X-Men Mission: Leverage

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X-Men: Leverage
Dates run: February 5-6, 2007
Run By: Avital
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"Really, our needs are simple," Gregor continued. "For too long, mutants have been discriminated against. We are hated, hunted and punished when we have done nothing wrong except be born as your superiors. It is time for you homo sapiens to make a move in the right direction. The health care bill that's coming up before Congress needs to pass. We'll be in touch. I would recommend you don't waste your time looking for us. It'll be simpler and safer for everyone involved if you just do as we say." Gregor paused, letting his words sink in. "And Johnny boy? Don't bother trying to trace any of our calls. You won't be successful."

When the president’s daughters are kidnapped, he calls on the X-Men for a personal favor.


Rogue, Siryn, Cyclops, Storm, Sunfire, Tinky Winky, Cannonball, Nightcrawler, Iceman, Phoenix, Legion, Polaris, Dominion

President McKenna and family, Magnetic North, Val Cooper, Charles Xavier, Fred Duncan


February 5-6, 2007

Plot Summary

After a bill was proposed that would prohibit states from adding genetic status to mandatory health insurance information, a mutant terrorist group calling themselves Magnetic North decided to try and influence its passing by kidnapping the president’s daughters and threatening him with their harm if he didn’t insure that the bill made it through Congress.

The president immediately called in Val Cooper, who encouraged him to allow the X-Men to assist. A quick meeting with Storm was conducted arrange the involvement of the team. Phoenix and Iceman were sent to wait with the President and his family, while Legion and Polaris were assigned to watch the comms. Cyclops assigned two-man teams to sweep the area that Xavier had narrowed down in D.C. Rogue and Siryn were the first successful team, surprising the three terrorists holding one of the girls and rescuing her without issue. However, they discovered that the other daughter had been moved to a second location and was being held by two other terrorists.

Though Dominion was still shaken from the death of the woman in his first hostage negotiation, Cable and Fred Duncan were able to convince him that it was necessary. Dominion was able to talk down one of the terrorists, resulting in a standoff inside the room. While Dominion created a distraction, Nightcrawler teleported in to take the other terrorist to where the X-Men could deal with her.

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Trivia and Meta


This was Terry and Clarice’s first X-Men mission as full members, though neither was actually able to wear their new black leathers.

The bill eventually passed Congress, showing that Magnetic North’s efforts were unnecessary.


Plotrunner: Avital

This plot was nameless until Avital happened to be watching Pirates of the Caribbean while working on the write-up.

Most of the names and powers for the Magnetic North terrorists came from Generation X or Mutant X, as Avital felt it was fitting for wannabe terrorists to come from wannabe shows/movies.

The names for President McKenna’s wife and one daughter (Madeline) were taken from the PB’s (Cotter Smith) actual family.

Most of the team pairings for Leverage were arranged to satisfy Avital’s desire for interpersonal conflict.