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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the NPC. For other uses, see Sabretooth (disambiguation).


Victor Creed
Portrayed by Tyler Mane
Known Aliases: Sabretooth, Agent Zero
Affiliations: Brotherhood of Mutants, SHIELD
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: X-Men

A trained and vicious assassin, Sabretooth has been the enforcer for the Brotherhood, as well as taking enjoyment in "recreational" killing.


Name: Victor Creed

Aliases: Sabretooth, Agent Zero

Affiliation: Brotherhood of Mutants, SHIELD (under duress)

First appearance: X-Men

Family: Senator Graydon Creed (biological father)


Sabretooth's past is mostly a mystery. He has not revealed any details of his life before joining Magneto, although Wolverine has occasionally had flashbacks to having encountered Creed prior to his involvement with the X-Men, although the validity of many of these memories is questionable.

What is known is that he is the biological son of Senator Graydon Creed, a byproduct of an affair the Senator had in the beginnings of his political career. At some point after manifesting his mutation, Sabretooth murdered his mother.

Sabretooth's reputation as an assassin for hire is well-known in various criminal and intelligence communities, and he is on the watchlists of multiple law enforcement organizations around the globe, both for his actions with the Brotherhood and on his own.

As of January 2007, Sabretooth was in the custody of the FBI for a variety of crimes - murder, violent assault and domestic terrorism. His location whilst awaiting trial is kept top secret, and he is moved between various maximum-security prisons in order to prevent escape/rescue attempts.

During the events of Day Zero, it was discovered that after his arrest, Creed was remanded into the custody of SHIELD and fitted with an explosive collar to force his cooperation. Under the cover identity of "Agent Zero", Creed was coerced into acting as a SHIELD asset on missions including a covert insertion into Manhattan to try and detonate a neutron bomb and destroy Apocalypse's Citadel. In the course of this mission, he encountered the X-Men again, and managed to shed his collar and make an escape.

He later reappeared in the company of the Dark Riders, a mercenary group bought by Apocalypse, attacking Garrison Kane, Pete Wisdom, Jay Guthrie and Danielle Moonstar and critically injuring them. He reappeared at the Blue Area Mesa, involved in the fight against the X-teams that attended to take down Apocalypse, but again escaped in the confusion.

Sabretooth reappeared again during the attack on Muir Island, apparently having rejoined the Dark Riders and killing Catseye and seriously wounding Firestar and Wolverine. He was presumed dead following the detonation of the Dark Riders' secret bomb.


Sabretooth's powers and abilities are similar to those of Wolverine or Kyle Gibney, and is classified as a feral mutation. He possesses enhanced senses of sight, hearing, and smell that allow him to track prey like an animal. Providing too much stimuli to any one sense can cause disorientation or pain, and is often the only way to take advantage of Creed's abilities.

Sabretooth also possesses razor-sharp teeth and fingernails. Much like a canine, his claws are non-retractable, and difficult to conceal. He also possesses a healing factor on the level of Wolverine's, which not only makes him nearly impossible to hurt, but makes his age nearly impossible to estimate.


Sound and Fury

Bad Blood

With Malice Aforethought (offscreen)

The Mask of Ozymandias


Day Zero

Mechanisms of Revenge

Santayana Effect

A Touch Of Brimstone


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