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Event: The Bus Run
First Seen: March 2004

On March 1, 2004, Pete Wisdom announced the purchase of a mini-bus, to be used to ferry students from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersto New York on Saturdays and give those without licences a chance to escape the pressure-cooker atmosphere of the school. The proposal was enthusiastically accepted, and continued until Pete's abrupt departure from the school in 2005.

In August 2006, Amanda Sefton, Pete's 'niece', resurrected the bus run, remembering how much good it had done her as a student and wanting to be able to contribute something to the school she'd had such a rocky relationship with. There have been some problems in the form of security issues (Minitooth, Voodoo Child) and after the hijacking of the bus, Amanda ceased to drive it for several months. Later, as her work with X-Force meant she wasn't able to commit to every weekend, she passed the job onto Jean-Phillipe Colbert as a way of giving him an opportunity to bond more with the school.

The mini-bus leaves from Xavier's every Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. and returns from New York no later than 6:00 p.m. Everyone who goes on the bus has to sign in and out, and it's mandatory for all students to have their Xavier's-issue cell phones on them, with the panic button and GPS tracking unit in case of trouble. Anyone late to the pick-up point without calling in faces having X-Force or X-Factor (as the nearest groups of trained individuals) sent after them. Following the hijacking of the bus in Voodoo Child, an X-Man accompanies the bus every trip.

The bus run has been the source of some scorn from some areas, but for the most part the students seem to appreciate the effort.

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