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Amaquelin Royal Family
Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: Quelin and Ambur Amaquelin (deceased); Blackagar Boltagon; Maximus Boltagon; Ahura Boltagon
Affiliations: Attilan
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Introduction: Sound of Silence

The Amaquelins were the family of Crystal and Medusa. They had semi-frequent phone contact with the school and Ambur visited once. Many of them were killed in a plane crash in June 2007.


First appearance: August 27, 2006 - Ambur; Quelin did not appear on camera.

King Agon Boltagon - deceased
Former ruler of Attilan, Agon was killed in a plane crash that claimed the lives of his wife, his brother, his sister-in-law and a significant number of officials.

PB: None.

Queen Rynda Boltagon - deceased
Wife to King Agon and mother to Boltagon and Maximius, Rynda was also killed in the plane crash.

PB: None.

King Blackagar Boltagon
Eldest son of Agon and Rynda, Blackagar's mutant power, a highly destructible and uncontrollable sonic voice, has made him electively mute since his manifestation. He succeeded to the throne upon the deaths of his parents, uncle and aunt, and married his cousin, Medusa, shortly after. They have one son. For further details, see his individual page.

PB: Jason Behr

Prince Maximus Boltagon
The younger son of the king and queen, Maximus was thought to be the only baseline human in a family of mutant for many years. In reality he was a telepath, driven mad by his powers and by his jealousy of his brother, resulting in an attempted coup that killed the royal family. He is currently imprisoned for his crimes. For further details, see his individual page.

PB: Harry Lloyd

Lord Quelin Amaquelin - deceased
Father of Crystal and Medusa and brother to the King of Attilan, Quelin possessed the gift to diagnose illnesses in others and conduct minor healing.

PB: None.

Lady Ambur Amaquelin - deceased
Mother of Crystal and Medusa, Ambur had the power to affect the growth and nutritional value of plants.

PB: None.

Queen Medusa Boltagon
Sister to Crystal, Medusa married her cousin, Blackagar, during Attilan's trans-dimensional exile. Following her marriage, she tried to continue her work with Elpis, but found the burden of her royal duties too much to carry and eventually resigned, returning to her husband. She gave birth to a son in October 2008. For futher details, see her individual page.

PB: Rachel McAdams

Princess Crystal Amaquelin
Born into royalty on the island of Attilan and being from a family where being a mutant is an accepted part of life, Crystal has had to deal with culture shock on multiple levels since her arrival at the mansion. New to the X-Men, Crystal is also a Red X field leader, a Medlab volunteer, a teacher, and a graduate student. For further details, see her individual page.

PB: Jennifer Hawkins

Other family members include:

  • Prince Ahura Boltagon Son of Medusa and Blackagar, born October 18, 2008.


Part of the royal family of Attilan, the Amaquelins were held in high regard. When their daughter Crystal manifested a new aspect of her powers in Hawaii and learned of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersfrom a helpful Alex Summers who witnessed the event, the Amaquelins decided it would be helpful for both their daughters to see more of the outside world, enrolling them both in the school, Crystal as a high school student, Medusa as a graduate.

Unfortunately, both the Amaquelin parents, Quelin and Ambur, and the king and queen, were killed in a plane crash masterminded by embittered and insane Prince Maximus. During the island's trans-dimensional exile which followed the incident, Medusa married her cousin, the new king. When the island was returned to normal time and space, Medusa and Crystal both returned to Xavier's, despite the changes in their ages, looking for new roles. While Crystal was successful in becoming a teacher, Medusa found her new responsibilities did not fit well with her preferred career path with Elpis and she eventually bowed to pressure and returned home. She and Blackagar had a son not so long afterwards.


August 2006 - Ambur informs Medusa that she will be moving to New York to better understand life outside of Attilan.

September 2006 – Ambur and her daughters meet with Charles Xavier to discuss their concerns about the school.

Sound of Silence


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