten years prior to the events on Alcatraz Island, where he took hostages and threatened to destroy San Francisco with a nuclear weapon if his demands were not met.

The X-Men successfully stopped him, disabling the nuke and handing it over to the government, but Cable noticed that it was an American weapon, a neutron bomb. Saidullayev himself escaped Alcatraz that day, leaving the question of how the weapon came into his possession a mystery.

He resurfaced in Moscow months later, where he took hostages at a conference about mutant affairs in the former USSR. He negotiated for several hours with Garrison Kane, but due to a misstranslation by the Russian translator, killed a hostage and brought about the decision by the X-Men to go into the hotel. Fleeing, he was pursued by Nathan Dayspring, Jean Grey, and Ororo Munroe, and taken into custody after a spectacular fight. He was handed over to the Russian authorities, who were close-mouthed about his fate.

Nothing further was heard of him for several months, until a trip to Derbent by Nathan and Haller turned violent when Saidullayev broke out of the special prison where he'd been held and, having suffered a schizophrenic break after months of attempted 'reeducation', began to destroy the city. Nathan and Haller managed to take him down, but were surprised by Magneto, who knocked them out and departed with Saidullayev, vowing to give him a chance to strike back against his tormentors.

At some point in the successive months, he was lured away from Magneto by Tara Trask, who visited his mind and won him over to her version of the Askani philosophy. In the process, she helped restore his mental stability - to a degree. He helped her lure Nathan (and Jean) to Chechnya to try and convince him to join them, but wound up fighting Jean Grey while Trask tried to establish a hold on Nathan's subconscious. When Nathan and Jean fled the Russian airstrike, their last sight of Saidullayev was him destroying the attacking helicopters.

After escaping Russia, he continued to help train Trask's people, and his experience and tactical direction was obvious in the operation to assassinate Bishop Alexi Garnoff, although he himself did not take part. His next encounter with the X-Men was while they and Trask's group were both investigating a project called Taygetos, with connections to Mistra. In the ensuing fight, he teamed up with John Lense against Nathan, nearly killing the X-Man and leaving him in a coma.

He encountered the X-Men again in Wakanda, as part of Trask's team supporting the invasion of that country and a second, Taygetos-initiated assassination attempt against T'Challa. In yet another confrontation with Nathan and Jean, Saidullayev revealed that he was using Kick; the enhancement to his already overwhelming strength forced Nathan and Jean to take a dangerous step, embarking on a link that was more of a 'mind-meld' to stop him. In the ensuing fight, they pushed him to the point of burnout and beyond, while simultaneously tearing through his mental defenses. It left him in a deep coma, allowing SHIELD to take him into custody. How long he will remain in that state remains to be seen.


Saidullayev is an extremely powerful and well-trained telekinetic. After fighting with him on Alcatraz, Cable referred to him as "a Chechen me", a comment that can be taken as an observation on their respective power and skill levels. Saidullayev later proved the accuracy of Cable's judgement of his power levels by managing to hold off him, Phoenix, and Storm for a considerable amount of time in a running battle in the streets of Moscow, and came close to defeating Cable in one-on-one telekinetic combat in Derbent. Though he is not a broad-spectrum psi, Jean Grey observed after the events in Derbent that it might mean that he is in fact a stronger telekinetic. He showed no signs of burning himself out in Derbent, suggesting that he does indeed possess the same minor 'catalyst' mutation that allows very strong telekinetics to exceed what would otherwise have been their natural limits.


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Saidullayev is the X-Project version of Stryfe, as he was the closest parallel to be had without inventing another relative for Nathan. Originally, however, he was meant to be an XP-version of Exodus.

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PB: Richard Armitage