British Invasion

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British Invasion
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Dates run: January 21, 2004
Run By: Alasdair
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"At a guess, some shitbag in the British government has decided that they're not happy with me working in the private sector, and they want something done about it. They sent a kill team for me, part of which is unconscious and bleeding from the face in there."

Pete's former employers decide to make his retirement a little more permanent. Using protocols to invade the mansion that Pete himself wrote.


Pete Wisdom, Betsy Braddock, John Allerdyce, Remy LeBeau, Emma Frost, Shinobi Shaw, Piotr Rasputin, Shiro Yoshida, Angelo Espinosa, Cain Marko, Moira MacTaggart, Clarice Ferguson, Marie-Ange Colbert, Rahne Sinclair, Amanda Sefton, Jonothon Starsmore, Sarah Morlocke, Paige Guthrie, Bobby Drake, Jamie Madrox, Kitty Pryde, Alison Blaire, Logan, Marie D'Ancato

Tony 'Scratch' Perry, Miles Blaire, Artie Maddicks, Illyana Rasputin


January 21, 2004

Plot Summary

On the night of January 21, 2004, a team of British intelligence operatives, operating under the command of 'Scartch' Perry, invaded the sleeping mansion. Scratch had a longtime grudge against Pete and jumped at the chance to remove him from the picture. When his initial attempt to kill Pete failed, he switched to a series of protocols written by Pete himself, describing the perfect way to take control of the school: use students as hostages.

Armed men quickly infiltrated the building. Electronic means were used to block the mansion's telepaths and several students were subdued early on. There was, however, some resistance: Rahne transformed into a wolf and attacked one of the men, before being overcome; Clarice instinctively teleported and hid in the basement; Shiro killed at least one guard; Jubilee, surprised on leaving the bathroom, used her powers to kill the man and then fled in shock, hiding in the boathouse for several days until later found by Cain and Miles; Manuel, his powers scrambled by the dampeners, was unable to wake up and yet was still able to 'convince' two invaders to leave him alone. Jamie managed to send a dupe to the garage, where he 'borrowed' Scott's motorcycle and riding it to alert Alison Blaire of the danger her adopted son Miles was in. Cain and Moira defended several of the younger students, he with his invulnerability and strength, she with a shotgun. Logan and Marie also did their share of damage.

There were also casualities: John, attempting to force the invaders back with a wall of fire, was hit with a tazer and was knocked out, losing control of the flames. Angelo tried to rescue him, but was overcome by smoke and passed out, incurring serious burns in the process. Both boys were rescued by Paige (using a metallic husk), accompanied by Bobby and Jono. New student Amanda Sefton was jumped as she returned from the kitchen, and was badly beaten whilst attempting to escape. She narrowly avoided being shot as a liability by Remy LeBeau's sudden appearance: the Cajun killed the man, using fighting skills he never knew he had and which highly disturbed him.

After the attempt on his life, Pete made his way through the mansion, alerting as many staff as possible. Joined by Betsy, Shinobi, Emma and Piotr, he managed to sound the alarm and subdue several invaders before splitting into smaller groups to try and locate various students. It was during this time Betsy ecountered Sarah, and was witnessed psi-knifing her by Shiro.

Scratch, his remaining men and the hostage students withdrew to the main ballroom, demanding to see Pete. Pete engaged them, taking them by surprise. In the sudden confusion Scratch managed to escape, but the hostages were freed unharmed, although not without trauma.

As a result of this incident, security at the school was increased, with Lee Kuk being hired as security officer. Many of the students suffered from post-traumatic shock, and Angelo remained in a coma for several days, before being partially-healed by Amanda's magic. Pete revealed to the school at large that he had written the protocols that Scratch had used, and worked with Jake Gavin to increase the security and close those loopholes.

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Trivia and Meta


This plot featured the first mention of 'a short and really fat boy', an NPC version of Fred Dukes who has frequently been referenced as part of the mansion's floating student population.

As a result of the invasion, Leonard Samson was asked to provide counselling to the students and became the mansion's child psychiatrist.

Kitty discovered a new aspect of her powers - the ability to short out electronics whilst phasing through them.

As a result of the incident, several of the students posted to their journals about their fears for their safety. Alison responded with an xp_journals post, which was followed by an assurance from Pete about security changes, and this post from Angelo.


Plotrunner: Alasdair

This plot had no name at the time it was run and was known for a long time as "The Second Mansion Invasion", the events of X2 being the first. It was also the first plot to actively involve almost every player in the game.