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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.


Dates run: January 12-30, 2007
Run By: Frito
Read the logs: Minitooth

A setup, a fucking setup. Goddamn X-Men all over again, this time someone was going to bleed, going to be torn limb from limb, going to pay for this--

When Sabretooth follows up some personal business, it leads Kyle Gibney to an unfortunate conclusion and prompts the X-Men to deal with their old foe for once and for all.


Kyle Gibney, Angelica Jones, Sofia Mantega-Barret

Storm, Phoenix, Cannonball, Cyclops, Dominion, Cable, Juggernaut, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver

Sabretooth, Graydon Creed, Fred Duncan, Val Cooper


January 12-30, 2007

Plot Summary

In mid-January, a group of students from the school went into Salem Center to a political rally for Graydon Creed, a Senator and potential Presidential candidate. During that rally, Kyle encountered Sabretooth, who taunted the boy with the fact that he was there to kill the Senator. Despite being threatened by the larger feral, Kyle activated the panic button on his phone and summoned the X-Men who were on scene. Sabretooth, realizing his plan was thwarted, critically wounded a bystander to distract the X-Men, and made his escape through the crowd.

Over the next few days, Scott and Ororo found themselves cooperating with the Secret Service to attempt to figure out Sabretooth's plans and motivations. As it turned out, a series of photographs taken by Angel during the rally gave the Secret Service a clue as to how Sabretooth had slipped past them, and assisted in protecting the Senator during his other appearances.

The next week found the students in New York City on a regular outing. Kyle found himself following an oddly familiar smell, and by the time he recognized its source, Sabretooth grabbed him and dragged him into an abandoned tenement, crushing Kyle's cell phone in the process. With the boy at his mercy, Sabretooth taunted Kyle with intimations about their similar mutations and hinted that Kyle might be more like him than he would admit. Having recently discovered that the man he had been raised to believe was his father was not actually his biological parent, Kyle directly asked Sabretooth about the chance that they could be related. Sabretooth revealed the reason behind the attempted assassination, as well as his true identity - as Victor Creed, the Senator's illegitimate son.

After realizing that Victor didn't intend to let him leave alive, Kyle defended himself by clawing at Creed's face, tearing out one of the psychotic mutant's eyes. In retaliation, Sabretooth nearly eviscerated Kyle, who managed to escape out a window and hide until he could call for help.

Upon Kyle's return to the mansion, the X-Men went into action on a plan to capture Sabretooth before he could do any further harm. Using Pietro's personal knowledge, coupled with a profile worked up by Sofia, a plan dubbed "Reciprocity" was put into action.

The Secret Service leaked a falsified press release about the Senator making a speech at a local construction site. The rumor was successful, and Creed arrived, only to be duped by a mental illusion created by Cable. Once he attacked the illusion, he realized the setup, just in time to be blindsided by Juggernaut and battered around until Cannonball could rocket by and harpoon the feral mutant. Using an adamantium-laced cable, Cannonball hauled Sabretooth away from the site, depositing him violently in a remote courtyard, surrounded by a veritable army of FBI agents and Garrison Kane who sedated Creed and took him into custody.

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Added security measures were implemented in the wake of the incident with Kyle.

After the events of the plot, Angel was personally thanked by the Secret Service for her role in protecting the Senator.

A later DNA test would confirm no genetic relation between Victor Creed and Kyle Gibney, much to Kyle's relief.


Plotrunner: Frito