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Frank Ludlum returned to the school from an extended trip home and sought out Topaz to mend fences with her after her powers incident in June 2013. It proved more successful than he had perhaps hoped, with the pair sharing a kiss and, after mutual freaking out, agreeing to go out on a date that wasn't entirely a disaster. Also arriving at the mansion was Johnny Storm, younger brother of Susan Storm, who proved that where she was thoughtful and scientific, he was reckless and had a tendency to leap head first into things - or out of things, as Angelica Jones made his acquaintance while he was throwing himself out of a tree to try to fly.

Namor Mazur, essentially evicted from his dorms for anger issues, made his mark in the mansion as well, winding up in several arguments or fights with residents, including Hope Abbott over the meaning of nobility. Fortunately, Clint Barton was on hand to throw things at his head whenever he started being an asshat.

Amanda Sefton's magic class gained a new member with Megan Gwynn joining the group to hone the skills taught to her by Belasco. Hope A. and Clint experimented with her astral form and his spatial awareness, and Rachel Kinross-Dayspring interviewed with Angelo Espinosa about joining X-Corps. As a result, he wound up in the lake.


Jan 1 - Adrienne emails Jean to thank her for keeping an eye on Tandy and finds out about Jean and Scott’s anniversary celebration. Clint texts Billy to ask if he’s met Tyrone. Frank posts to announce that he’s returned to the mansion. Jean and Scott celebrate their anniversary away from the chaos of the mansion.

Jan 2 - Marie-Ange asks the grads if it would be inappropriate for her to organize a trip for them to Colorado to pick up pot plants legally. Frank goes to mend fences with Topaz, apologizing for freaking out at her while Topaz admits she’s not proud of what happened back then- but when a kiss they share is interrupted by Sue, Topaz has a freak-out of her own and begs Frank to leave. Topaz texts Amanda asking if she can stay at Amanda’s for the night.

Jan 3 - Frank apologizes to Angelo for punching him in the face and finds out he still has a job at X-Corps. Angelo posts asking if Billy wished for snow. Matt texts Rachel asking her to return the shirt of his she wore when she slept in his bed. Ty searches the kitchen for food and finds Hope A. instead.

Jan 4 - Frank texts Topaz asking if they can talk. Frank displays his anger control problem in front of Maddie while discussing Topaz, which plays into her plan of getting him to stop smoking a cigarette. Tandy texts Tyrone to ask how he’s settling in. Laurie posts asking if anyone wants to do some training to get her away from studying. Frank and Topaz meet up to admit they like each other and kiss. Matt and Rachel hang out and talk about her behavior on New Year's.

Jan 5 - Rachel’s job interview with X-Corps ends with Angelo being dumped in the lake.

Jan 6 - Laurie asks Doug for a third date.

Jan 7 - Dori bemoans the addictiveness of Long Live The Queen. Yvette announces a Red X initiative to help homeless New Yorkers find shelter against the bad weather.

Jan 8 - Yvette and Sooraya decide to help a friend who is bedridden from a battle in demonic realms. Scott picks Namor up from his dorms after an incident.

Jan 9 - Sooraya and Frank talk about the difficulty of changing long-held opinions and giving people the benefit of time.

Jan 10 - Megan joins Amanda's magic class for the first time and gets a revision of the basics as well as practical homework.

Jan 11 - Topaz and Frank make an attempt at a first date; it doesn't go nearly as badly as one might expect.

Jan 12 - Sue stops by to see Angel, cheer her up, and ask for help with something.

Jan 13 - Amanda makes a journal entry reflecting on the time she turned Jake into a frog. Hope A. e-mails Matt seeking help with an assignment.

Jan 14 - Hope A. texts Topaz saying she’s been looking pink and green lately. Ty and Molly meet, and proceed to bond over a love of food.

Jan 15 -

Jan 16 - Marie-Ange makes a journal entry posing a philosophical dining question. Hope A. and Clint experiment with the effect Hope A.'s astral form has on Clint's spacial awareness.

Jan 17 -

Jan 18 - Wade texts Adrienne asking for help in a cryptic fashion. Clint texts Sue to ask when they’re going to her dad’s place to collect scrap for his robot.

Jan 19 - Doug texts Wade to see if he’s received a video from the Girl Scouts in his e-mail. Meggan texts Wade in all caps about erotic Sharknado fanfiction. Yvette happens across Namor at the lake and they chat about cleanliness, obvious things, and service. Warren makes a journal entry about discovering today is his birthday, and drinks at Silver are on him. Maddie makes a journal entry about Jamaica having a bobsled team qualify for the Olympics.

Jan 20 -

Jan 21 - Hope A. finds Molly jumping through trees and they talk before going for a snack.

Jan 22 - Wade posts to his journal asking for a minion roll call and inviting new people to apply for minionhood. Johnny Storm arrives at the mansion and Jean-Phillipe shows him around. Tabitha cancels her birthday, her friends refuse to allow her.

Jan 23 - Ty posts on his journal for the first time, introducing himself. Clint and Namor meet by the archery range.

Jan 24 - Tabitha posts to tell people Wade is a menace. At Angel’s suggestion Wade sends Sue and e-mail offering to make her minion number 5.

Jan 25 - Namor and Hope A. meet in the sun room and get into a fight over what it means to be noble.

Jan 26 - Johnny Storm introduces himself on the journals.

Jan 27 -

Jan 28 - Namor finds Clint on the roof. They talk. Some snowballs get thrown. It's all good. Clint invites various guys for an evening of playing video games.

Jan 29 - Jean posts about it being cold and spending too much time on Boiler Beach. Billy posts about asking Amanda to let him warm up the weather a little.

Jan 30 - Angel posts about having no issues with the weather.

Jan 31 - Matt posts about about forensic chemistry being cooler if he could see.



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