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Queen Medusa Boltagon nee Amaquelin - Deceased
Portrayed by Rachel McAdams
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Attilan
Socked By:
Introduction: August 14, 2006

Her Royal Highness Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon of Attilan has recently undergone a series of changes due to the disappearance and reappearance of Attilan. Queen of a country, she had to learn to balance the duty and responsibility that come with the title with her own more personal dreams and desires, as well as the needs of the next generation. She was not carried over to Phase 2.


Character Journal: x_medusa

Real Name: Queen Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon

Codename: Medusa

Aliases: Scarlet Capelli

First Appearance: August 14, 2006

Date of Birth: August 1, 1988 / adjusted to cover Sound of Silence, December 31, 1985

Place of Birth: Attilan, Attilan

Citizenship: Attilan

Relatives: Amaquelin Family: Ambur Amaquelin (mother - deceased), Quelin Amaquelin (father - deceased), Crystal Amaquelin (sister); Blackagar Boltagon (husband) and Ahura Boltagon (son).

Education: Completed the equivalent of a high school degree under the instruction of royal tutors, then began college work. Completed a year abroad at Columbia University. Has also received diplomatic training.

Relationship Status: Married to Blackagar Boltagon, the king of Attilan

Occupation: Queen of Attilan; Volunteer for Elpis

Team Affiliation: None



Medusa was raised as a privileged child in the royal court of Attilan, along with her sister Crystal and the princes (Blackagar and Maximus). She had a fairly idyllic childhood, full of family vacations, every toy she ever dreamed of and the finest education money could buy. All this ended when her power manifested at the age of 10 during an assassination attempt gone wrong. Five masked men broke into the room that she and Crystal were sharing while on a vacation. They had infiltrated the building and killed the two guards right outside of the girls’ room. Medusa immediately awoke when they broke down the door and leapt in front of her sister. The men entered with guns drawn and Medusa’s hair extended to disarm them all at the same time. This activity woke Crystal up and she screamed, throwing her hands in front of her. This activated a wind that pushed the men out the window. The family covered up the incident to protect the girls. Since this day, both girls have studied diligently to excel at using their powers, leading both to have a very fine level of control.

Living At The X-Mansion

Medusa was forced to move to Xavier’s, though not for the usual reasons of powers difficulties. Her parents felt she would benefit from experiencing life outside of Attilan and also wanted someone to keep an eye on Crystal. She isn’t happy to be at the mansion and is counting down the days until she can return to her homeland.

Arriving at the mansion, Medusa made few friends. She spent most of her time with her sister, Lockjaw or alone in her room. Several of the other residents referred to her as an ice queen, though this was mostly because they did not understand that her cool demeanor was a façade. The one notable exception was Nathan, who she befriended over a mutual love for languages. She eventually volunteered for Elpis several days a week.

The Gates

Medusa convinced Nathan to let her accompany Elpis on their approved information-gathering trip to the Smichov ghetto. When things in the ghetto escalated, Medusa found herself using her powers more than she ever had before. Her experiences in Smichov further cemented her desire to advocate for mutant rights and help encourage mutant-friendly policy to be passed in Attilan.

Medusa also saw Nathan use his telepathy offensively for the first time while dealing with soldiers looking for mutants. It took time for her to come to terms with her feelings related to this matter, though she did not want to let it interfere with their friendship.

Sound of Silence

Medusa's life at Xavier's continued quietly until her engagement to Blackager Boltagon, Crown Prince of Attilan. The two cousins had been long-time sweethearts and the island nation rejoiced at the news. Disaster struck during the engagement party, when Blackager's brother Maximus Boltagon enacted a plan to assassinate the royal family and seize the throne. Luck saved Medusa and Blackager from being on the royal plane which was crashed, and Blackager was forced to use his powers on a brainwashed and power-amped Crystal. The disappearance of the island was an unexpected event, and during the two years the island was trapped in an alternative universe, Medusa and Blackager found themselves at the helm of a nation in crisis. They married during this period to try and reassure Attilan things were still in control, and took on the roles of King and Queen despite their young years.

When the island reappeared, Medusa found herself far more restrained in her options than previously. With the responsibility of a nation on her head, she found her attempts to resume her Xavier's life were more and more difficult. Eventually, she returned to Attilan, where some months later her first pregnancy became too difficult to hide from the press. After returning to the mansion briefly to say her goodbyes and receive the well-wishes of her friends, she returned to Attilan, this time for good. She and her husband remain close friends to the mansion, and Elpis especially. She gave birth to a son on October 18, 2008.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’11’’

Weight: 130 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Bright red; tends to float about her face unnaturally

Other Features: One piercing in each ear; small tattoo of the Attilan crest on her ankle


Medusa has psychokinetic control over her hair. Her control is so complete that she can do anything from pick a lock with a single strand, to carry things, or use it like rope for people to climb. She can also control the growth of her hair, meaning it can be short one day and to her ankles the next. Her hair is also not like typical hair – each strand is a stronger than a piece of steel wire. She maintains control over her hair even when it is cut from her head, giving her the ability to send locks of hair on errands for her. Medusa has mostly learned and practiced using her power constructively and defensively, but it could have offensive applications such as using her hair as a whip. Her hair is surrounded by a forcefield that allows her to feel where it is going and what it is encountering.



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Medusa is a classically trained pianist.

Medusa owns over a thousand pairs of shoes.

Medusa is fluent in over 10 languages, with flawless accents in each of them.



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Medusa was played by Avital and retired as a PC in September 2008 and became a mod-controlled sock for political purposes.