X-Men Mission: Loose Ends

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Part 7 of the Go Tell The Spartans Arc.


X-Men: Loose Ends
Dates run: January 27, 2006
Run By: Frito
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I suppose I don't see any reason why you should get to live in happy ignorance, Kyle. None of the rest of us do.

A surviving Mistra operative, mentally unstable and furious at Nathan, kidnaps Kyle to lure his former comrade into a trap. He gets rather more than he bargained for, and Kyle finds out some uncomfortable truths.


Kyle Gibney, Forge, Cable, Nightcrawler, Dazzler

NPCs: John Lense


January 27, 2006

Plot Summary

Kyle and Forge are enjoying an afternoon in town doing some CD shopping, when they're approached by a stranger who used his powers to pin everyone to the ground and all but crush the store, stopping anyone from intervening as he took Kyle. He told Forge to go back home and "tell Dayspring I've reclaimed one from him".

Once he was able to stand, Forge called the mansion and described to Nathan what had happened. Nathan quickly identified the kidnapper as John Lense, the sole member of Morgan's team from Canada who had not switched sides on Youra. Before a search could be properly started, Lense called Nathan, threatening to kill Kyle unless he met him at an area parking garage. Dazzler quickly drew up a plan, taking Cable and Nightcrawler with her to the site in question.

At the parking garage, Kyle was mouthing off to Lense for all that he was worth. Lense, despite reassuring Kyle that he wasn't actually planning to hurt him, got increasingly aggravated as Kyle continued to talk. He was hoping to distract Lense enough that the man released his grip on the gravity fields keeping him restrained, but found out quickly that engaging Lense in conversation wasn't the best plan ever. Lense told him about the other children in Vermont, the ones that had not survived. As Kyle had never been told that he hadn't been the only one in the conditioning facility, this came as a severe shock to him. At first, he didn't believe Lense, then accused the ex-operative of killing the other five children himself. Lense lost his temper, shouting at Kyle that he had been one of those kids years ago and turning up the gravity fields, nearly crushing Kyle as he gave him the rest of the details. Kyle managed to regain his composure, but continued to blame Lense for not having done anything to help the other kids in Vermont. Before Lense could take any drastic action to shut him up, the cavalry arrived.

Cable distracted Lense while Nightcrawler teleported Kyle away to safety. Kyle was somewhat disgruntled by this, having wanted very much to see Lense get his ass kicked. Nightcrawler's quick save was timely, however, as the parking garage started to collapse as the telekinetic and the gravity manipulator fought each other. Lense put up a more than respectable fight, forcing Nathan to resort to one of Askani's old tricks, a telekinetic exoskeleton in the shape of a firebird. He knocked Lense out and used the exoskeleton to get them both clear of the collapsing building.

Back at the mansion, after handing Lense over to the authorities, Nathan took stock of what had just happened and found himself uncomfortable with the implications. He wondered about what would happen to Lense now, and whether he had indeed been given opportunities his fellow former Mistra operatives had not been. Afterwards, Nathan went to talk to Kyle, telling him about the other children in Vermont and how they had ensured that their parents were informed and they were all given proper burials. He also promised to take Kyle to see the Mistra memorial in Arlington and did, a few days later.

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This was the third time Lense came off the worse in a fight with an X-Man; previously, Jean-Paul Beaubier and Haroun al-Rashid had both kicked his ass.


Plotrunner: Frito