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The unofficial New Year's party-goers found themselves grounded for under-age drinking. New faces in the mansion in January included the Cajun Remy "Gambit" LeBeau and English witch Amanda "Daytripper" Sefton, two 'problem cases' living on the streets in their respective countries. Several relationships began - Shinobi Shaw and Sarah Morlocke, Logan and Marie D'Ancato - whilst Doug Ramsey continued to be seen by the girls he liked as nothing more than a friend, in this case Marie. Paige Guthrie and Sam Guthrie argued over her relationship with Angelo Espinosa. Jake Gavin and Pete Wisdom were concerned about the newcomer Remy's similarity to an infamous assassin but agreed the new student was far too young to be him. Cain Marko upset the student population with a journal post and they tried unsuccessfully to dig up information on him. There were several trips to New York and Jake, Marie and Remy went to Washington DC, getting involved in the rescue of car accident victims in a snowstorm that hit on the way back. Shiro Yoshida's cousin requested Shiro arrange for Piotr Rasputin and Illyana Rasputin to be in town to meet with emissaries from the Yakuza family.

Betsy Braddock's behaviour at the start of the month concerned her and she spoke to Nathaniel Essex about possible complications of her surgery. Several unusual incidents occurred involving Betsy doing uncharacteristic things, including a highly violent sparring match with Logan. Alison Blaire and Scott Summers discussed their concerns, but concluded there was not much they could do although Scott enlisted Doug to watch Betsy's body language for changes. At the end of the month Betsy visited Essex in Baltimore and things get decidedly disturbing.

Pete's former employers invaded the school, using protocols Pete wrote for just such an occasion that called for using students as human shields. Several students were hurt and others were traumatised. As a result of the attack, Pete, Scott and Jake end up working together to make the mansion's security invasion-proof.

Shiro, Manuel de la Rocha and Amanda all had powers incidents, with Amanda discovering something about Cain gave her an intense magical charge. She used this charge to heal various people, but things were still too much for her to handle and she developed an addiction. Alison discussed the need to keep the nature of Miles Blaire's powers a secret with Pete after Shinobi told her he had considered using the boy against Sebastian Shaw.


Jan 1 -

Jan 2 - The underage drinkers (and Piotr and Warren) are grounded. Marie hears from her family that the military have her on a list and are looking for her.

Jan 3 - Remy LeBeau is retrieved. Sam and Paige argue over Angelo. Betsy speaks to Essex about her symptoms.

Jan 4 -

Jan 5 - Shinobi and Sarah's relationship begins. Shinobi, Marie and Bobby begin teaching junior classes. Cain's post to the journals almost creates a student rebellion. They start investigating his past, unsuccessfully. Jubilee blows up her alarm clock whilst she has the flu.

Jan 6 - Shiro is flying with Marie and his skin turns black from over-exerting his powers. He asks Hank to help him. Betsy and Logan spar. x_kids is created by Kitty as a private community for the students, away from the adults.

Jan 7 - Jake and Pete exchange information on an assassin called Remy LeBeau, but agree the new student is too young to be him despite having the same name. Alison retires as counsellor. Manuel gets a journal lesson on etiquette.

Jan 8 - Shinobi confesses to Alison that he thought of using Miles for his power but assures her he wouldn't. Betsy announces her return to full health and faculties.

Jan 9 -

Jan 10 - Alison emails Pete and discusses the need to keep Miles' powers a secret. Jake is made student counsellor. Moira emails Charles about Marie-Ange's precognition and Manuel's therapy.

Jan 11 - Amanda Sefton arrives at the school.

Jan 12 -

Jan 13 - Amanda turns Jake into a frog by accident.

Jan 14 - Scott returns to the school after unsuccessfully searching for Alex.

Jan 15 -

Jan 16 - Alison emails Scott, concerned about Betsy' s behaviour. Marie arranges fighting training with Logan.

Jan 17 - Doug tells Marie he loves her and is gently turned down. Logan and Marie's relationship begins. Cain returns from arranging personal business.

Jan 18 -

Jan 19 -

Jan 20 - Manuel and Doug get caught in an emotional feedback loop. Kwannon: Scott enlists Doug to watch Betsy's body language and see if there are changes.

Jan 21 - Marie tells Doug about Logan. British Invasion: Pete's former employers invade the school using protocols Pete wrote; several students are injured, Angelo seriously; Jubilee kills a soldier, freaks out and disappears; Kitty discovers she disrupts electronics when she phases through them; Clarice hides in the basement. Something Wicked: Sarah is psychically assaulted during the attack and this is seen by Shiro, who keeps quiet, leaving her to believe she attacked Betsy randomly.

Jan 22 - Marie and Cain settle their differences.

Jan 23 - Amanda sneaks out of medlab to get her healing spellbook so she can fix herself and others after the attack. Doug aids and abets her.

Jan 24 - Moira discusses Marie-Ange's precognition with her. Marie and Bobby resolve their respective issues with John. Cain finds Jubilee hiding in the boathouse.

Jan 25 - Something Wicked: Shiro talks to Betsy and is convinced not to tell Sarah what happened. Moira offers to teach Marie how to shoot. Students and staff get together and build an ice rink.

Jan 26 - Kitty's parents send her contradicting emails. Amanda is released from medlab and her powers react to Cain. Amanda uses the extra power to heal Angelo, as well as summoning an incubus with Manuel. John is released from the medlab. Jamie outlines his plan to change attitudes towards mutants through the media.

Jan 27 - Remy, Jake and Marie go to Washington and get caught in a snowstorm driving back. They help people involved in a three-car pile-up. Something Wicked: Betsy goes to visit Essex in Baltimore.

Jan 28 - Something Wicked: Logan agrees with Scott that something is wrong with Betsy.

Jan 29 - Shiro comes across a news story in Japan that concerns his family. Betsy returns, tired and sore.

Jan 30 - Gangsters: Shiro gets an email from his cousin Keniuchio Harada requesting that he arrange a meeting between his sons and Piotr and Illyana. Something Wicked: Shiro tells Sarah she attacked Betsy the night of the invasion. Cain discovers he is rather wealthy.

Jan 31 - Moira gets a magical Geiger counter from Romany Wisdom, who is concerned about the amount of power Amanda is using. Pete, Scott and Jake work on the mansion's security.


British Invasion

Something Wicked

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