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David "Legion" Haller arrived at the school to become the new school counsellor. Jean Grey and Scott Summers announced their elopement, Haroun al-Rashid and Alison Blaire got engaged and Danielle Moonstar was declared stable enough by Leonard Samson to take on the school secretary job offered to her by Scott. Lorna Dane and Alex Summers settled apparently happily in Hawaii and Manuel de la Rocha got a job - with Gideon Faraday's company, Eris Enterprises. Kylun was confronted with the possibility of discovering his true identity. Wanda Maximoff snatched a brief meeting with her brother Pietro Maximoff. Jubilation Lee visited as a break from her police training. Angelo Espinosa visited Amanda Sefton in New Orleans and discovered she was doing well without her powers. Alex and Scott had a falling out over the X-Men.

Nathan Dayspring took Haroun, Wanda and Angelo with him to Kazakhstan to investigate a mutant training school and discovered links to Eris. Whilst he was away, Gideon went to Muir Island, where Moira MacTaggart confronted him, eventually shooting him in the leg. It was only a distraction, however, as one of Moira's nurses hacked into the database and stole various patient files. In the wake of the breach, Moira asked the resident geniuses - Forge, Kitty Pryde and Doug Ramsey to visit with their significant others on a working holiday. Two days later, Bridge was killed by Gideon using Nathan's TK, and plunging Nathan into a deep depression.

Jamie Madrox was made a trainee and Theresa Cassidy asked her father for permission to become one. Sam Guthrie broke the sound barrier (to the displeasure of the hearing-sensitive residents of the mansion) and Haroun regained the ability to fly. Jean and Moira suggested various fixes for Nathan's pre-cog and his susceptibility to EM fields and Nathan uncovered a new application for his TK in the wake of Askani's death - a firebird construct that let him fly. Marius Laverne continued experimenting with other peoples' powers as a function of his feeding.


Jan. 1 - Kitty and Jamie go to Chicago and run into her father, who is now an alcoholic; later, Jamie has a Talk with Kitty's mother. Nathan returns to the mansion from Muir, leaving Moira and Rachel there for a few more days. Terry and Bobby are the first to hear that Jean and Scott got married.

Jan. 2 - Trinity: Nathan organises a research trip to Kazakhstan for Elpis (concerning a central training school for mutants) and asks Wanda, Haroun (checking with Alison first) and Angelo to go with him. Angelo also gets a raise.

Jan. 3 - Forge declares that the holiday was boring. Nathan tells the Kazakhstan group that they're leaving that night. Trinity: Bridge informs Nathan that the Pack are going after the training camp in Mali.

Jan. 4 - On layover in Frankfurt, Nathan and Haroun talk about the weather, Kazakh food, and their travel companions. Manuel has a job interview... with Eris. Scott tells Alison he and Jean got married. Clarice finishes her college applications. Lorna and Alex come back to the mansion, puppies in tow.

Jan. 5 - Trinity: Wanda is fussed over by the women in the Kazakh nomads' camp, Nathan rescues her, and they tell her a secret from the year he spent there aged nineteen; Nathan goes riding and makes Haroun go with him; Haroun falls off and Nathan decides to leave him to make his own way back; this leads to a breakthrough in Haroun's powers, as he flies for the first time since his grounding. Jean bullies Scott into driving her into town to get "something" for the suite, and he publicly announces their marriage for the first time. Manuel invites his friends to a party to celebrate his getting the job.

Jan. 6 - Trinity: Nathan and Wanda pose as journalists and visit the mutant training centre, noting a few interesting discrepancies; Gideon visits Moira on Muir and reveals that he was involved with Mistra, apparently for the purpose of distracting her while one of her nurses steals the files from her secure database; Moira shoots Gideon before he escapes; Wanda and Nathan break into the school after hours and find a couple of nasty surprises in the files. Lorna and Scott discuss the team, Alex, and powers, but nothing is resolved. Kyle somehow gets it into his head that Alison might be a guy.

Jan. 7 - Trinity: Nathan and Angelo go riding and discuss strategy, before Nathan broaches the subject of college; later, they get in to see the Interior Minister, who is very distressed by the evidence from the school. It's a start. Haroun and Nathan snipe a little but manage some productive discussion too, before Nathan has another precog fit. Moira informs the team and Charles Xavier about Gideon's visit. Alex warns the school at large to watch out for his puppy, Crush, on the stairs. Scott emails Alex about Lorna possibly rejoining the team, but it leads to an argument.

Jan. 8 - Wanda manages a brief meeting with her brother, with snarkiness but also mutual filling-in on their years apart. Moira invites Doug, Forge and Kitty (plus significant others) to Muir to check over her computer systems in the wake of the hacking.

Jan. 9 - Alison runs into Bridge out shopping and helps him buy a ring. Later, Nathan and Bridge talk on the phone with much introspection. The group return from Kazakhstan. Lorna's puppy Lili joins Crush in his games on the stairs, leading Lorna to restate the warning. Forge installs new security measures on the Muir computers, then gets Clarice to bring him home. He turns out to have some vertigo issues with Clarice's teleportation. Nathan tells Cain Marko|Cain and Moira how things went in Mali and Kazakhstan.

Jan. 10 - Trinity: Nathan and Cain head into the city to meet Bridge for lunch; Gideon gets to the restaurant a few minutes before them, makes small talk until Nathan gets within synching range, and then uses Nathan's telekinesis to kill Bridge; Nathan and Cain bring his body back to the mansion, and then Nathan has to tell Moira the news; later, Nathan finds Alison in the Situation Room, keeping watch for any disturbance in Tunis, and they talk about Bridge and the Pack; Cain announces Bridge's death to the team.

Jan. 11 - Lorna gets a visit from Piers and hears about Bridge's death. Terry organises a board game and film festival, since fog makes her plan to go out impractical. Nathan asks for help ferrying the Pack from the airport.

Jan. 12 - Nathan can't sleep, but Moira keeps him company and they make a few decisions about Bridge's funeral. Pete mourns Bridge in his own way. The Pack descend on the mansion for the funeral, with plans to leave for Muir the same day. Theo happens by as Wanda gathers her thoughts on the porch, and they comfort each other. Anika accidentally destroys one of her walls by punching it. Dani tells Scott she's ready to take up the job he offered her. Haroun calls an all-hands meeting at Harry's, for when everyone returns from Muir.

Jan. 13 - Kyle smells alcohol on the student floor and tries to blackmail whoever the underage drinker is into buying him new speakers.

Jan. 14 - Nathan goes out after the funeral to try to clear his head, and Haroun goes along to keep an eye on him. Haller arrives at the mansion and is welcomed by the Professor.

Jan. 15 - Nathan wanders the halls of Castle Kinross and gets a visit from Bridge's ghost. Scott shows Haller around and then takes him to Harry's to offer some choice words of advice - not all of it reassuring. Nathan returns to the mansion. Catseye is allowed to watch The Aristocats and proceeds to sing The Siamese Cat Song all around the hallways - loudly, at 1.30am. Jamie joins in, much to Jay's displeasure.

Jan. 16 - Marius chooses something of a bad time to ask Nathan about his independent study. Haller meets Wanda and is subjected to her sense of humour. Scott and Shiro have a joint Danger Room session and blow things up. Haroun and Alison go out for a walk in the snow which turns into a high-velocity snowball fight when he manages to fly again. Jamie's car starts to make unhappy noises, and he tries to fix it. Haller introduces himself on the journals and lays out just what his job is and isn't. Nathan asks Alison for work, Cain for a Danger Room session and Jean to check his correspondence for appropriate diplomacy. Jay draws Forge's attention to a Discovery show about bionic replacements; Forge thanks him for it and invites him to watch the Dukes of Hazzard movie. Kylun accidentally stumbles across a clue to his past.

Jan. 17 - Haroun convinces Nathan to head into the city with him for dinner for a real Moroccan meal. It's a very good meal, until Nathan looks up and sees his father sitting across the room. Forge and Haller bond over sandwiches. Wanda decides Kurt needs to be flirted with, does so, and then they agree to go dancing. Moira informs Nathan that they're going for a short holiday in two weeks. Jubilee comes back to visit for a few days. Cain declares a new house rule - supervillain relatives have to be declared to him. Moira has a lead on a shiny new toy. In Hawaii, Lorna is dragged out to play with the puppies in the rain. Forge gives Lorna proof that Magneto can't possibly be her father. Scott emails Moira to check if she's okay with Nathan in his current state.

Jan. 18 - Bobby is not pleased by Terry promising their babysitting services without asking him. Haller meets Rachel, both physically and telepathically, and is nearly broken by touching such a pure baby mind. Nathan sees Jack Leary to talk about the events of the week, and seems to be doing better than the last time he needed grief counselling. Forge checks on Haroun's prosthetics and lets slip who was the model for the kinesthetic data. Dani is officially stable, according to Dr. Samson, and becomes the school secretary. Nathan apologises to Haroun for losing it at him on the team board. Jean offers Moira a possible temporary fix for Nathan's precog.

Jan. 19 - Haroun accidentally finds the ring Alison had made for him and accepts her proposal, leaving her just a mite shocked... and literally glowing. Nathan and Jennie talk over lunch, and when she wonders about the funeral, he tells her everything. Haller meets a very giddy Alison and they go in search of the perfect lighting, then go for ice cream. Alison and Lorna have an incoherent email conversation and then a giggly and slightly more coherent phone conversation about the engagement. Haroun tells Nathan about the engagement, feeling somewhat stressed.

Jan. 20 - Jean tells Nathan about her proposed medical solution to his EM weakness. Wanda and Kurt go dancing and end up being invited to enter a competition.

Jan. 21 - Nathan, as he discussed with Jennie, is trying to write something about GW for public consumption when he makes the mistake of checking the email account he used to communicate with GW when he was in Africa. Waiting patiently to be read since the previous week is an unexpected email - from Gideon. Nathan goes out to the quarry to blow up some rocks, and is eventually coaxed back inside by Angelo. He finally breaks down on Moira, and then, much later, has yet another ghostly visitation. Scott invites Jamie for a talk about his training, asks Alison to go over his marksmanship scenario, and gripes at Sam for stealing his paperwork.

Jan. 22 - After the quarry, Nathan attempts to destress by spending some quality time with Rachel. Although his first encounter with the new counselor reopens the wound all over again, it turns out Haller's 'speciality' leaves him eminently suited to address at least part of Nathan's problem. Jamie and Kitty have a snowball fight, in which Kitty cheats. Nathan and Moira have a very calm, matter-of-fact conversation about how to ruin Gideon's life.

Jan. 23 - Terry meets with Scott to ask if she can join the team, and is told to talk to her father. Cain meets Haller and they arrange to go to the pub. Jamie shows up in Scott's office, also to ask about joining the team, with a list of questions. Nathan wanders down to see Cain at the boathouse and they end up going off to meet Haller at Harry's. Haroun invites Alison into the city to choose her engagement ring, asks Nathan to actually make it for her, and checks on his ring's metal composition with Lorna. Cain's entire Elementary History class pass their state exam.

Jan. 24 - Sam and Terry run into each other as Sam comes in from flying, and they talk about a variety of topics. Jay decides he owes Marius an apology for what he said, but Marius upsets him all over again. Nathan writes a long post about GW and about the work the Pack have been doing. Terry asks Sean for permission to join the team and for help with her powers training.

Jan. 25 - Nathan invites Alison to meet him outside, well past midnight, to see what he showed to Haroun the previous night. They have a moment. Then they go flying. All of Nathan's pens go missing. Lorna enjoys a normal life in Hawaii. Jamie asks Jean about Scott's old codenames, and is told more than he ever wanted to know. Jamie takes Miles on Catseye's bowling night (organised to let the kids meet her brother), after getting Alison's permission. Jamie announces his trainee status to the rest of the team.

Jan. 26 - Doug gives Marius a marrow donation, then suggests DDR as a use for his borrowed power. Alison makes a public announcement of her and Haroun's engagement. Sam breaks the sound barrier while flying over the lake; Cain and Kyle both complain about the sonic boom, with Kyle demanding that Jay shout at Sam for it. Kyle also has issues with a clock ticking too loudly and Doug and Marius hogging the DDR machine. Lorna posts while sleep-deprived and overcaffeinated. Angelo heads down to New Orleans to visit Amanda. Terry sets up a meeting between herself, Scott and Sean to discuss her training. Alison invites Ororo to go to Hawaii with her and Haroun, with Scott's permission. Scott organises a surprise engagement party for Alison and Haroun. Forge gloats about winning the bowling.

Jan. 27 - Out late for some air, Haller spots Nathan flying. Nathan proceeds to demonstrate that he doesn't have a good grip on the whole concept of landing, but thankfully telekinetic exoskeletons are tough things. He and Haller walk back to the mansion and talk, and Nathan unintentionally touches upon a very sensitive issue for the younger man. Thankfully, he also handles Haller's subsequent mini-breakdown well. Haller meets Kurt, and they have quiet conversation. Alison, still giddy, makes Paige dance with her in the kitchen. Jim comes down to beat his head against Moira's desk for his slip with Nathan. Moira manages to calm him down a little and they find that it's not so hard to slip back into normal routine with friends you haven't seen in a while. Jubilee posts about her apartment in New York and her police training. X-Men Mission: Loose Ends: John Lense snatches Kyle from a shopping trip with Forge to lure Nathan out, and Nathan and Kurt go after them and successfully get Kyle back with no loss of life.

Jan. 28 - Haller goes to see Charles, but it's Davey who begins the meeting. Dani is working on Saturday, to Scott's surprise and mild annoyance at his job being usurped. Clarice is impatient to hear back from her colleges. Alex has his twentieth birthday.

Jan. 29 - On Muir, Nathan gets a pep talk from MacInnis, takes a walk with Domino, and gets a request from GW's ghost. Lorna calls Scott to find out why he didn't call his brother on his birthday, with the expected bad outcome. The Professor gets some potentially very unsettling news to pass on to Kylun. In New Orleans, Angelo gets to see where Amanda's living now, then they go for a drink. She's doing well, and some measure of closure is achieved for both of them.

Jan. 30 - The Professor passes on what he's learned about Kylun's parents. Forge finds Kyle in the gym trying to kill the heavy bag; Kyle insists he's okay and Forge tells him he's a terrible liar. Jay and Kyle talk about pornography, odors and sounds, in bed. Nathan gets a) the Death Flu and b) a progress report on the repair of his psimitar.

Jan. 31 - Kylun gives a blood sample to prove one way or another if he is Colin McKay. Cain offers Jamie a job. Nathan invites Moira to the Danger Room and finally shows her his new trick - her revenge on holding out on her is to have the Danger Room shoot at him to test it. Haroun runs into Haller and gives him a migraine. Scott and Jean have a nice relaxed dinner, with the only sticky point being Lorna's phone call.



X-Men Mission: Loose Ends

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