Mutant Fight Club

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Mutant Fight Club
Dates run: April 23, 2006 - June 23, 2006
Run By: Frito
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"Pick Kyle up," Scott gritted, one hand pressed to his side, "and let's get out of here. And you," he said, as Kyle looked up at them, "are grounded until the end of the world."

What starts off as some extra-curricular fun with a local Fight Club turns deadly serious when Kyle finds himself in way over his head.


Kyle Gibney, Scott Summers, Kylun, Sam Guthrie, Shiro Yoshida, Logan, Cain Marko

Toad, Paul Ellering, Brooke, Michael Faber, Sven and Harlen Kleinstock, Forearm, Lisa The Invisible Girl.


April 23, 2006 - June 23, 2006

Plot Summary

A fan of wrestling and the like, when Kyle found a flyer in his local record store advertising a 'real fight club', ihs curiosity drew him to investigate. Spotted by the owner, Paul Ellering (better known as Paul E.), he soon found himself participating. Kyle's first few fights went well, with him learning a lot along the way and even picking up a groupie, a girl called Brooke who followed the fights, and the fighters. Then Paul, under pressure from a financier by the name of Vinnie, signed Kyle up for a larger-scale bout in New York.

Kyle won his first fight, against an electrokinetic called Michael Faber. His second, however, proved his undoing, as he found himself facing Toad from the Brotherhood of Mutants. A Toad who remembered him from the attack at the mall and who was happy to mete out any amount of punishment on the "mini-Creed". Kyle was knocked out, and then Toad smuggled him into the dressing rooms to continue the beating in private.

Meanwhile, back at the school, the alarm was raised of Kyle's absence, and the X-Men scrambled. It was something of a sloppy operation - various team members found themselves combating fighters in order to prevent the alarm being raised, and Wolverine and Juggernaut found themselves tag-teaming against the Kleinstock Brothers in a form of distraction. After a brief battle between Cyclops and Toad, Kyle was retrieved and returned to the school, where he was grounded for a considerable time.

The fallout wasn't over, however - Sam, intercepting a call from Brooke, realised Kyle had been fooling around on his boyfriend, Sam's brother Jay. Sam terrified Kyle into getting STD testing and then telling Jay what had happened. Kyle was most chastened by the experience, realising his actions could damage more than just himself, but the people he cared about as well. It was the start of Kyle beginning to think first, then act.

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Kyle's indiscretion with the groupie, Brooke, proved the death knell for his relationship with Jay Guthrie.

Footage taken of the fight between Cain and Logan made its way onto the internet and eventually became part of Mojo's mutant 'sports' films.

Toad's taunts in the ring about Kyle being like Sabretooth planted the seeds of doubt which later arose in Minitooth.


Plotrunner: Frito