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2007 marked several new starts and recoveries. The New Year's party at Silver proved hugely successful, especially for HeliX. Kurt Sefton, healed of his ritualistic scarring by Amanda Sefton, threw his scarring knife in the lake, whilst the witch began to deal with the new realities of her healing ability. Ororo Munroe reluctantly returned from Africa at the behest of Scott Summers. Nightcrawler, Legion and Sunfire were reinstated to the X-Men, following their respective absences, whilst Polaris was physically cleared to begin training again. Angelo Espinosa was promoted from trainee to full X-Man, taking the codename "Skin". Nathan Dayspring, Domino and Angelo climbed Mt. Washington in order to mark the anniversary of GW's death. Pietro Maximoff and Scott discussed healing after the former Brotherhood member caught sight of Scott's scars. And Julio Richter and Angelica Jones went on their first date.

Nathan discovered that his disclosure of his telepathic powers was going to make life difficult at the UN. Medusa Amaquelin and Mark Sheppard encountered a scary shoe-throwing fanboy, which resulted in lots of shoes needing a home. Alex Summers and Shiro Yoshida's nascent relationship was outed to Kyle Gibney and Lorna Dane, causing both boys to have their individual wigginses.

The X-Men needed their full component, as it because a busy month for them. The Greek government requested help with a military experiment gone rogue on the island of Youra, which prompted not a few flashbacks for those involved. It was also Dominion's first mission, and his last being partnered with Legion when Jack surfaced and blithely assumed Garrison didn't need telekinetic shielding.

Later that month, Angelo, attending a conference in Moscow on behalf of Elpis, found himself in a hostage situation. Garrison attempted to negotiate with the terrorists, but deliberate mistranslation resulted in the death of one of the hostages and the X-Men were required to storm the building. Angelo - with his friend Samie Kander in tow - provided much in the way of useful intelligence, and proved himself worthy of the X-Men tags he was later given by Nathan.

Sabretooth resurfaced, this time attempting to assassinate his father, politician Graydon Creed. The first attempt was interrupted by a chance meeting with Kyle - Sabretooth's taunts raised doubt in Kyle's mind as to his parentage, and when his mother revealed his father wasn't his genetic parent, he sought out answers, nearly getting himself killed. A security shut down halted the weekly bus trips, lifted only upon Sabretooth's capture as part of a clever sting operation between the Secret Service, the FBI and the X-Men, using profile information provided by Snow Valley's Sofia Mantega-Barret.

The drama wasn't over, however. A field trip led by Haller and Lorna, with Amanda assisting, resulted in mass comas when a telepathic con man by the name of Thomas Glorian inadvertently threw the group into Haller's dream - or nightmare - of a world without mutants. Upon recovering, Forge decided to take a sabbatical on Muir Island, and Crystal Amaquelin and Lorna began to bury the hatchet of animosity.


Jan. 1 - Various comments are made about the party at Silver. Kurt throws his scarring knife in the lake.

Jan. 2 - Kurt goes to see Amanda for the first time since his healing, and they talk about new starts; Kurt asks for permission to be reinstated to the X-Men and this is granted. Remy returns from Africa in a foul mood.

Jan. 3 - Scott goes to Africa and manages to talk Ororo into coming back. Pietro, looking for Crystal, comes across Medusa and Lockjaw instead. Crystal visits Pietro and is horrified by soup from a can.

Jan. 4 - Crystal sees Kurt without the scars and begins putting various conversations together. Alex and Shiro talk about their relationship; Shiro asks Ororo to be reinstated to the X-Men and is given permission; Forge and Shiro test his new uniform. Yvette posts about starting school the upcoming Monday. Kurt comes by to thank Yvette for the apples she left for him whilst he was in medlab. Marie, Amanda and Angelo go out for drinks and Amanda reveals the nature of the healing spell.

Jan. 5 - Forge and Crystal talk about the Winter Ball and she reveals her manifestation experience to him. Logan checks up on Ororo and ends up asking her out. X-Men Mission: Phalanx: Val Cooper contacts the X-Men with a problem in Greece: an elite squad of microchip-controlled soldiers has gone rogue on Youra; Haller tells Nathan his new codename just before they are summoned to the Situation Room; Forge comes up with a way to over-ride the microchips in the 'Spartan's' heads, and plans are made.

Jan. 6 - Crystal asks Amanda about Kurt's healing, and the witch is surprisingly forthcoming. Domino comes to New York and goes to dinner with Angelo. Julio and Angel go on their first date. X-Men Mission: Phalanx: Cyclops, Cannonball and Nightcrawler have a briefing with the Greek admiral in charge of the mission; the X-Men undergo HALO training; the X-Men make the jump, and Jack emerges when Haller gets into difficulty; the soldiers are neutralised harmlessly, but Garrison has issues being partnered with Haller, who left him unshielded.

Jan. 7 - X-Men Mission: Phalanx: Nathan discovers much of the old Mistra complex has been bulldozed, and makes a memorial of his own to the dead; Logan makes his own gesture; Garrison officially complains to Scott about Haller; Logan checks on Marie and she's having issues with not having told Scott about Jack emerging. Logan emails Sarah about going out. Marie-Ange emails Garrison, checking on him. Nathan decides to leave for a few days, as it is also the first year anniversary of GW's death coming up. He (reluctantly) takes Angelo with him and Domino, to go climbing. Logan and Kurt meet up at Harry's Hideaway after the mission and Logan manages to get Kurt to stop using the image inducer; Kurt posts drunkenly to the journals in Romani.

Jan. 8 - X-Men Mission: Leverage: Forge posts about an upcoming resolution before the government banning insurance companies from asking for genetic status. Terry and Bobby return from Cassidy Keep. Domino helps Angelo get climbing gear, and later he and Nathan talk briefly about why they're there. Pietro sees Scott's scars and they talk about strength and recovery. Garrison and Marie talk about his reaction to X-Men Mission: Phalanx.

Jan. 9 - Nathan, Angelo and Domino climb Mount Washington and certain gestures are made and a degree of healing found. Jean meets Pietro.

Jan. 10 - Nathan posts to the journals about GW. Laurie raises the possibility of making a school newspaper. Kyle smells Alex on Shiro and freaks the other boy out with telling him he knows about their relationship; Shiro tells Alex that Kyle knows and Alex calms him down. Marie invites Sam to go with her to the city to see Wicked. X-Men Mission: Phalanx: Scott informs the team that the Greek soldiers from Youra will make a full recovery.

Jan. 11 - Pete requests that people share their reading, listening and viewing habits. Yvette has her first self-defence lesson with Angelo. Doug gets Amanda a delayed Christmas gift. Lorna kidnaps Marie to the local spa for the weekend, but before she goes, Marie talks with Ororo about the burden of responsibility. Nathan and Medusa attend a meeting at the UN, only to have Nathan barred because he is a telepath. Lorna has a check-up with Jean and is cleared for active duty. Garrison and Logan go to a hockey game and discuss Youra.

Jan. 12 - Crystal and Nathan talk about his experiences at the UN after her Farsi lesson. Minitooth: Kyle encounters Sabretooth at a speech being given by Graydon Creed and manages to sound the alarm and save the Senator's life. Marie-Ange and Garrison go out again.

Jan. 13 - X-Men Mission: Phalanx: Scott questions Logan about his wounding of a Greek soldier and learns something about the other man's perspective. Ororo takes Kurt out for dinner for both their birthdays. Minitooth: Scott and Ororo compile all the information the X-Men have on Sabretooth.

Jan. 14 - Epiphany Frosts: Angelo goes to a conference in Moscow and runs into Samie. Sofia returns from vacation. Scott decides on a project for his engineering class.

Jan. 15 - Tommy posts to his journal about Creed's bill, and starts a discussion with Jean, Garrison and Mark. Amanda confronts Remy about his reaction to what he said to Ororo in Africa. Epiphany Frosts: The conference in Moscow is taken hostage by Chechen mutant terrorists and Angelo and Samie manage to escape capture and warn the X-Men; Garrison attempts to negotiate with Ilyas Saidullayev, but things go terribly wrong when his words are mistranslated. Minitooth: Kyle posts about his experience at the rally.

Jan. 16 - Epiphany Frosts: The X-Men storm the building and manage to subdue the hostage takers without casualties; Nathan and Jean go after Saidullayev and Nathan gets a bridge thrown at him and lands in the river before Ororo takes him down; Angelo and Sam take down the hostage takers guarding a bomb in the basement. Amanda talks to Juanita Espinosa the morning after. Nathan ends up with pneumonia as a result of being thrown in the river and is found by Sooraya. Minitooth: Marie, Julio and Forge email Kyle, checking on him; Scott posts to the main journal explaining what happened; Ororo posts to the team journal about the Secret Service's involvement.

Jan. 17 - Medusa and Mark encounter a rabid fan whilst shopping for shoes; Medusa announces she has many shoes to give away. Laurie tells Forge they ought to just be friends, and is disappointed when he agrees with her. Jennie gets cabin fever and is very strange in her journal. Logan gets in touch with Marie and Ororo from Alkali Lake. Epiphany Frosts: Nathan notifies Remy of the events in Russia; those people closest to Nathan and his students are tested for contagious pneumonia; Marie finds Garrison isn't coping. 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna asks Marie to come with her and investigate another lead into her missing sister, Zala.

Jan. 18 - Minitooth: Angel realises she has photos of Sabretooth from the rally and passes them onto Forge in case they are useful; after speaking to his mother, Kyle asks Angel and Forge for a clear picture of Sabretooth and then shuts himself in his room, refusing to talk to anyone. Crystal invites Jennie for a weekend trip outside the mansion. Angelo and Sarah spar and things get intense. Alex and Lorna talk, falling into old comfortable patterns. Crystal and Medusa discuss the shoe-throwing incident.

Jan. 19 - Jean asks Crystal if she is interested in becoming a medlab helper.

Jan. 20 - 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna and Marie go looking for Lorna's sister. Minitooth: During the weekend bus trip, Kyle follows his nose and runs into Sabretooth again, this time nearly being killed.

Jan. 21 - Nathan gets permission to give Angelo his X-Men tags and Scott announces the new full team member; Amanda joins Angelo for congratulatory drinks. Minitooth: The X-Men discuss Sabretooth and how to bring him down, whilst working with the Secret Service; the Secret Service talk to Angel about her photographs..

Jan. 22 - Minitooth: Pietro discloses to Val Cooper and Scott that Sabretooth is Senator Creed's son; Kyle snaps at Angel and makes her cry, Julio comforts her and offers to beat Kyle up for her. 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna's lead proves fruitless. Marie and Cyndi discuss the problems of sharing your body with others.

Jan. 23 - Minitooth: Nathan asks Sofia to update the profile on Sabretooth, using the X-Men's files; Kyle's suitemates try and get him to come out of his room. Marie finds a car in her room, care of Angelo and Forge.

Jan. 24 - Mondo shows Yvette pictures from home and they discuss homesickness. Minitooth: Crystal emails Marie with her concern about Kyle.

Jan. 25 - Betsy announces she is going back to England for personal reasons. Minitooth: Marie expresses her concern about Kyle to Scott, Ororo and Leonard Samson. When It All Goes Wrong Again: Haller announces a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum.

Jan. 26 - Angelo and Nathan butt heads yet again on Nathan taking risks. Marie-Ange tells Garrison she doesn't want to date any more. Minitooth: Garrison meets with Sofia and they go over her profile of Sabretooth. When It All Goes Wrong Again: Haller has an encounter with a telepathic street magician whilst on the field trip; Crystal posts gleefully about the field trip being event-free; during the night, Haller has a strange dream, of a world without mutants.

Jan. 27 - When It All Goes Wrong Again: Julio, living in Mexico with his father and no mutant powers, feels something is missing in his life when the television tells him to go to Arizona; Forge, a clerk for a car rental company, takes a car at the behest of the television also and the two meet in Nogales; controlled panic arises when none of the people from the field trip can be woken; in San Diego, Angel meets a talking seagull, who leads her to Forge and Julio; Marie finds Amanda also asleep and alerts various people; Attilan sends a medical expert to care for Crystal; Charles Xavier announces he has isolated the cause of the comas as a powers interaction; in the dreamworld, Lorna comes across Shiro and her fiancee's brother in a compromising position, just as Angel, Julio and Forge crash her perfect life; Pietro and Medusa worry over Crystal; Scott asks for volunteers to pick up Glorian, the street performer; those left awake try and support each other; Rahne offers basic medical services whilst the doctors are occupied; the trapped people steal Princess Crystal's plane to get to Montana, where they break Kyle out of detention; Medusa and Kurt talk family.

Jan. 28 - When It All Goes Wrong Again: Amanda Sefton, German exchange student, arrives in New York as Laurie and Tommy meet at a party and meet Bob the talking seagull; the group splits up in New York, with half chasing Glorian and the other half chasing Haller; as logic begins to break down, Haller remembers who he is and ends things by shaking hands; everyone wakes up and exchanges reactions; Kurt and Amanda discuss her boyfriend, Kurt, son of a German baron; Haller apologises for putting people in a coma. Forge emails Scott, Ororo and Charles about taking a sabbatical to Muir Island. Alex turns 21.

Jan. 29 - Sooraya is puzzled about the Miss America pagent. Forge and Lorna talk about her being unapproachable. Minitooth: Sam emails the team about the plans to take down Sabretooth; Pietro and Nathan talk about his role the next day.

Jan. 30 - Minitooth: The X-Men set up a sting operation and take down Sabretooth, handing him over to the FBI; Scott announces the return of the bus trips and normal operating procedures following Sabretooth's capture; Lorna asks Marie to get her out of the mansion; Sofia reacts badly to Nate's news of his participation. Crystal and Forge discuss his departure and she suggests he tell his friends he's going. Kyle and Crystal talk about his week of being an ass and why.

Jan. 31 - Marie emails Clarice for a pick up from Vermont for her and Lorna after their night out. Julio and Crystal talk about the dreamworld Crystal; later, Crystal and Lorna manage quite a productive conversation. Dani in class comes across one of Nathan's poems, published in a literary magazine. Marie and Scott discuss Sabretooth's capture. Logan comes back from Alkali Lake. Lorna lets Alex know she knows about him and Shiro, from the shared dream; there is wigging all round.


X-Men Mission: Phalanx

40 Days (in the Desert)

When It All Goes Wrong Again

X-Men Mission: Leverage


Epiphany Frosts

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