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John Lense - deceased
Portrayed by
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Mistra, Hellfire Club
Socked By: N/A
Introduction: Lost and Found

Former Mistra operative, Lense did not share his comrades' desire for freedom and eventually turned to the Hellfire Club for guidance. He was killed by Nathan Dayspring when he attempted to create his own pack from the remains of the Taygetos program.


Name: John Lense

Aliases: None

Affiliation: Mistra, Hellfire Club

First appearance: February 8, 2005

Family: Unknown


John Lense, a first-generation Mistra operative, had his conditioning affected in Canada along with the rest of his team, but failed to stand with them when the X-Men and the government raided the Youra base. He survived, but was unable to adjust to life without Mistra and kidnapped Kyle Gibney in an attempt to draw Nathan into a confrontation. He came off the worst in that fight, and was taken into government custody. Two years later, apparently free, he appeared as a business partner of Tara Trask's in the investigation of a project with connections to Mistra and telling Nathan, whom he left in a coma, that he was working for the Hellfire Club. It was later revealed that he had been selected by Sebastian Shaw as his new Black Knight.

A few months later, he was startled when Nathan appeared at a Hellfire Club function in the company of Emma Frost, moments after Lense received information from a courier regarding the Taygetos program. Relying too heavily on the psi-bafflers active in the room, Lense was outmaneuvered by Emma, who then departed with Nathan (and the information).

He would continue his interest in Taygetos, presumably at the behest of Sebastian Shaw. While attempting to take six infants into custody after the fall of the program, he was responsible for the death of Carly Alvarez, and was killed himself in a fight with Nathan.


Gravity manipulator.


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