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Carly Alvarez - deceased
Portrayed by
Known Aliases: none
Affiliations: Mistra, Tara Trask
Socked By: N/A
Introduction: Reunion Monticello

Are you still trying to save mutants from our fate? Do you really think that you can?

Carly Alvarez was a former Mistra operative, separated from the rest of her 'pack' when her death was faked fifteen years ago. She spent time in the employ of Tara Trask, but died helping SHIELD and Nathan Dayspring protect mutant children from the Hellfire Club.


Name: Carly Alvarez

Aliases: None known

Affiliation: Former Mistra operative, later employed by Tara Trask. Died while assisting SHIELD.

First appearance: Reunion Monticello

Family: None known


Carly was a very young Mistra operative when she was said to have died in a helicopter crash with the rest of her team in 1993. In fact, the accident happened specifically to fake her death, and she was made the subject of an experiment by Carmella Ruiz. With her telepathy fully trained and her conditioning 'tweaked', she became a solo operative, more of a lone wolf type, working at the direction of Ruiz. She served as Ruiz's personal hatchet-woman for a number of years, to the director's satisfaction. Carly had none of the dangerous tendencies toward independence that the average first-generation operative developed, and no other operatives to bond with. She was totally ruthless and totally loyal.

When Mistra was taken down and Ruiz was captured and executed, Carly's leash was passed through various hands until she was quite literally dropped off on Tara Trask's doorstep. She has no idea what behind-the-scenes machinations landed her there, but Trask's ideas appeal to her strongly, and she's content to be working for the woman. She is still fully conditioned, but Trask has never made use of any of the obedience imperatives or triggered any of her deeper conditioning. She has, in fact, sworn to Carly that she would never do that, and never pass on the knowledge of how to do that to anyone else. Carly trusts her to a degree, but wants her conditioning gone.

She revealed herself to Nathan at Arlington Cemetery, a conversation that ended in her attacking him and wiping his memory of her presence, in order to buy herself a moment to examine something in his mind. Later, she was part of Trask's trap in Wakanda, attacking Emma Frost from behind while she was trying to breach Trask's shields. The mental contact did however allow Emma to identify her; she would later pass the information on to Nathan, including the fact that Carly's conditioning was still functional.

As part of Trask's operation in Budapest, Carly assisted Trask to escape when the X-Men hit the terrorist safehouse before they could attack the Hungarian parliament. She nearly killed Haller, but was forestalled by Nathan, who used the Trojan Horse on her, shattering her conditioning. She was taken into Hungarian custody, Nathan interceding on her behalf by telling Peter Lakatos the truth of her origins.

She was quickly freed and recruited by SHIELD for the wealth of intelligence she could provide. She became involved in the operation to end the Taygetos program, and died trying to help Nathan protect some of the youngest victims of Taygetos from John Lense.


Carly was a very strong telepath (stronger than Nathan, although still well short of Xavier or Jean). Her ability also had the empathic dimension that Jean has and Nathan does not. When she was separated from the other Mistra operatives, she was fully trained by trusted Mistra staff psis and given their whole bag of dirty tricks - psionic conditioning techniques, mindwiping, interrogation techniques and the like. The Askani training passed on by Trask added a further level of refinement.


Reunion Monticello

The Magnificent Seven

X-Men Mission: Fifth Column

Fiddler's Green


The comics-canon Carly Alvarez was a mysterious aide with the presidential campaign of Graydon Creed. Best known for uttering the Askani maxim 'What is, is' to Bobby Drake and confusing him utterly. The Askani Sisterhood was originally supposed to be responsible for Creed's assassination, but the plot thread was later dropped.

Formerly socked by Suzene